The Conspirator’s Agenda

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12 Hour Booth Escape Tour: Guide had an... - Surratt House Museum

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Enjoy your meal! Reserve your table. This tour is expensive and I had been looking forward to it for months, and I did not care to get political commentary along with the story. I've taken many historical tours in many places, and this is the first time I have encountered a guide who used the tour as a bully pulpit. He started the tour by stating that the Civil War was about states' rights, not slavery an incendiary political statement , and spent much of the morning aggressively de-mythologizing Lincoln.

He also told us that while he the tour guide was a native northerner, he doesn't know which side he would have fought for during the civil war, as he is very pro small government. Again, I paid to hear the Booth escape story, not to get an earful of someone's political opinions. By the end of the day, I felt that the tour guide was acting as an apologist for Booth and the other conspirators--coming close to presenting them By the end of the day, I felt that the tour guide was acting as an apologist for Booth and the other conspirators--coming close to presenting them as heroes fighting against the "tyranny" of big government.

Heading back toward DC at the end of the day, the guide told us how the skull of one of the conspirators Lewis Powell was found at the Smithsonian long after Today I read a very involved booklet you get with the tour, written by the man who founded the tour in the s, maybe?

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The booklet recounts the escape route, and has some great maps. The booklet is free from political commentary, and is closer to what I was hoping from my guide. So along with seeing some of the places I have read about over the years, I am grateful for the booklet. I am hoping the other guides do not tell the story with such an agenda.

The previous review described the excellent tour guides, comfortable bus, and well-organized hour day. I agree with it all. I have read a good bit on the Lincoln assassination over the years; but I felt like I was learning about parts of it for the very first time on this tour. Examples include: seeing exactly how the rifles were concealed inside the walls at the Surratt Tavern which had confused me before ; looking up Samuel Mudd's staircase original to the house where John Wilkes Booth was carried with his broken leg; enjoying the beautiful, largely unspoiled coastline of the Potomac where Booth and Herold crossed, and understanding first hand how the confusing the shores could be to navigate at night by rowboat with swift currents; being welcomed by the Parker family at Cleydael, one of Booth's stops in Virginia.

These were just a few highlights and there is not enough space to detail them all. Excellent job on the part of all at the Surratt House and the Parker family , thank you so much! The bus trip on a chartered bus, very comfortable, complete with bathroom leaves from the museum and proceeds through the various places that JW Booth traveled to as he attempted to escape those in pursuit of him after he shot President Lincoln at Ford's Theater in Washington, DC.

The first stop is Ford's Theatre. I don't know if all of the tours leave at 7 AM but ours on September 12, did.


It is an approximately hour tour. All tour payments for example, at the Dr. Mudd House are included in your tour cost and paid by the museum rep who travels with the bus upon arrival at the venue. We were so fortunate to have David Taylor, attired as Booth would have been, as our tour guide. There is little that David doesn't know about JW Booth and the history surrounding the assassination of President Lincoln. He provided an educational and entertaining lecture throughout the tour. If we were on the bus, chances were great that David was talking to us. Where he got the energy, I don't know but we're so lucky he had it!

I suggest taking snacks for the morning as, with a 7 AM show time, the interval between leaving the Surratt House on the tour and lunch is pretty long. The tour is well-paced to allow for restroom breaks at the various stops. Highly recommended for history buffs. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to this museum. Although the house appears small and you might wonder if it is worth the drive, it is!

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The tour lasts roughly 45 minutes and is greatly narrated by the guides. They also expertly intertwine the story of Lincoln's assasination and the involvement of the Surratt's with the history of the house and the time.

This film provides examples of:

My only regret was not bringing my 11 year old, this would be great for a tween and older to see history first hand! Ford's Theater was interesting, but our tour guide Rick at Surratt House was amazing! Spent a wonderful tour discussing all of the interesting facts around this significant event in American History. Awesome presentation and wonderful folks that really know the subject!! I enjoyed my visit to the Surratt House.

I'm a history buff especially when it comes to Lincoln so I knew the story of JWB and his conspirators but, this tour offered extra details that haven't been in books I've read. My tour guide was excellent! I wish I could remember her name. I wanted to go straight to Dr. Mudd's house afterwards but it wasn't open that day, so I went to the National Harbor instead which was only 15 min away.

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