The Call of the Wild

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It means near-starvation, running for hours on end, fighting 'til the death, and sleeping in sub-zero conditions. But it also means total freedom and a life full of thrilling adventure. It's no shocker that this book was penned by Jack London , an infamously adventurous novelist who traveled to Japan and Alaska in search of good yarns. And that fame comes from the fact that it's almost impossible to not be seduced—or validated—by The Call of the Wild This novel is all about the magnetic pull of wildness on all beasts, including humans. Written at a point in history when technology was shaping the world in baffling ways airplanes, telephones, and cars were all newfangled inventions , London's novel still holds up today for obvious reasons: technology keeps updating, and we all feel further and further away from "the wild.

So whether you're itching to sleep under the stars or want to break free from the stifling routines of the world, The Call of the Wild is there to lure you.

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We'd be impressed if you made it to the last chapter without daydreaming about becoming a musher, trying your hand at gold-panning, backpacking in the Yukon We've all been there. And it ain't pretty—we're not talking about natural in "everybody loves flowers" way or even in the Everybody Poops way.

by Jack London

Or when you ' re so thirsty you start looking at any source of water—that puddle, that rain gutter, that stranger's bottle of Vitamin Water—and having fantasies about drinking it all down? Or when you see a baby and start going all gaga over it? Or when someone makes you so mad— so mad— that you literally see red and your hands ball themselves into fists?

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Even though we're Snapchatting, programming language-fluent, Soylent-swilling, hygienic beings that use central heating any time the mercury rises over 85 degrees And we're still highly, highly susceptible to the same laws—from rage to love—that govern all animals. Something like this, the world presented here feels brutal and hard and is reflective of how it actually was. The kind of thinking that inspires, my experiences being alone in the wilderness is terrifying.

Call of the Wild

Reading this book made me think I need to go camping and get out there. So much of our lives are Disney-fied tracks of existence. What we can see about Jack London now is that he was operating on this civilization and un-civilization spectrum that we can now easily dismantle. There is this whole tradition of frontier mentality and wilderness.

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The Call of the Wild by Jack London

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