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Glenda León "Talking to God" – Galeria Senda

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The Bible Says 'No' to Talking to the Dead

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Best self talk - talk to God Ever - Abraham Esther Hicks

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Various ways we listen to God speak

Its worshippers sat in pews, bathed in ethereal glow. As a nocturnal animal, the bat is associated with the Devil in Western culture.

The video transitions to an omniscient perspective, with a collective of screens appearing like a constellation of stars. Through representation as a substitute of the real, it shows a group of alienated individuals, in silent bearings of devotion to the unknown. While the environment of a Catholic church suggest an intimate conversation with a Higher Self, or an exaltation of the Faith, the fact that people are absorbed in their cell phones raises a reflection on the role that technologies play in our current lives.

Can we update the Faith?