Preventing Good People From Doing Bad Things: Implementing Least Privilege

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Principle of Least Privilege

Because their jobs so heavily rely on established protocols for the protection of sensitive information, this segment of the market will find this book a must-read. Their main concern is making sure the companies they are inspecting are in compliance with regulations and are taking the appropriate measures to secure their information and the users accessing them. They will learn how least privilege is the only way to fully satisfy government security regulations, and it will give them necessary and cutting-edge information on how to correctly perform their jobs. Businessperson The second segment are the businesspeople.

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They are the ones who run the companies requiring least privilege. These individuals are driven by the bottom line, and are ultimately concerned with spending and returns on investment. While they may be interested in security and realize its importance, the motivation behind any decisions is saving the company money.

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They need this book because it will clearly outline the financial benefits of implementing least privilege. It will explain that, from a business point of view, least privilege is the only way to eliminate the misuse of privilege and avoid the extensive costs of security breaches, expensive audits, help desk costs, and costly hours of IT troubleshooting.

Principle of Least Privilege

They will read it and use it as a reference as they prepare financially for a more secure IT environment. They understand the implications of a noncompliant environment.

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They download applications, grant privileges to users, process information, store information, program, install software, perform data management, network machines, and manage the networks they create. They need and will read this book because it will expand their understanding of the concept of least privilege and apply it to the environment in which they work. They will learn how to supplement Group Policy to attain least privilege, how to protect their environments, and how to carry security throughout their enterprise.

This book will teach them new ways to look at the principle of least privilege, and it will educate them with the information necessary to receive executive and financial backing to the projects that will secure their network. Account Options Sign in. Top Charts.

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