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The keynote is available to be viewed here and the panel discussions here.

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Policing is being transformed by a breathtaking range of technologies, including location tracking, predictive policing, social media monitoring, encryption, and more. These tools are changing the landscape of what police can do, how quickly they can do it, and at what cost; for many departments, they offer a way to do their job more efficiently, particularly at a time of declining staffing levels and funding.

An introduction to Pearls in Policing

At the same time, they offer an unprecendented window into citizens' private lives and frequently have a disproportionate impact on communities of color and marginalized groups. These new technologies may require police to adopt new rules and municipal governments to adopt new oversight mechanisms.

The connected police officer

Our symposium will bring together a range of stakeholders and experts for an in-depth discussion of these issues, including the intersection of constitutional law with law enforcement technology and minority communities; law enforcement use of social media; public-private partnerships and their impact on policing and transparency; and possible models for legislative and judicial accountability.

This event will be live streamed HERE. To register, fill out the form below or click HERE.

We followed up the event with an 8 page supplement in the January edition of The New Statesman. The aim of the vision goes far beyond making savings or incremental reform — considering how policing as a whole can be transformed with the public at its heart. Our resulting report contains responses from a cross-section of senior individuals across 18 unique police organisations.

Pearls in Policing

It was encouraging to see that all participants had begun to respond to the vision. However, just under half told us that there are still key barriers preventing them from fully embracing digital transformation.

We strongly believed that budget would be the number one barrier to achieving the vision; however, this was not the case, with insufficient staffing resource together with a lack of necessary in-house skills stated as the major barrier. The results of our survey clearly demonstrate a strong desire across police organisations to embrace technology to achieve efficiencies, improve collaboration and drive better citizen engagement. This extends to planning for the future, where the majority told us that they will continue to integrate systems, wherever it is possible.

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Following digital transformation, respondents told us that they had plans for training, upskilling and redeploying staff and yet, no one felt that the technology was currently in place to support this. In summary, our survey results demonstrate that police organisations are keen to collaborate and promote local and digital policing underpinned by innovative technology solutions. Legacy infrastructure, lack of resources and limited budgets are still holding some forces back, but with the right digital partner, a flexible and connected force can become a reality.

Download the Digital Policing Report here.

The Future of Policing in the Digital Age | RUSI

Technology, transformation and the future of law enforcement. Challenges and Barriers in Digital Policing. Download here.