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All three approaches were able to differentiate AD from controls p0. In the present study, deposition of amyloid senile plaques was measured by positron emission tomography PET with both [ 11 C ]Pittsburgh compound B PIB and [ 18 F ]FACT in the same subjects, and the regional uptakes of both radiotracers were directly compared. No significant differences in the cerebral cortical uptake were observed between normal control subjects and AD patients in [ 18 F ]FACT studies without partial volume correction, while significant differences were observed in [ 11 C ] PIB.

Relatively lower uptakes of [ 11 C ] PIB in distribution were observed in the medial side of the temporal cortex and in the occipital cortex as compared with [ 18 F ]FACT. Relatively higher uptake of [ 11 C ] PIB in distribution was observed in the frontal and parietal cortices. Since [ 18 F ]FACT might bind more preferentially to dense-cored amyloid deposition, regional differences in cerebral cortical uptake between [ 11 C ] PIB and [ 18 F ]FACT might be due to differences in regional distribution between diffuse and dense-cored amyloid plaque shown in the. MIS approach for diverticula of the esophagus.

Purpose Diverticula of the esophagus represent a rare pathological entity. Distinct classifications of the disease imply different surgical concepts. Surgery should be reserved for symptomatic patients only. Minimally invasive surgery MIS for treatment of esophageal diverticula encompasses rigid and flexible intraluminal endoscopy, thoracoscopy and laparoscopy. We here give an overview on the pathogenesis of esophageal diverticula, the minimally invasive surgical techniques for treatment and the recent literature.

Additionally, we present our own experience with MIS for midthoracic diverticula. Methods We analyzed the cases of patients who underwent MIS for midthoracic diverticula with regard to preoperative symptoms, perioperative and follow-up data. Results Three patients two female, one male, age 79, 78 and 59 years received thoracoscopic surgery for midthoracic diverticula. All patients reported of dysphagia and regurgitation. In two patients pH-investigation showed pathological reflux but manometry was normal in all patients.

Operating time was , and minutes. We performed intraoperative intraluminal endoscopy in all patients. There were no intraoperative complications and although no surgical complications occured postoperatively one patient developed pneumonia which advanced to sepsis and lethal multi organ failure. Upon follow-up the two patients did not have recurrent diverticula or a recurrence of previous symptoms. Conclusions Surgery for diverticular disease of the esophagus has been associated with high rates of morbidity and mortality.

Despite the lethal non-surgical complication we encountered, with regard to recent publications minimally invasive apporaches to treat patients with symptomatic esophageal diverticula entail lower rates of complications with better long term results in comparison to open surgery. This has been attributed to a stronger East Asian summer monsoon. Other differences are interglacial lengths and loess deposition rates. Material and Methods The LOVECLIM model is driven by time-varying insolation and greenhouse gas concentrations and was run to give monthly values for temperature, precipitation and evaporation as well the dominant vegetation type.

Model results for were corrected for systematic differences between present-day observation data and simulation. Reconstructions were made for both interglacials of the amount of inblown loess, and the mineralogy and grain size distribution of the initial loess as well as the dust. These data were fed into the SoilGen model, which was used to calculate various soil parameters with depth and over time. Results Simulations show a stronger developed MIS 13 soil, in terms of weathering loss of anorthite , and redistribution of calcite, gypsum and clay.

This corresponds to observed paleosoils. MIS soils are more leached. As simulated temperatures and annual precipitation between MIS 5 and MIS 13 did not vary strongly, the greater length of MIS 13 seemed the main explanation for the stronger leaching and weathering. Closer analysis however showed a larger number of months in MIS 13 with a precipitation surplus, even when only considering the first 22 ka. Only in such months significant leaching can occur. Conclusion Using simulation models it was demonstrated that the stronger soil expression in MIS 13 than in MIS 5 is likely caused by more months with a precipitation surplus, in combination with a longer duration of MIS.

Vastukaja Mikko Lagerspetzi artiklile 5. Postimehes, mis oli omakorda vastukaja Jaak Aaviksoo artiklile This paper addresses additional requirements associated with implementing a standard curriculum of Management Information Systems MIS in bilingual developing countries where both students and workplace users speak English as a second language.

In such countries, MIS graduates are required to develop bilingual computer applications and to…. This cross-sectional data suggests that development of dementia in PD is associated with extensive spread of hypometabolism beyond the occipital cortex, and with hippocampal and frontal atrophy but not beta-amyloid deposition consistent PDD patients showed impaired glucose metabolism in cortical brain regions and this reduction was associated with the degree of cognitive impairment.

PDD patients had more atrophy both in the hippocampus and the frontal cortex compared with PD patients No evidence of either uniform or non-uniform item bias of practical signifcance was found for the sample. A preliminary analysis of health-related quality of life in the first year after permanent source interstitial brachytherapy PIB for clinically localized prostate cancer.

Lee, W. Robert; McQuellon, Richard P. Doug; McCullough, David L. All participants were treated with I alone. Repeated measures analyses of variance ANOVA were conducted on all quality of life and urinary outcome measures for all 31 patients at all time points. Results: The median age of the study population was 66 range All men had clinical T1c-T2b prostate cancer.

Median pretreatment PSA was 7. Conclusion: The results. Philippe, C. We aimed to establish a fully-automated procedure for the synthesis and purification of [ 11 C] PIB with a high degree of reliability and improved specific activity as well as a suitable and fast quality control assay. The optimum reaction conditions were 75 deg. Time consumption was kept to a minimum 40 min from EOB and overall yields were enough to serve 2 consecutive patients with a single preparation. PiB fails to map amyloid deposits in cerebral cortex of aged dogs with canine cognitive dysfunction.

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Retention in the cerebellum is at variance with evidence from brains of humans with AD. Full Text Available Information Technology 'IT' has made a prolific impact, both in sociological and commercial terms. In the business world, the pursuit of new technology and working practices has often been at the expense of equal regard for the correct methods to manage the new technology. However, MIS implementation has major cultural and organisational implications which will form the main focus of this paper. A conceptual model is proposed for successful MIS implementation which combines established research findings with ethnographically-informed data from a small, UK-based, business.

FATCA - mis see on? Many scientists have published a great number of studies in this regard, but they paid more attention to qualitative research, and there was often a lack of quantitative data. In this paper, based on chronological evidence from a paleolake in arid China, MIS 5a, MIS 3a, and Holocene lake area, the precipitation of the drainage area and the runoff of the inflowing rivers of the lake were reconstructed with ArcGIS spatial analysis software and the improved water and energy balance model which was calibrated by modern meteorological and hydrological data in the Shiyang River drainage basin.

The results showed that the paleolake areas were , , and km2 for MIS 5a, MIS 3a, and Holocene; meanwhile, the paleoprecipitation and runoff were The quantitative data can help us not only strengthen the understanding of paleoclimatic characteristics but also recognize the complexity and diversity of the climate system.

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Minimally invasive surgical MIS techniques offer promising improvements in the management of thoracolumbar trauma. Recent advances in MIS techniques and instrumentation for degenerative conditions have heralded a growing interest in employing these techniques for thoracolumbar trauma. Specifically, surgeons have applied these techniques to help manage flexion- and extension-distraction injuries, neurologically intact burst fractures, and cases of damage control. Minimally invasive surgical techniques offer a means to decrease blood loss, shorten operative time, reduce infection risk, and shorten hospital stays.

Herein, we review thoracolumbar minimally invasive surgery with an emphasis on thoracolumbar trauma classification, minimally invasive spinal stabilization, surgical indications, patient outcomes, technical considerations, and potential complications. However, each methodology has different property due to its assumption and algorithms. Our aim of this study was to investigate the difference among partial volume correction PVC method for tau and amyloid PET study. PVC results of 5 algorithms were compared with the uncorrected data.

The degree of difference between PVE uncorrected and corrected depends on not only PVC algorithm but also type of tracer and subject condition. Presented PVC methods are straight-forward to implement but the corrected images require careful interpretation as different methods result in different levels of recovery. Tanweer, Fatah A. Blast is the most common biotic stress leading to the reduction of rice yield in many rice-growing areas of the world, including Malaysia. Improvement of blast resistance of rice varieties cultivated in blast endemic areas is one of the most important objectives of rice breeding programs.

In this study, the marker-assisted backcrossing strategy was applied to improve the blast resistance of the most popular Malaysian rice variety MR by introgressing blast resistance genes from the Pongsu Seribu 2 variety. Two blast resistance genes, Pi-b and Pi-kh, were pyramided into MR Phenotypic screening against blast disease indicated that advanced homozygous blast resistant lines were strongly resistant against pathotype P7.

The morphological, yield, grain quality, and yield-contributing characteristics were significantly similar to those of MR The newly developed blast resistant improved lines will retain the high adoptability of MR by farmers. The present results will also play an important role in sustaining the rice production of Malaysia. An increase in charcoal towards the top of the sequence is believed to be due to natural rather than anthropogenic ignition sources which resulted in the development of scrub rather than forest vegetation. The sequence is capped by gravel previously inferred to have been emplaced by tsunami event s some time after early MIS 3.

A lack of Agathis pollen in our sequence despite unequivocal evidence for the parent trees gum strengthens a call for caution when inferring climatic conditions from the abundance of Agathis pollen in New Zealand pollen records. Mis siis juhtus Andres Lapeteusega? Given the magnitude of real and potential losses, both private and public employers increasingly expect graduates of management information systems MIS programs to understand information security concepts. The infrastructure requirements for the course includes setting up a secure laboratory environment to accommodate the development of viruses….

This paper highlights relevant curriculum issues that were identified in a Management Information Systems MIS program review undertaken by a group of business faculty in a small regional university. The program review was initiated to improve job marketability of graduates and student enrollment. The review process is described as a collective…. Mis ikkagi teeb Eestist Uganda? Alop kirjutab vastuse M. Heidmetsa artiklile 6. Mis on papa Jannseni hind? Grete Naaber. The purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis that MIS and IFN-gamma might be more effective in the inhibition of breast cancer cell growth than either agent alone The American health care system faces deficits in quality and quantity of surgeons.

SAGES leadership is actively adapting this curriculum. The process of reform began in through a series of iterative meetings and discussions. A working group within the Resident and Fellow Training Committee reviewed case log data from to These data were used to propose new criteria designed to provide adequate exposure to core content. The working group also proposed using video assessment of an MIS case to provide objective assessment of competency. Case log data were available for fellows with a total of 85, cases logged median per fellow.

Fellows are expected to perform an additional 75 complex MIS cases of any category for a total of required cases overall. The proposal also included a minimum volume of flexible endoscopy 50 and submission of an MIS foregut case for video assessment. The new criteria more clearly defined which surgeon roles count for major credit within individual categories.

Fourteen fellowships volunteered to pilot these new criteria for the academic year. The criteria also introduce innovative, evidence-based methods for assessing competency. Pending the results of the pilot program, SAGES will consider broad implementation of the new fellowship criteria. The period corresponding to Marine Isotope Stages 9 MIS 9 offers the opportunity to study orbital and sub-orbital scale climate variability under boundary conditions different from those of better studied intervals such as the Holocene and the Last Interglacial.

Yet, it is poorly represented in independently-dated continental archives around the Mediterranean Region. This interpretation is corroborated by a change in mineralogical composition between aragonite and calcite at ca. Also the comparison with the multiproxy climate record available from the nearby Lake Ohrid seems to support the proposed interpretation.

The MIS 9e interglacial appears to be characterized by wettest conditions between ca. Decreasing precipitation and enhanced millennial scale variability matches the glacial inception MIS 9 d to b , with drier events at ca. The latter is followed by a prominent wetter period between and ka, for which carbon data values suggest high infiltration rate.

Rainfall decreases again after ka, and remain low until the growth interruption at ca. Resumption of the growth and progressive soil development, expressed by the carbon isotope record, occurred during the late part of MIS 8. The two parameter approach Background: We report results of the novel Washout Allometric Reference Method WARM that uses estimates of cerebral blood flow and amyloid load from the same [11C]Pittsburgh Compound B [11C]PiB retention maps in brain to distinguish between patients with different forms dementia, including Pharmacokinetic modelling was performed to determine the best method to quantify tracer uptake.

Dynamic PET imaging with simultaneous arterial blood sampling was performed 7 days after saline injection control group , 7 days after lysolecithin injection demyelination group and 4 weeks after lysolecithin injection remyelination group. Compartment modelling revealed that all tracers were fitted best with the reversible two-tissue compartment model.

Tracer uptake and distribution volume in lesions were in agreement with myelin status. This study showed that PET imaging of demyelination and remyelination processes in focal lesions is feasible. Mis see jumal meid on loonud? Jaak Alliku arvustus Jaan Toominga lavastusele ilmus ajakirjas Noorus Clim Past , , Clim Past , The results are in need of validation with a more sophisticated model, which is done in this work with the ARPEGE atmospheric general circulation model.

This is confirmed by these General Circulation Model GCM results, where the MIS climate is found to be hotter and more humid both in the presence and absence of any added ice sheets. This happens through a topography induced wave propagating through Eurasia with an ascending branch over northeastern China. This wave induces a blocking Okhotskian high, preventing the northwards penetration of the Meiyu monsoon front. The synergism between the ice sheets and SST is found through the factor separation method, yielding an increase in the Meiyu precipitation, though a reduction of the Changma precipitation.

The synergism between the ice. Mis on meie huvid Euroopa Liidus? Ilmunud ka: Meie Maa, 4. A simple, efficient and remotely operated synthesis apparatus for carrying out routine [ 11 C]carboxylation, on-column and bubbling [ 11 C]methylation was essential for reliable, day-to-day production of [ 11 C]-labelled PET radiopharmaceuticals. Full Text Available In comparison to other sectors of the marine system, the palaeoceanography of the subarctic North Pacific Ocean is poorly constrained.

The pixel design for a large-area HD display is presented. The external electronics performs image processing to modify incoming video using correction parameters for each pixel in the backplane, and also sensor data processing to update the correction parameters. The luminance adjusting algorithm is based on realistic models for pixel circuit elements to predict the relation between the programming voltage and OLED luminance. SPICE modeling of the sensing part of the backplane is performed to demonstrate its feasibility. Details on the pixel circuit functionality including the sensing and programming operations are also discussed.

Finally, recent GIA models are discussed in light Sales controlling comes into view. MIS has integrated Microsoft-Excel efficiently, so appliers must not change other systems, can utilize advantages and know how and further functionalities like optimization of planning processes, automation of data processing, generation of a data base with structured information of energy data are available for customers.

Die Gruender waren Studenten der Universitaet Darmstadt. Schon damals hatte man die Vision, Manager oder die Entscheidungstraeger in Unternehmen mit Informationen zu versorgen und in die Lage zu versetzen, diese auch nach ihren Beduerfnissen auswerten, analysieren und reporten zu koennen. MIS hat Microsoft-Excel leistungsfaehig integriert, sodass der Anwender nicht auf ein anderes System umlernen muss, sondern die Vorteile und das Know-how Weiterverwenden kann und zusaetzlich weitere Funktionalitaeten zur Verfuegung gestellt bekommt.

This system has been nearly two years in development and has yielded some valuable insights into specialized MIS development. Investigation of MIS -sensor sensitivity to vapor of unsymmetrical dimethylgydrazine in air. The sensitivity of MIS -sensor to the products of thermal decomposition of unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine was investigated. It is shown that MIS sensor is able to detect the concentrations of the test substance by the means of the certain products of its thermal decomposition ammonia and nitric dioxide.

Investigation of the sensitivity of MIS -sensor to thermal decomposition products of cables insulation. Sensitivity of the MIS -sensor to products of thermal decomposition of insulation and jacket of the most common types of cables is investigated. Registration of the evolved hydrogen by the MIS -sensor can be used for detection of fires at an early stage. Tekst eesti ja inglise k. Sisu: " Mis on see luuletaja luule Full Text Available It is common in coastal cities as Rio de Janeiro, that buildings located close to the shoreline have their basements below water table level. In most cases, the engineering solution for these buildings is to design a massive anti-flotation slab to satisfy, principally, the issues related to structural dimensioning and calculation hypothesis.

On the other hand, the execution of this solution imply in significant construction problems related to reinforced concrete watertightness and durability. The results show that concrete proportions, concreting plan and pouring method adopted were decisive in obtaining a watertight structure, avoiding thus the employment of traditional waterproofing alternatives. Signal-to-noise ratio SNR and discrimination power DP were calculated for images generated by the different methods and the results were compared both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Results MVW-PCA generated images that illustrated similar regional binding patterns compared to reference Logan images and with slightly higher quality, enhanced contrast, improved SNR and DP, without being based on modeling assumptions. This additional information might improve the understanding of kinetic behavior of the administered tracer. Conclusion MVW-PCA is a potential multivariate method that without modeling assumptions generates high quality images, which illustrated similar regional changes compared to modeling methods such as reference Logan.

In addition, MVW-PCA could be used as a new technique, applicable not only on dynamic human brain studies but also on. Suurfirmad peavad maksma. Downcore opal variation of the composite core exhibited the distinct orbital-scale cyclic changes; high during the interglacial and low during the glacial periods. However, downcore CaCO3 variation showed no corresponding orbital-scale cyclic change between glacial and interglacial periods.

Some intervals of both periods were high in CaCO3 content. Frequent and large fluctuations in CaCO3 content seemed to be more related to the presence of dark layers containing thin lamination TL within the glacial and interglacial intervals. The aim of this study is to assess the long-term clinical and radiological outcomes between minimally invasive MIS and conventional transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion TLIF in treating one-segment lumbar disc herniation LDH.

Perioperative results were evaluated. Clinical outcomes were compared preoperatively and postoperatively. Radiologic parameters were based on a comparison of preoperative and three-year postoperative lumbar lordosis, segmental lordosis, sacral slope, the cross-sectional area of the paraspinal muscle and fusion rates. MIS TILF had significantly less blood, shorter operation time, mean return to work time and lower intramuscular pressure compared with the conventional group during the operation.

The mean cross-sectional area of the paraspinal muscle was significantly decreased after surgery in the conventional TLIF group and no significant intragroup differences were established in the MIS -TLIF group. No significant differences were found in fusion rate, lumbar lordosis, segmental lordosis and sacral slope. However, MIS -TLIF manifests a great improvement in perioperative outcomes, low back pain, disability and preventing paraspinal muscle atrophy during the follow-up period observation.

Lisa: Simon Jones. Ni siquiera, trabajadores muy calificados se salvan de este asalto. Tal actitud de los profesionales contables es una reminiscencia del Rey Canuto esperando que la marea retroceda. Integrated geochronology of Acheulian sites from the southern Latium central Italy : Insights on human-environment interaction and the technological innovations during the MIS MIS 10 period.

Ages obtained by the three methods are in mutual agreement and confirm the potential of dating with confidence Middle Pleistocene sites of Italy using these methods. Ages obtained for the Cava Pompi, Isoletta, and Lademagne sites cover a relatively short period of time between ka and ka, spanning MIS 11 climatic optimum to the MIS transition. Analysis of small collections of lithic industries, bifacial tools, and small cores technologies from Isoletta, Lademagne, and the neighbour site of Ceprano-Campogrande shows common technical strategies for the period comprised between MIS 11 and MIS 9 ka , such as the elaboration of flaked elephant bone industries found over the whole Latium region.

However, some features found only in the Frosinone province area, like large-sized bifaces, suggest particular regional behaviours. The presence of one Levallois core in the oldest layer of Lademagne i. Film, ruum ja narratiiv : " Mis juhtus Andres Lapeteusega? Kromanovi " Mis juhtus Andres Lapeteusega? Its private deliberations during this period are revealed by a trove of documents captured in the course of operations supporting the Global War on Terror and maintained in the Department of Defense's Harmony Database.

Al-Qaida's Mis This isolated observation has effectuated concern regarding the potential for flammable gas mixtures in containers in the storage inventory. Items identified as most similar are believed to have the highest probability of being chemically and structurally identical to MIS Item A. Items identified as potentially like MIS Item A have some attributes in common, have the potential to generate gases, but have a lower probability of having similar gas generating characteristics. Prompt gamma analysis of MIS Item A indicated the presence of chloride, fluorine, magnesium, sodium, and aluminum.

Evaluation criteria included binning classification i. These queries identified 15 items that were most similar and items that were potentially like MIS Item A. Although these queries identified containers that could potentially generate flammable gases, verification and confirmation can only be accomplished by destructive evaluation and testing of containers from the storage inventory. The Cat-CVD SiN thin film 5 nm was found to be an effective gate insulator with good gate controllability and dielectric properties.

We previously investigated device characteristics of subnm-gate-length Schottky- and MIS -gate HEMTs, and reported that the MIS -gate device had larger maximum drain current density and transconductance g m than the Schottky-gate device. The radio frequency RF measurement of the MIS -gate device, however, showed a relatively lower current gain cutoff frequency f T compared with that of the Schottky-gate device. In this paper, we prove that in a simple model of income determination, when taking into account linear functions, the change rate for the gross domestic product GDP is equal to the quotient of the increase in investment and the sum of exogenous consumption plus the initial investment.

This means that the slope of the consumption function does not influence the change rate for the GDP and what matters for this variation rate is the exogenous consumption and the initial investment. Bat Mis : a fast algorithm for k-mismatch mapping. Second-generation sequencing SGS generates millions of reads that need to be aligned to a reference genome allowing errors. Although current aligners can efficiently map reads allowing a small number of mismatches, they are not well suited for handling a large number of mismatches. The efficiency of aligners can be improved using various heuristics, but the sensitivity and accuracy of the alignments are sacrificed.

In this article, we introduce Basic Alignment tool for Mismatches Bat Mis --an efficient method to align short reads to a reference allowing k mismatches. Bat Mis is a Burrows-Wheeler transformation based aligner that uses a seed and extend approach, and it is an exact method. Benchmark tests show that Bat Mis performs better than competing aligners in solving the k-mismatch problem. Furthermore, it can compete favorably even when compared with the heuristic modes of the other aligners. Bat Mis is a useful alternative for applications where fast k-mismatch mappings, unique mappings or multiple mappings of SGS data are required.

Full Text Available Comparison of the sea-level today with that of years ago MIS 11, when the Earth's orbital characteristics were similar may provide, under conditions of natural variability, indications of future sea-level during the present interglacial. Then, as now, orbital eccentricity was low and precession dampened.

Evidence for MIS 11 sea-level occurs on uplifting coastlines where shorelines with geochronological ages have been preserved. The sea-level term and the uplift term may be separated with an "uplift correction" formula. This discovers the original sea-level at which the now uplifted shoreline was fashioned. Estimates are based on average uplift rates of the "last interglacial" sea-level MIS 5. These, with varying secular tectonic regimes in different ocean basins, provide a band of estimates for the MIS 11 sea-level. Tephrostratigraphic analyses of three volcanic ash layers ascribe the investigated succession to the MIS MIS 11 period, spanning the interval ca.

Litho-pedo facies assemblage indicates predominant lacustrine deposition, interrupted by a minor sub-aerial and lake low stand episode. Variations in major and minor elements concentrations are related to changes in the clastic input to the lake. The record shows pronounced hydrological variability at orbital and millennial time-scales, which appears closely related to the Northern Hemisphere summer insolation pattern and replicates North Atlantic and west Mediterranean Sea Surface Temperature SST fluctuations.

The MIS 12 glacial inception is marked by an abrupt reduction of precipitation, lowering of the lake level and enhanced catchment erosion. A well-defined and isotopically prominent interstadial with increased precipitation maybe related to insolation maxima-precession minima at ca.

This interstadial ends abruptly at ca. Drastic lake-level lowering and enhanced clastic flux characterized the MIS 12 glacial maximum. Lacustrine deposition restarted about ka ago. The MIS MIS 11 transition is characterized by a rapid increase in the precipitation, lake-level rise and reduction in the clastic input, interrupted by a short and abrupt return to drier conditions.

Comparison with marine records from the Iberian margin and western Mediterranean suggests that major events of ice rafted debris deposition, related to southward migrations of the polar front, match the. MIS hot electron devices for enhancement of surface reactivity by hot electrons. A model of the device is presented explaining the key concepts of the functionality and the character- istics. The MIS hot electron emitter is fabricated using cleanroom technology Simulations show the importance of keeping tunnel barrier roughness to an absolute minimum.

The tunnel oxide Electron emission is observed under ambient pressure conditions and in up to 2 bars of Ar.


MIS photodetectors on intrinsic semiconductors for thermal infrared imagery - A design aid for focal plane matrices. The physical mechanisms determining the operational behavior of an MIS photodetector for thermal infrared imagery based on a two-dimensional matrix of intrinsic semiconductors constituting a charge injection device are examined. The general principles of a thermal infrared imagery system composed of radiation source, atmosphere, sensor system with entrance optics, detector and environment, and data processing means are introduced, and the parameters of the system as a whole influencing detector characteristics are indicated.

The properties of an ideal and a real MIS photodetector are discussed, with attention given to the physical properties of narrow bandgap materials such as InSb, operational properties in the dynamic regime, the carrier tunneling component and experimentally observed instability phenomena. The matrix organization of MIS photodetectors is then considered, with particular attention given to a simple model of charge transfer between two electrodes and the two principal reading mechanisms: charge injection and the floating potential method.

Pre-mRNA mis -splicing of sarcomeric genes in heart failure. Pre-mRNA splicing is an important biological process that allows production of multiple proteins from a single gene in the genome, and mainly contributes to protein diversity in eukaryotic organisms. Alternative splicing is commonly governed by RNA binding proteins to meet the ever-changing demands of the cell. However, the mis -splicing may lead to human diseases. In the heart of human, mis -regulation of alternative splicing has been associated with heart failure.

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Whatever the budget, talk to us and let us show you what we can do to help. If you can imagine it - we can organise it! According to the Portuguese rules, income earned in Portugal in the form of prizes or winnings from competitions, games or gambling is subject to taxation. However, an exemption applies to lottery winnings from Euromilhdes e Liga dos Milhdes, lotteries and games organised by the Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa, an entity carrying out activities of social interest. The Commission considers that the exemption provided in the Portuguese legislation con- stitutes a discrimination prohib- ited by the EC Treaty, as the fa- vourable treatment is not open to other EU entities also carrying activities of social interest as Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa does.

T axing the winnings from for- eign but not national lotteries can- not possibly be justified as a measure to avoid the damaging consequences of gambling. Eirst published in , the Index of Corruption Perception report is based on a classification scale of zero very corrupt to ten corruption-free , Portugal cur- rently being given an overall clas- sification of 6. Denmark tops the list and is officially the least corrupt coun- try in the world. Portugal rapped for not accepting EU qualifications The European Commis- tion of a Directive on recog- sion has decided to pursue nition of professional quali- infringement procedures fications.

Denmark will also against 12 Member States, be sent a reasoned opinion including Portugal, for fail- on the same grounds, while ure to implement certain the Netherlands will be re- Internal Market Directives ferred to the Court over non- into national law. Spanish vandalise Portuguese milk lorry in protest A Portuguese truck carrying 25, litres of milk produced in Portugal through the Spanish region of Galiza was accosted by a group of Spanish protestors who emptied its load onto a public road against the under-cut prices at which Spain buys its milk from Portugal.

Spanish authorities were in- formed of the incident as was the Portuguese Ministry of Agricul- ture, which has asked Spain to quickly rectify the illegality. Commercial relations between Portugal and Spain within the milk industry are proving preju- dicial to Portugal. According to calculations from Leicar, every day , liters of milk are exported into Spain. But Portugal imports much more than it exports. On 55 days between January and August, Avenida da Liberdade showed figures that far exceed aeeeptable levels of pollutants in the air.

In the 12 months of , Avenida da Liberdade failed to comply with good air quality standards on 1 49 days. By law, these levels may only be surpassed on 3 5 days per year to be aeeeptable. Lisbon is followed by north- ern eity Vila do Conde, where the most eritieal area exeeeded ae- eeptable levels of air pollutants on 47 days of the last eight months. Also in the north, in , monitoring stations in Espinho, Vila do Conde, Matasinhos and Braga exeeeded maximum levels on more than 1 00 days.

Levels of pollution for the Al- garve, Alentej o and eentral region have not yet been published. Aeeording to a study by the European Environmental Agency, the excess of inhalable particles caused around premature deaths in Portugal that year, and redueed average life expeetancy for citizens in Lisbon and Oporto by six months. If the driver is aged 50 or 60 the license must be revalidated. This also applies to truck and lorry drivers, as well as drivers of collective passenger transports, like coaches and buses, who must re-validate their licenses at the age of To make sure all citizens of those ages and professions are informed of the procedure, the IMTT sent thousands of no- tifications through the post, in which it is recommended the li- censes are renewed within a six- month period.

A source from the IMTT said that since June 3 , letters have been sent to heavy duty or col- lective passenger drivers that complete 40 years this year.

All drivers of 50 and 60 years of age will start to receive their letters as of October. The same source said the IMTT aims to post around 20, notifications every month to drivers who must up- date their documents. Age limits for renovations were first altered in , though only implemented this year, in January. Previously, those holding a passenger vehicle or motorbike license only had to renew at the age of 65, though this must now be done 15 years earlier, at 50, and again at the age of It is still compulsory to re- new at the age of 65, then at 70, then every two years after that.

For heavy duty goods driv- ers, the first renewal must be done at the age of 40, then every five subsequent years until the age of 65, after which re-evalu- ations will be done every two years. The same applies to collec- tive passenger motorists, from the age of 40 to the age of 60, after which no more renewals will take place. Those who fail to renew their documents within dead- lines will be granted a two-year period in which it can be done, though if caught by police, may be subject to fines.

Daytime lights for all new cars from 20 11 In a bold bid to further increase road safety, the European Com- mission has this week decided to introduce dedicated Daytime Running Light DRL on all new types of motor vehicles from the year onwards. Dedicated Daytime Running Lights are special lamps which are automatically switched on when the engine is started, and can be found on some vehicles already on sale, such as the Audi A4.

They substantially increase the visibility of motor vehicles to other road users, and have a low energy consumption compared to existing dipped-beam head lamps. In countries which have already made DRL obligatory the experience in the field of road safety is very positive. This will make a positive contri- bution to our goal of reducing fa- talities on European roads whilst being more fuel efficient then ex- isting lights. All road users, including pe- destrians, cyclists and motorcy- clists, can detect, recognize and identify vehicles equipped with DRL, better and earlier. The Directive, adopted this week, foresees that from 7 Feb- ruary onwards all new types of passenger cars and small delivery vans will have to be equipped with DRL.

Trucks and buses will follow 1 8 months later. August On vehicles equipped with Daytime Running Light, this light is automatically switched on when the engine is started. When it is dark the driver has to switch on the driving lights manually. In this case the DRL goes off auto- matically. From an environmental point of view, dedicated daytime run- ning light is an effective solution to improve visibility of vehicles.

As the technology is especially designed to be used during day- time it is much more effective and efficient than existing lighting devices. Is the credit crunch affecting your mortgage options in Portugal? The EU Telecoms Reform aims to create a Single EU Telecoms Market with im- proved rights for consumers and businesses by reinforc- ing competition and invest- ment and boosting the take- up of cross-border services and wireless high-speed broadband for all.

Phone company Telfort and snack shop chain Febo have co-operated in this unique venture. Febo is well known for its snack shops that sell food from vending machines in the wall. Customers put money into the machine and the food - and now mobile phones too - come out. The proposals will now be submitted to the European Par- liament and Couneil, who must agree before they beeome law.

Portuguese Parliament, which has deals with all national mobile net- works, supplies its MPs with the phones and foots the bill. But those connected to the V odafone network had a shock earlier this week when their phones were cut off, reportedly due to a bill relating to the month of July which had still not been set- tled. MPs claim their phones were disconnected with no prior warning. The cut-off was done without warning because of a delay in payments, but eve- rything is settled now.

Investigatoraccuses Danish company of destroying eco-rich seabed President Cavaco Silva during his meeting with the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, during a pause in the work sessions of the 63rd meeting of the United Nations on Tuesday in New York. The strip between Faro and Albufeira has already finished and between Albufeira and Alvor it is in the final stages. By the mapping should be done until Ponta da Piedade, in Lagos, and further plans are being eontemplated for the West Coast, although it will be very eomplieated as the sea bed is ex- tremely roeky in those areas.

The study is made in eoastal areas until 30 metres in depth, around 4 kilometres from the eoast. Quarterly employment growth fell to 0. The possibility of more fre- quent meetings between Lisbon and Canberra offieials on Timorese issues, as well as par- the seeond quarter overall em- ployment had still inereased by 2. However, reeent labour market performanees vary substantially aeross Member States. Lisbon attaehes great impor- tanee to stability in the Bal- kans, where it has deployed peaeekeepers to international missions, and Cavaeo Silva visited the region soon after taking offiee, the same souree added.

With English keyboard and operating system. Job market slowing down Employment expansion appears to be moderating further following economic slowdown, but remains positive, the European Union said this week. These measures also include a European Alliance on Drugs to reduce the harm caused by drugs in our so- ciety. What do you want from your website? Eor the first time, all children aged six are obliged to enrol.

It is believed the mother was injured when she tried to inter- vene in the argument and stop her son from attacking his father. The boy will remain in the care of his grandparents until an inves- tigation launched by the PSP, to determine what kind of relation- ship the he had with his father, is completed. He will also be sub- j ected to extensive physiological tests by the National Committee for the Protection of Children and Youths at Risk, so corrective treatment can be diagnosed.

Latest available data show that whereas the use of heroin, canna- bis and synthetic drugs has sta- bilised or is declining, cocaine use is rising in a number of Member States. The total number of people in the EU who use drugs - or have at some time taken them - is esti- mated at 70 million for cannabis, atleast 12 million for cocaine, 9.

There are up to 2 million prob- lem drug users in the EU and around 7, people die of drug overdoses each year. A soiution that aiiows you to make your own updates? A compiete back office with reporting and management? Whatever you are iooking for, we can normaiiy suppiy turnkey soiutions to the highest standards at very competitive prices.

From highiy sophisticated sites with compiete management soiutions, to a simpie good iooking site to get you on the Internet at a price you can afford. It stated that this year, dur- ing the afore-mentioned pe- riod, 10, hectares of land were burnt in fires, 3, hec- tares of which were in popu- lated areas, the remaining 6, hectares being countryside.

That figure is a But despite the quantity of land having diminished the number of fires that occurred this year grew slightly in com- parison to previous years. According to the AEN, Guard was the district with most forest fire incidents, with outbreaks being docu- mented. It concluded that during the first four months of the average number of fires regis- tered was close to averages of the past ten years. During the following months that average was slightly lower, though there are discrepancies con- cerning the months of June and August. Malta has the lowest salary difference between men and women, estimated at three per cent, followed by Panama, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bel- gium and Slovenia.

The document concludes that conceding more rights to women and giving them greater equality is essential to reduc- ing poverty. Portugal in court over discriminatory taxes The European Commission has decided to refer Portugal to the Court of Justice for its dis- criminatory tax rules according to which non-resident entities providing services in Portugal are subject to a withholding tax based on the gross amount of their income, whereas domes- tic providers are taxed only on their net profits.

The Commis- sion considers that these rules are incompatible with the EC Treaty, which guarantees the free provision of services. In the view of the Commis- sion this legislation is likely to dissuade foreign services pro- viders from providing services in Portugal, and might dissuade Portuguese clients from buying services from foreign provid- ers, and therefore constitutes an infringement of Article 49 of the EC Treaty freedom to provide services. Portugal notes that taxation on the basis of gross income does not apply to service pro- viders resident in Member States with whom Portugal has signed a Double Tax Conven- tion all Member States except Cyprus.

The Portuguese Govern- ment also claims that the meas- ures are necessary to combat tax fraud. However, the Commission considers that there is dis- crimination to foreign services providers established in Cy- prus which has not signed a Double Tax Convention with Portugal. The Commission is of the view that discrimination exists when it cannot be en- sured that differences in the level of taxation due to the dif- ferences in the tax bases are al- ways offset by the differences in the tax rates. Portugal gets telling off over pharmacy laws The European Commission has taken action to put an end to obstacles to the freedom of establishment in Portugal, by formally requesting it to modify its legislation on the ownership of pharmacies.

If there is no satisfactory re- ply within two months, the Commission may refer the mat- ter to the European Court of Justice. Under existing Portuguese rules, companies active in the wholesaling of medicines are not allowed to own or manage pharmacies. Moreover, the Portuguese legislation prohibits owner- ship of more than four pharma- cies.

Nissanis the first manufacturer to develop a car powered by hy- drogen fuel cells, although others have since followed suit on the technology, which is thought be sold in 10 years time.

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Environment Minister Nunes Correia is all for the hydrogen car and says they are the near-future solution to pollution. He cur- rently uses a hybrid vehicle but intends to change to electric as soon as power supply stations are installed in Lisbon. Short Term Letting in : New Legislation by Dennis Swing Greene - Introduction In this series, we review the updated 2- - Locai Lodging requirements under the new Hoiiday Let 3- - Commerciai vs Residentiai Licensing iegisiation 4- -Standards of Quaiity and Safety 3 - Commercial vs Residential The activity of short term let- ting of furnished accommoda- tions is contemplated from two quite different perspectives in Portuguese Legislation.

On the other hand, it can also be considered a temporary residen- tial rental activity, regulated un- der the Civil Code as contem- plated under the Novo Regime de Arrendamento Urbano of , exercised by Owners let- ting directly to Renters on a short term basis. Distinguishing between Commerciai vs Residentiai Renting What guidelines exist to dis- tinguish between renting that is either commercial eg. With self-catering accommodations, no services are included, only the short-term use of the unit. As anile of thumb, the Agents or Operators are seen as con- ducting a ZiMsmess activity since they are registered or should be as a commercial entity.

If the Owner also runs an established business eg. On the other hand, if the Owner provides no services, the activity should normally be classified as a resi- dential letting activity. Two possible tax treatments may exist, depending on the origi- nal setup of the Development.

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Income is reported under Cat- egory B. In either case, it is not the Owner who makes the choice. The solution depends on the setup of the T ourist Development and the subsequent contracts. It is essential thatBuyers understand the nature of these agreements and are comfortable with the respec- tive requirements. Example n"3 - Another possi- bility is when rental contracts are set up directly between the Own- ers and Holidaymakers with the Agent defined as merely providing outsourced support services.

In this instance, the Owner declares rental income in Category F while. No Tourist Activ- ity License on behalf of the Agent should be required in this case. Nevertheless, because it is a tourist activity, individual prop- erty offerings should be regis- tered with the local Camara un- der the Local Lodging regula- tions of the new Decree Law re- quirements. What if the Agent is based in the UK or elsewhere abroad rather than in Portugal?

What are the obhgations within Portugal? This is a complex question that we will not attempt to answer in this context. Suffice it to say that it is essential to comply with local legislation. How- ever, that does not mean that you still can drive on the left hand side of the road on the Continent! Example 4 - In a further instance, a private contractual arrangement exists between an Owner letting directly to a Renter.

The Owner may also independently contract for serv- ices from m Agent or a Property Manager. Such professional services should not influence the residential nature of the rent, even if the Owner subcontracts part of the rental administration. In fact, outsourcing of profes- sional services is often a neces- sity for the non-resident Owner who is not present during much of the year to sort out adminis- tration and upkeep needs. Does the Owner need to reg- ister under Local Lodging regu- lations?

This may depend on the contract between Owner and Renter. If the terms of the agree- ment do not limit the letting to tourists but rather open occu- pancy to anyone eligible under Portuguese Civil Code statutes, there would be no reason to as- sume that the Renter is a Tourist and not a travelling salesman, a scholar doing research on a PHD or an author working on his next novel. Nevertheless, registra- tion may still be a good idea in many caseseven whenrentals are not limited to holidaymakers.

One has to be chosen soon as a drawing must be ready for the first trimester of , in order not to delay construc- tion planned for At the moment, work for the future airport is only taking place at Alcochete Shooting Range and not the surrounding areas. Artop and Geocontrole are the chosen companies for the first stage of construction; they will be responsible for map- drawing, structural geology and prospecting.

Ana Paulo Vitorino stressed the impor- tance of its new fleet, which will help the company reach several objectives, such as being more environmentally friendly and helping citizens with special needs. Amidst celebrations of the new Carris fleet of twenty ar- ticulated and twenty normal buses equipped with disabled ramps and bicycle racks, the fi- nancial difficulties endured by the company came to surface. This was only the second time we had used this venue, and was the first time to try an autumn sale.

Would people be interested in clearing their cupboards in au- tumn? At 9am the gate opened and the cars loaded with treasures slowly drove in, filling the isles. The numbers increased until the 1 1 am start and the browsers and buyers could come forward. Then in came the curious, and the friends and more help- ers. One of our honorary male WRV S members guided the traf- fic, along with another traffic guide Ray, who was one of a number of non WRVS members, including many young people who pitched in to help their grandparents and friends.

It was great to see the school kids there, earning points for their Commu- nity and Service. One smattering of rain ap- peared. But the weather gradu- ally improved and we refolded our umbrellas. By the end we were looking at our sunburnt hands! An unexpected gust of wind took one of the food stall canopies totally over the other.

Eriends and neighbours rushed to our aid, and we dismantled the bent framework and took down the second before it blew away too. Some were able to leave leftover unwanted items to Trash and Treasure Charity shop near the Riviera Centre which opened specially for us. Altogether there were 28 cars, less than in May but still worth all the effort.

Many thanks go to all the vol- unteers and participants for making this another memorable day and to the Ereguesia de Carcavelos, for their courtesy and helpfulness in the dealings over the use the venue, and for repairing the toilets so fast and in time! HLS This will including laying a new kilometre stretch of cy- cle track as well as renovating ex- isting tracks.

On the same day, a shared bicycle network, similar to the existing ones in Paris, Barce- lona and Zaragoza, was also presented. Around 2, bicy- cles will be available for Lisboa V iva card holders and there will be over parking posts around the city. The card will have its own incorporated sys- tem that will allow users a lim- ited time on public transporta- tion, around thirty minutes. A general plan of parking spaces for private bicycles was also presented for Lisbon city. Today, NATO maintains mis- sions in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Mediterranean, including naval, air force and ground troop divi- sions, with Portuguese partici- pation in many of them.

Francis Haley B. The Trash Fashion Show was based on making glamorous fash- ion designs from recycled mate- rials. That's oil there is to it. There's no moths involved. The grid has numbers, but nothing has to odd up to anything else. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic. It's fun. It's challenging. It's addictive! Solving time is typically from 1 0 to 30 minutes, depending on your skill and experience. Various mu- sical abilities were shown includ- ing performances on the guitar, piano, drums, together with sing- ing.

There were bands and danc- ing, and literary performances including monologues and po- etry. Two boys took to the stage to try to win the title by hula- hooping. The School even exhib- ited a few comedians that day! Parents and staff were very im- pressed by the standard and va- riety of talent shown. Ian was backed on guitar by resident local musician Howard Scott Parkin who jumped at the opportunity to play with the Deep Purple front man if only for one song. Restaurateur Angelo Bucciero commented that this was a wonderful night, which he would never forget.

At A Level, all students achieved at, or above, the level that had been predicted for them. All Sixth Porm leavers who applied to university were accepted by their first choice. Of course, the commitment and enthusiasm of the students must not be understated. Well done to everybody con- cerned! The expansion was made to make the Aigarve a more attractive beach hoiiday destination during the current economic siowdown. The Government intends to extend the Aiigarve programme up to one year in duration over the following years.

Our ambition is to extend the programme throughout the year because it is a clear answer to uncertain eco- nomic times. We need to be proactive and the Aiigarve events are a sign of our effort. Ten years ago, Portugal was the only jurisdiction that regulated this type of busi- ness, though most European countries do so now. Portugal is already the home aircraft registry for the rival NetJets European fleet.

Deliveries of their learjets will begin in October next year and will run at a rate of about one aircraft per month. He also revealed that with the launch of the airline, it will show to the rest of Europe that Portugal is an excellent place in which to invest. The Jet Republic further praised the ease with which the company was set up in Portu- gal, and the thousands of top applicants who applied for a job once posts were advertised herd.

When foreign companies see the quality of the workforce and the infrastruc- ture, I am certain many more in- vestors will head to Portugal. The private plane market has grown significantly the past decade, with the number of flights growing 83 percent. Growth will continue the next ten years, with estimates point- ing to figures as high as 25 per- cent.

New elections will be taking place in the second half of Octo- ber. He vehemently denies taking his time in confirming his re-ap- plication to assess competition. During this first meeting the statuses of all ERTA members, which were initially published in Diario de Noticias, will be de- bated, the assembly having the power to alter statuses if neces- sary. Director of Pao de Agucar Portugal believes it will bring great benefits to the market, attracting over 2, people a day to the establishment. Al- though he says it will bring busi- ness to the stalls, the supermar- ket has meat, fish and fresh fruit areas, all of which will compete with the stalls in the upstairs area of the market.

Most of the people are happy with the new supermarket, although there are always complaints, said Rui de Carvalho. The shop will give jobs to 75 people, many of them im- migrants, with a total of 5, hours of training. Two new shops in Tavira and Olhao are ex- pected for the near future. The Grand Night of Variety, heid at the Auditorio de Lagoa on 21 September, offered a guarantee of satisfaction - and iived up to it. The night was hosted by Jenny Grainer and Ian Carfrae, and once the show was introduced and the audience reminded of why they were there, the inimitable Mr Carfrae delighted the audience with his easy, warm and witty style as Master of Ceremonies.

Ian is a worldclassperformer, and this shows in how he interacted with the audience and seamlessly ledus from act to act, riding the inevita- ble blips of backstage arrange- ments with great humour and corny jokes - the audience loved him.

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Hard to say whether his high spot involved his hat with the tinnies sewn on, or his irreverent ditty about the love he has for his son, which had the audience in fits of laughter, and perhaps even one or two tears! Pinto sapo. Danc- ing of a somewhat different yet equally entertaining nature came in the form of Oriental Fantasy, who shimmied their way seduc- tively across the stage with wig- gles that made one wonder where they come from.

For good humoured old fash- ioned entertainment of the kind which will sadly?! Tim Gomez delighted his au- dience with Juggling in the Twi- light Zone, working with fluo- rescent balls and Diablo on an unlit stage. His performance was modern, skilled and slick, a real pleasure. We were simply spoiled with the array of musical talent.

John Dalton made the harp sing its way on a jour- ney through different traditions and musical styles. For the first time at the show we were treated to some blue grass music from Southern Man Band, whose en- ergy and gentle manners ensured that their music went down a treat. Together, they really are a class act, and most people were left wanting more. What else can Isay? The audi- ence bemoaned the lack of air con, but this really did seem to be a trifle when you consider that we were raising money for families and individuals some of whom can, literally, only dream of hav- ing a roof over their heads at all, let alone the luxury of air con.

Casteio dos Sonhos does exactly what it promises, it tries to make dreams come true. Its President Liliana Rodrigues was delighted with the amount of money raised. The show is put together by art- ists of high repute giving their time for free, and it is an excellent achievement in every sense. Much work goes on behind the scenes, from stage management by Brian Pemberton, to the serv- ing of the drinks, and tickets. Already the organisers are thinking about next year, how to build on the the success of their venture, and intend to provide a show with even more variety and to encourage an even wider audi- ence.

Several volunteers take the time and effort to clean beaches and sea beds laid to waste by rubbish and abandoned fishing material. This year Albufeira was the chosen location. Last Saturday, around thirty volunteers went to Albufeira, near Pescadores pier, to clean up the beach and sea bed. The initiative, in line with the Project Aware appeal, gathered thirteen volunteer divers and around 20 volunteers on land. The operation on land filled 23 litre bin bags with bottles, cans and other rubbish whilst at sea over kg of fishing nets and 28 kg of fish traps were recovered.

Three dozen volunteers removed a total of 1 00kg of fishing net and 28kg of fishing traps from the bottom of the sea off the coast of Albufeira. The incentive was in line with the World Project Aware appeal. The Portugal T rophy - City of Portimao ended last weekend after a week of hard fought regattas. The prize giving ceremony took place at the purpose built enclosure at Portimao Marina and Quantum was the overall winner of the circuit, winning three out of the six stages this year.

North Americans Terry Hutchinson and his crew climbed the podium four times on Sunday, as Quantum won three out of the six stages this year Cagliari, Mallorca and Portimao , taking the Portugal Trophy - City of Portimao prize, the Audi MedCup Cir- cuit trophy and two more prizes awarded by Breitling. The MedCup will return to Portimao next year as its place has been guaranteed by organisers, good news for all TP 52 aficionados. Monday morning was abso- lute chaos in Albufeira, espe- cially at Candido dos Reis Street, where water levels reached two metres in height in several shops located in the basement of a shopping centre.

The downpour began at around 01h30 on Monday morning and although rain only fell for two hours, it was enough time to cause havoc in the city. Every time it rains with more intensity, coincid- ing with strong tides, it is more than certain we have a flooding downtown. Visit our new website www. Henrique No. All at competitive prices. Open Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm Saturdays 1 0am to 5pm Telephone; E-mail; lagos thomasgreen. Easy to make- high standard curries. We are on the right opposite the Tourist Office.

The editor reserves the right to edit letters or refuse publication. Send your letters, which must include your name and full postal address even if you wish to remain anonymous on the page , and be no more than words to: The Portugal News, Apartado 13, Lagoa. E-mail address: letters the-news. I would have expected a more robust de- nunciation from the chair of Demo- crats AbroadPortugal.

Still, Wells does confirm my hunch that they are running scared. Our V. But our biggest ally of all is their own V ice- Prez choice, Joe Biden. That j olted the usually le- thargic Catholic Bishops into ban- ning him from Communion. I love it. As for me. McCain proved his himself when he put another prisoner of war ahead of hi mself. I trust them. Now, who is the lunatic? However, US poh- tics have been thrust upon the British public by the media whether we are interested or not. So Mr Ross feels that Sarah Palin is the best thing since sliced bread, but I have to question his enthusiasm and her suitability for the j oh.

I read that she voted against sex education in schools - her 17 year old unmarried daughter is pregnant. Mrs Palin was mayor of a small town in the most remote of the United States, and when I say small, at the time of her tenure it had a population of only census. She has been a senator for only 2 years, again for the most remote state, ranked 47 out of 50, with one of the smallest populations.

Ifailto seehowthese factors offer the gravitas and ex- perience to become a world leader. SIR, As a Brit who knows next to nothing about electoral practice in the States, I get the impression that the government elected will not necessarily be the one most beneficial for America and its peo- ple but the one with the biggest campaign fund. And there does not seem to be much choice in presidential can- didates and running mates either.

The Republicans have chosen the oldest ever contender, a sep- tuagenarian who has been totally eclipsed by SaraPalin, his seem- ingly unfortunate choice of vice president. She is against abortion, including for victims of rape and incest and believes in the teach- ing of abstinence and birth con- trol in schools - much good that did for one of her daughters. She also wants creationism to be taughtin schools, getting around the ban on the teaching of rehgion by pretending that it is a science ratW than the rehgious doctrine that it actually is.

Democrats are being asked to vote for someone who not only ousted the very experienced Hillary Chnton but whom a large percentage of voters in the south- ern states may look upon as a more ambitious version of Mar- tin Luther King. Someone, inci- dentally, who may also face as- sassination if he looks like being too successful As an earlier correspondent wrote - poor America.

Ron Lavery. By e-mail. I wish I could send a reminder to IMTT that more than 3 months have expired since I Matriculated and paid the import duty on my motor car and still do not have the new registration documents. I have personally visited the Earo office to no avail. I am now in a position, having paid out a substantial cheque for Matriculation cashed the same day.

Should I be stopped in a roadside check I could end up with a fine for non-payment and although I could apped against it I beheve that this would be fruit- less and I would still have to pay up. Eor obvious reasons I do not wish my identity to be revealed as this could easily result in further delays if this is read by an English speaker sat at their desk with noth- ing better to do at IMTT.

It is so controversial that one cannot tell where common sense leaves off andpohtics or lack of understanding enters into it. I had it in my hands for just a few minutes and knew what caused the death of 56 passengers and injuries to and it was not what the com- mission determined. There seemed to be a lack of pilot input to un- derstand control manipulation for normal cross winds landings. Thecollection of pertinent facts were excellent in all departments. The Emergency Ground input was top-notch. Then it started to get interesting.

When they tried to analyze all of the data collected they were lead down the garden path by someone talking about the wind, r 11 try to hold back my derogatory comments and only give you facts. I read and reread the report many times, and then I flew the approach mentally many times.

Eirst Officer kicked him in the head. All captains are teachers, some more so than others. As such you give Mr. Eirst Officer all of the op- portunities to learn, a bouncy ap- proach is just one training exercise in which to become accomphshed. The CB activity is with us every day and is no big deal after a little practice. The Captain knew this. Never in this approach did I find a condition that was not fly able.

After a new pilot gets over his introductory period, a crew will generally trade off on Landings and Take Offs, especially if the Captain is a training captain. We all know that if a Eirst Officer is to progress, every opportunity is made to give him operational con- trols to pick up pointers. The Captain was being a good instructor pilot. He could have picked that factor up during the landing dis- cussions with the F.

In the recorder The F. A cross wind land- ing is a precision maneuver, not to be taken lightly. With a strong wind it is more of a precision maneuver, than flying an ILS ap- proach on instruments. The tim- ing and judgment are VERY im- portant, as you have seen. If the captain had realized truly how unprepared his F. All was going as planned. The F. It was a bit rough and sloppy, as automatic aids will be, but he was getting there. He would arrive at the approach end of the runway in a more or less respectable man- ner. All he had to do was put it in the centre of the runway properly.

The captains INS tells him his wind is 1 90 deg - 20 kts. Then he got excited, pulled all the power buttons off at ft, not even 5 0 ft as for a normal land- ing and this was not a normal land- ing. The captain may have felt they had enough airspeed, in the pocket, to carry them down to the runway for the put on.

Then when the F. If I was the captain, I would of Sh — Had a heart attack. His manor and alti- tude of removing the all important drift was disastrous. Instead of pressing the rudder gently until the nose is lined up on the centre line and counter acting with the right aileron, in order to keep the wing level, or at least down out of the cross wind. He kicked the left rudder hard, to the stop, By so doing he kicked the airplane clear out of the ball park. On taking the drift out you must immediately snap it on the ground or the wind will take you to Louie, as it did.

The captain was so shocked, that the grabbed and pushed eve- rything hoping to overcome the disaster staringhim in the face. He had no airspeed left, because of the first mistake with power, and no sky hook so he just fell out of the sky while trying to scramble back to the centre line of the runway.

When you fall out of the sky, you hope there are some pieces to pickup. The runway recorder, of the wind, at that time was running 22 to 27kts with a heading change of lOdeg. Really quite normal with cloud activity. I was not able to determine if there was anyone on the investi- gating board that understood the crosswind landing technique re- quired for a ,b airplane and matched it up with the controls as shown on the recorder. I would fly with this captain any time any where I would like to say that with re- gard to the closure of the Vale do Lobo Bowling Club, unfortunately this was a matter outside the con- trol of the club members.

There are howeveragroupofexValedoLobo bowlers who have joined together tocreateanewclubandare currently in negotiations with regard to the construction of a new green. We would welcome enquiries from anyone who feels they can give sup- port to this venture. For further information they should contact Jeff Perry, email: triciaandjeff yahoo. It was extremely disappointing the way the VDL Management closed the Club with only one weeks notice to its members back in March.

Unfortunately their promise to provide another green within the resort has not materialised to date and I foresee little hope. This has left members with unrefunded subscriptions for last year the season runs from Sept.

Escritos e fragmentos autobiográficos: Obra Completa de Fernando Pessoa VIII (Edição Definitiva)

Escritos sobre Arte e Literatura VI. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Carolina Faria rated it it was amazing Jun 17, Henrique Maia rated it it was amazing May 31, Cristian Holovko rated it it was amazing Jul 15, Guilherme Amorim rated it it was amazing Apr 24, Edmilson Zorima rated it it was amazing Jan 29, Dr J F Langford rated it liked it Apr 28, Manuel Correa rated it it was amazing Jul 20, Agatha marked it as to-read Nov 06, Jamie Moesser added it Nov 08,

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