PENN STATE IN THE POOL: The Cover-Up of the USA Swimming Youth Coach Sex Abuse Scandal

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In addition to sodomizing Jason Dunford, Frank Roper sexually abused another English football star, the now year old Paul Stewart, who like Woodward has stated that Roper sexually assaulted him on a daily basis from age 11 to The FA Cup winner with the Tottenham Hotspurs turned to alcohol, cocaine and other drugs to later cope with the chronic effects, breaking down emotionally when he admitted the abuse stopped him from even hugging his wife of 29 years or telling his two daughters and son that he loved them.

Again, being raped as a child is a lifelong curse. Paul Stewart lamented:. Incidentally in another Roper victim reported his abuse to Liverpool police but no action was taken and two years later, like both pedophile Heaths, Roper also left this earth without paying for his woeful sins. So far since the Woodward bombshell, at least ten coaches have been charged with historical sexual abuse, one has since died and seven are either convicted as offending pedophiles, or currently on trial or awaiting sentencing. As one of 17 ongoing city police investigations into this epidemic in early December just two weeks after the Woodward revelations, Manchester police already identified ten suspects based on reported abuse from 35 victims in its jurisdiction alone.

Still another repeat offender, already jailed in for a string of pedophilic incidents involving pro baller Derek Bell and others, former junior coach and scout for Newcastle United George Ormond is currently back in court facing 36 more counts of indecent assault, one count of indecency with a child and one for sodomy. Because neither Newcastle United investigated Ormond nor were the police ever notified to investigate, it was Derek Bell himself who reported Ormond to the police finally in January Meanwhile in Ireland and Scotland, still another case making the current headlines involves year old Jim McCafferty who pleaded guilty to seven offenses molesting boys in the s and while a Celtic FC youth coach in the s.

This ever-widening shameful scandal rocking the United Kingdom seems to have no end. Just like all the rest of the pedo-sports scandals, for decades nothing was ever done to stop these known maniacal predators. Identical to the serial child rapists wearing priestly garb, protected by enabling bishops, cardinals and popes, influential soccer coaches and scouts affiliated with professional Premier League teams delivering sexually abused athletes to the pros have also been shielded by club owners, club personnel and sport association executives allowing offenders to quietly drift, free to harm yet more victims, apparently protected by a complicit, asleep-at-the-wheel British Football Association FA as well as the thoroughly corrupt, scandal-ridden FIFA as the presiding international football governing body see Chapter 17 on FIFA.

History shows that all Olympic sports worldwide are steeped in the same global pedophilia network and child athlete sex trafficking system. We are working closely with the police to support their lead investigations and must ensure we do not do anything to interfere with or jeopardize the criminal process. So due to his visa denial, in late May Abramovich was forced to miss his Chelsea team defeat Manchester City for the FA Cup title and instead acquire Israeli citizenship having already purchased a large estate outside Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, any actual consequence that the British FA may levy against his Chelsea FC for its illicit hush fund and its other improprieties remain to be seen. And the Barry Bennell scandal is no different. According to Woodward:. It was like a double whammy and he would try to abuse me sometimes even with my sister in the same house. Later, when their relationship became public, he would come round for Sunday dinner every weekend, sitting with my mum and dad and my family, laughing and joking.

I was so frightened of him I just had to suffer in silence. Imagine the seething anger, dread and hatred Andy must have felt witnessing his rapist having sex with his barely legal aged sister and then watching her marry the monster in I had to attend that wedding, standing in the church when I really wanted to rip his throat out. To cover up ongoing panic attacks during a game, Andy would resort to faking a physical injury. Her tormented younger brother finally mustered up the nerve to tell his family about his dark shameful past secret.

Immediately after the pedophile jailbird got out of prison in , Bennell was somehow able to afford a luxury holiday in the Canary Islands where he enticed a married woman vacationing with her family to begin engaging in an extramarital affair. And both she and the daughter continue visiting the derelict in prison, blindly insisting that he is innocent of all charges just like the Sandusky wife and kids save one.

Of course back in unaware that Bennell was a child rapist, the jilted hubby went to the press earlier this year to bitterly recall his Canary Island creepy encounter with his version of home wrecker Bennell:. He was full of himself. He loved sunbathing, tanning himself up, sitting round the pool, watching the kids. The husband added:.

Before this we were a happy family. I never thought she would go for him. He had this young lad with him, in his mids, who he said was his carer. Once released from prison, again like the rest of the designated pedo-monsters, every chance they get, Barry and company are at it again, allowed to continue unabated violating hundreds more victims. The pedo-system, with its revolving door policy, grants pedophiles a repeated free pass to seemingly inflict unlimited harm on society, in this case on young English soccer playing aspirants to the Premier League that betrayed both their trust and their dreams.

A third arrest was made in after charges were raised of raping a year old attending a youth course in Macclesfield in As if he could simply shed his skin and escape his hellish past, upon release from his third prison stint, Barry Bennell has been passing himself off as Richard Jones, [lxxxvi] a nondescript name to assimilate into society if there ever was one. But as the expression goes, a pedo-leopard can never change its spots.

I think the main reason I had to do this was because I've gone through hell, I've gone through problems with my relationships, my poor ex-wives have suffered, my children have suffered, they haven't had the dad that they should, I've had nervous breakdowns. It got to the point now where I've had the therapy now that I felt strong enough, and it's always been in my stomach, I knew what went on at the time, I knew how many victims have been involved in this.

And he was right.

Gymnasts' wrenching testimonies detail doctor's sexual abuse, cast light on dark Olympic secret

For his own salvation and the salvation of so many others struggling with these chronic crippling effects of childhood sexual abuse, from his own harrowing perspective, Andy had to lay bare this scourge of pedophilia. In his words:. Only now, at the age of 43, I feel I can actually live without that secret and that massive, horrible burden. I want to get it out and give other people an opportunity to do the same.

I want to give people strength. I survived it. I came through the other side. What do you mean by the problem is stopped? Is it because the coach's behavior has already been brought to light by the media? Just curious.

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I agree. The machinations of a few Masters swimmers will not change anything about the long-standing issues between adult male coaches and preteen or teenage female swimmers. There is often an intense relationship that occasionally crosses the moral line of acceptance, as well as the legal line of statutory rape or sexual harassment. It is a tiny relative number of coaches that succumb to their weakness and the vast majority pay for it with withering scrutiny.

The original poster can lock this thread at any time. Until he does, we can only surmise that he has not had enough of this topic, even though it has nothing to do with Masters swimming directly. Just curious The problem is coaches taking advantage of young kids, that's what needs to stop. Some of us, who've been swimming since the 80's and earlier , are actually really glad all of this is finally coming to light. I have heard these kinds of rumors about Mitch Ivey since I was in high school in the 80's. Of course times have changed and we no longer look askance at the underaged female swimmer which is exactly what society used to do in these instances.

It's about time the adult coaches are held responsible for abusing their positions and these relationships. I hate the way it keeps coming back with new reports of problems" What do you mean by the problem is stopped? Just curious I read this to mean that he wished the thread would stop because coaches were no longer taking advantage of young swimmers and that there would no longer be a need for the thread to continue.

I did not read it as stop the thread to hide the problem. I don't think the problem's stopped. I think there are many who haven't been caught. She said her sister said "He ruined my life. I wish this was over. Perhaps so. Do you think you will find them on the forums? Just how do you think USMS should go about investigating the atrocities promulgated by these coaches? So that episode fiction until it is aired publicly. This is one of the problems and unfortunate coverups of the entire scenario, that fact that the victims are willing , even after many years, to let the perpetrator get away with an illegal act, maybe because the victim feels somehow partly at fault, when she is not.

The base problem will never be over. Young athletic girls, dripping wet in barely any clothing, coached by young men mostly , several hours per day, creates an atmosphere ripe with temptation that is difficult to resist for some coaches. Considering the size of USA Swimming , , it is frankly amazing that this doesn't happen more often. I don't know. I don't think men are truly as incapable of resisting temptation as our culture likes to tell them they are.

Perhaps you should have ended with your first sentence. I was remarking on the fact that there are so many coaches that do, in fact, resist temptation. Child abuse isn't a temptation. It's a crime. What is amazing is that people marginalize the impact by referring to it as a temptation and that it is amazing that it doesn't happen more often.

Society used to silently condone this behavior. In fact, Michael's argument about temptation excused the older men and stigmatized the young women when this kind of thing occurred. And, yet, when I think of how they've affected young athletes' lives, it's not harsh at all. The act is a crime, the setting is the temptation, to some. They are not the same thing. Society has never condoned this behavior, although what was done was usually less public than now. My "argument" excusing older men does not exist.

The victims mostly girls were described as that, victims.

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Just because there were no forums on which to anonymously rant in the s does not mean no one cared. Because it is such a traumatic personal experience, sometimes the authorities were not called, the coach was just fired and went elsewhere. I would guess that they the coaches were even given good references in order to avoid lawsuits and keep the coach far away. This was to protect the victims, although it apparently did not in some cases, owing to the behavioral and psychological problems some have reported. This is probably due to the lack of closure, even though that would have been devastating to the young victims at the time.

There are a lot of lurkers on these forums. People who rarely, if ever post. Perhaps bringing light to the topic will empower a victim to speak up. There are teenagers who peruse and occasionally post here. Again, seeing coaches being disciplined may help give a young swimmer the courage to speak up. But I reiterate, discussing it here awakens the reader to the issue, the masters swimmer can be vigilant with their own children or their friends' children, or if they were a victim in the past, they may be able to heal, learning it wasn't their fault. And it's a setting that's conducive to predatory behavior by those who commit these kind of crimes, just like any other setting where adults in positions of power can easily create situations where they're alone with children.

These predators are not going to just go away, so we need to find ways to make sure the situations don't happen. I should clarify. When the girls were 11 years old, I don't think guys got away with much IF things became public. When girls were older than that, say 15 or 16, I think people quickly turned their heads, thus, condoning the behavior by not condemning it. Read Suzette Moran's story.

Want to take your swimfandom to the next level?

Look at how many older coaches got away with multiple relationships with teenaged swimmers. Listen to rock music from the 70's - 16 year olds were desired - not off limits to older guys. I don't think we will find them on these forums. I'm just sharing info to provide topics for discussion.

The child's clothing, or lack thereof, is not the problem; girls don't typically show up in church "dripping wet in barely any clothing" but they were abused just the same. The root problem is an adult exploiting a power imbalance while having access to a child without other adults around.

In Plain View

Describing the issue as "[y]oung athletic girls, dripping wet in barely any clothing" sexualizes or romanticizes a relationship that is not sexual or romantic but instead is abusive and exploitative; whether intentional or not, that characterization shifts some blame to the girls.

While I agree that the root problem is definitely a power imbalance, the characterization of the girls was a description of the circumstance, not the issue. It is possible that some of the girls actually liked some of the extra attention, but neither does that lay any blame upon them. All blame must lie with the adult perpetrator. They were in charge at all times, they alone must be held accountable. Does anyone have mr curl's prison booking photo?

I thought in the s and still think he and some other coaches were arrogant jerks. This is of course a double entendre.

Sports Zoo by Roger J. Wendell

Several cite "she was 18 at the time, the age of consent in Georgia is 16, I see nothing wrong with that. I've never seen any story on swimswam get as many comments. He told me he was going to confront Alex about it, and so I was just by myself and decided to move out. The day after the fight on the pool deck, though, the year-old resolved to speak up again. He visited the Fort Lauderdale Police station to file a supplemental report. Paredes told police that "Pussieldi was having sex with several of the underage male swimmers and videotaping the sex.

Pussieldi also had child pornography on his computer. The young man returned to reiterate his allegations in a taped statement on February The swimmer says he'd found a videotape that showed "three different boys on the tape, having sex with Pussieldi at different times. Paredes also "advised of a second videotape that showed him and his roommate More than a month later, on March 22, police detective Jeff Jennings spoke to another alleged victim who says Pussieldi had touched him inappropriately when he was But this swimmer did not want to press charges.

Weeks later, on April 8, police talked to Pussieldi, who denied the accusations. Paredes "was jealous" of Pussieldi's relationship with another swimmer, the coach explained. And with that, the case was closed. The report makes no mention of any other interviews or a search of the coach's home.

It says simply: "Based on this Detective's investigation and the statements given by the parties involved, there is no evidence to prove the allegations. This case will be closed and cleared as unfounded. Sources say Nelson met with coaches but downplayed the fight. So another coach went above Nelson's head and complained to City Commissioner Dean Trantalis who now contends he doesn't remember the incident.

This angered officials of the Fort Lauderdale Swim Team. Internal memos show that on February 18, Stu Marvin, manager of the aquatic complex, wrote that it was important that "all coaches [project] the same position on all matters concerning FLST. Sharing independent points of view can be very detrimental to the organization The relationship with the city is of utmost importance.

The Opperman Report

Some adults wrote letters to the city on Paredes' behalf, while others sided with Pussieldi. One parent said that Pussieldi was "caring, concerned and helpful" and that the alleged victim was "a troubled young man. He must be a real jerk! Keep in touch and call me when you are reinstated so I can write another story saying you are back coaching. On February 24, Paredes wrote to Florida Gold Coast Swimming, which oversees competitive swimming in the state, to ask for a hearing.

The swimmer repeated the claims he had made all year: He had found "a hidden camera in a heating vent. In January , almost two years after the assault on the pool deck, USA Swimming's National Review Board found that in regard to the assault, "both petitioner and respondent used poor judgment and acted immaturely and inappropriately.

However, a coach must never physically assault a swimmer. Pussieldi's attorney, Weinberg, says it's because "there was nothing there The kid had an attorney. His swimmer was That didn't stop the older man from sliding his fingers underneath her swimsuit. It was only because she spoke up that investigators found King to have abused at least 15 girls over 30 years, including a year-old whom he got pregnant and who had an abortion. In , King pleaded no contest and is serving 40 years in prison.

Attorney Bob Allard remembers getting a phone call from an alleged victim of King's shortly after the coach was arrested. The more we looked into the Andy King matter — and saw some of the lies and misrepresentations by the higher-ups at USA Swimming — the more we realized this was the beginning of something much larger. Allard has since filed more than a dozen lawsuits against USA Swimming, "but that number is infinitesimally insignificant," he says, "compared to the number of calls I have received from people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who claim to have been abused.

Simon Chocron had been found to have had sexual relations with a year-old male and a year-old female at the Jacksonville private school where he taught. He fled to Spain but was arrested when he showed up to compete in the world championships. He then headed for Venezuela, which refused to extradite him. Brian Hindson of Indiana had secretly videotaped female swimmers, some as young as 12, in the shower.

In , he was sentenced to 33 years.

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The list went on. Then producers confronted him with audiotape of a call in which Wielgus could be heard saying, "This happens almost every week. We get calls at the office. I get informed about it. In the wake of the bad publicity, USA Swimming set up a "Safe Sport" department to strengthen its procedures to prevent abuse. Public relations director Karen Linhart says that since the program's inception in , "USA Swimming has trained 35, nonathlete members in abuse prevention" and "expanded its then-existing and robust background check program to screen all nonathlete members on a monthly basis.

USA Swimming can and has sanctioned members for noncriminal behavior that violates its code of conduct. Yet the abuse hasn't stopped. Since , USA Swimming has published the names of coaches banned for misconduct. Four years ago, the list totaled Now it has almost tripled — to more than He is serving a year federal prison sentence in Miami.

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He traveled to meet her for sex, believing her parents were away on a cruise. He is currently a registered sex offender and is incarcerated. She married him at age 18 but divorced him six months later when she caught him with another year-old. Nancy Hogshead Makar, now 52, was harassed by Ivey in Gainesville and grew up to become senior director of advocacy for the Women's Sports Foundation, based in Jacksonville.

She explains the complicating factors that make it difficult for alleged victims to come forward: "A good, effective molester will make it feel good. They'll convince the person this is a relationship, that they're in love. There were probably parts of the molestation that were enjoyable. All of those things are exactly why molesters get away with it over and over again. The victims keep quiet.

They impose a cone of shame over them that in some cases lasts a lifetime. She says that she tried working with USA Swimming to help the group enforce its Safe Sport policy but that staff lied to her and she eventually went to the U. Olympics Committee to strong-arm swimming to adopt a rule prohibiting all romantic and sexual relationships between athletes and coaches.

Because many alleged victims are juveniles and because cases are sometimes settled privately and include confidentiality statements, it's impossible to get a complete picture of the extent of the abuse.

The Day the Dinosaurs Died

In the wake of the Penn State scandal, the victim came forward publicly, and charges were brought. She alleged that Wielgus and other swimming officials knew of the abuse and, even while investigating him, gave him a prominent role at the Olympics. Last year, Curl, age 63, was sentenced to seven years in prison.

As lawsuits brewed, two freelance reporters on separate coasts began following the swimming sex scandal closely.

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