Le Rêve couleur d’orange (French Edition)

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It was when the artist played Ravel while working on this piece that he discovered he could see images in music through a process called synesthesia. This painting was acquired by an art lover while it was on display at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. It is now owned by an Ohio art lover. The top half of the canvas has larger forms and acts to balance out the crowded lower section. The upper right section could be an giant squid descending with its tentacles to devour the city or even a wolly mammoth with its tusk in white and then turquoise, and in the lower right there could be a giant blue-eyed piranha missing most of its teeth.

Poster created for a Paris exhibition of the artist's work. This painting is owned by a Seattle art lover. All good things, including beautiful butterflies, must come to an end some way or another. This painting belongs to a collector of the artist's work. This painting belongs to a Florida collector of the artist's work. The stenciled letters are a play on words of the lyrics in the song that go, "So I'll just stop blowing in the wind.

To love you is a sin. Beethoven 50x50cm collaboration avec Luigi LaFerla This acrylic and sand on canvas has found a home in Paris. In it she has three eyes cover any one of them to give her a different facial expression; the large black eye on the right is textured to resemble a '33 record , her trademark thin nose with very large, black nostrils and signature pink lips with lip liner.

Her hair is more wavy than the hair she typically has, perhaps due to the excitement of the game. The large upper right figure could be the DJ that Madonna collaborated with for this CD, Stuart Price, it could be God, or it could be a large-beaked toucan. Other faces and sets of eyes appear throughout the dance floor, including, in the upper left, a woman with gold earrings, blue eyes, a round, red mouth, and two diagonal black lines across her face. Her large mouth especially makes her resemble Donald Duck's girlfriend. The purple rectangle in the water could represent a door to the imagination and more discovery.

This piece was picked up at a gallery by a collector in Bellevue, Washington. The one to the left could be a ceiling view of a child sitting at a desk, with his head, arms, and feet clearly visible; the one to the right could be the side view of a standing, long-haired woman with her righr arm curved toward the right, and farther out to the upper left, the face of a bearded man facing right his right eye is clearly visible. It is punctuated by a signature red dot. This painting is part of a collection of a Florida admirer of the artist's work.

The doubly generous buyer turned around and immediately gifted it at that event to a second charity auction later in the year that would benefit homeless kitties. This abstract desert painting has been acquired by a French collector of the artist's work. This amazing, groundbreaking, yet semmingly forgotten album proved instrumental in the production of Instinct , which turned out to be the face of a monkey whose right eye is red, left eye green below its dramaticized brow, and who is holding a red sucker in its mouth.

Its expression is cross between anger and curiosity. The large right ear and jaw are clearly outlined, while a school of fish swim in the upper right white section.

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In the lower right purple section a blue and green alien swims toward the right of the canvas. The sequence of stenciled numbers, '4, 5, 6,' are part of the mystery of this painting. A Night at the Duplex x70cm This painting was commissioned by the Duplex in Paris, near Pompidou, and was painted live during their 38th anniversary event on July 17, It incorporates many images found within the establishment. T his poetic Parisian figurative and abstract piece represents the area around Concorde, in central Paris at night pearlescent colors were used to make the night section a bit glimmery in the purples and blues and in the daytime.

The ferris wheel is represented in several forms, and a flock of birds, in the same L-shape as the ferris wheel chairs, flies through the central yellow section and behind the wheel. The gold and purple vertical lines in the night section represent the obelisk, the blue at bottom the Seine. Below the blue dot in the yellow section on the left is a dark field in which people stand waiting for the metro.

Below that there are three couples, all dressed in black and with pink heads, strolling through the Tuilerie Gardens, which is adjacent east of Place de la Concorde.

The large, central bottom white and black arc represents a nearby bridge. The painting was topped off with a green-bearded moon to add a feeling of romanticism and dreamyness. This large painting has been purchased by an Italian couple living in Paris who are ardent collectors of the artist's work. Seaweed fills the center section, the Olympic Mountains are represented by jagged white lines upper right , and a regatta of sailboats are represented by triangular fragments of white shells.

This warm tri-panel set has been acquired by an Italian couple from Naples and Palermo, now living and working in Paris. It also vaguely resembles a ten-shooter, and why not that of cupid instead of a love arrow? Because of the multitude of interpretations, this piece has two titles.

It has found a home in Oregon, USA. This painting has been donated to benefit the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest auction. This painting is titled for that place and images provoked by both the music and lyrics of The Church's Starfish and the Police's Ghost in the Machine , both of which have free-association and imaginative songs. This painting belongs to an admirer of the artist's work in Seattle. At meters and 93 floors, it will be the tallest building in New York not counting the spire of the World Trade Center. It is also an engineering feat of proportions given its short width and will be the tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere.

The red vertical band just right of center represents Park Avenue. This cityscape has coincidentally been acquired by a pair of art lovers from New York on a visit to Paris. Denis, known for its seedy sex shops and prostitution. It conceptualizes movement as seen from above, and is owned by a French collector.

Est-ce que tu as du rouge? This bright painting fittingly titled is now owned by a Parisian family. It is mostly a Manhattan view from above with the blurred movement of the city below, with the central blue band representing the Hudson River. The upper left features the bottom half of an overweight lady in a skirt that is too short and who is also baring her midriff, and on the upper right a boy is playing basketball. He has just dropped his green ice cream, the pattern of which is repeated throughout in the painting's composition.

The shimmering yellow sections represent an interior lighting store on Boulevard Henri IV. This piece has been acquired from a gallery by a Bellevue, Washington collector.

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People dressed in magenta and with golden hair are seen from the side. This one of the series has been added to the collection of a Paris couple. Germain is characterized by the long vertical pink section just right of center. From above we see the tops of people's heads whose hair is brown, silver, and black. The blue could also be the tops of people's heads, or cars, or both. Autumn has been acquired by a couple of Seattle art lovers drawn to its color composition.

Staying true to the element of Expressionism in this series with the feeling of the movement of people and cars in a bustling winter city, Boulevard St. Je plaisante! Mon signe astrologique est le lion. Estce vrai? Quand je porte une montre. Et bien dans mon travail et surtout dans ce que je fais, il est important de respecter le temps des gens. La fantaisie est au coeur de cette nouvelle senteur.

Oui, absolument. Mon souhait est que tous mes projets aient une certaine dimension sociale ou politique, peu importe sa taille ou son importance. Sur quoi travaillez-vous en ce moment? Paco Rabanne est traditionnellement une marque sexy et audacieuse. Se laver le visage. Un accessoire incontournable pour une sortie? Quelle est la personne la plus courageuse que vous connaissiez?

Mon meilleur ami. Quelle tendance mode ne suivrez-vous jamais? Ne jamais dire jamais. Quels sont vos plaisirs coupables? Le vin rouge et le chocolat noir. Le dernier livre que vous ayez lu? Le dernier film que vous ayez vu? Le mien! La chose la plus folle que vous ayez faite? Voyager sur trois continents en 1 semaine.

Le referiez-vous? Pull en laine, AMI. Collants en nylon, Calzedonia. Baskets en cuir, MAJE. Bottes en caoutchouc, DIOR. Socquettes en coton, Calzedonia. Disponible depuis La Liste sur lofficiel. Le nom de la campagne? Chez Lipp, avec ma meilleure amie. Avec ce nouveau vestiaire Couture, on touchait au sublime. Et ce vestiaire Couture, alors? Et alors? Mais reprenons. Via Serlas 27, Saint—Moritz badruttspalace. Plazza dal Mulin 8, Saint—Moritz faoro.

Promenade 76, Gstaad charlys-gstaad. Promenade 68, Gstaad cadonau-gstaad. Lauenenstrasse 19, Gstaad gstaaderhof. Bleicherweg 8 leraymond. Rennweg 7 widderhotel. Seefeldstrasse 56 St. Photos DR; Disponible sur mytheresa. Bahnhofstrasse 46 teuscher. Ou a soi! Pour le 15e anniver-. En , il a pris la succession de Pat McGrath chez Dior. CHF Les cheveux ont-ils besoin de soins particuliers en hiver? Oui, dans tous les cas.

Et contre les fourches? Le mieux est de masser les cheveux le soir et de bien les laver avec du shampooing le lendemain matin. En utilisant un shampooing sec en poudre, on peut repousser un peu le lavage. Pincer ensuite un peu les boucles avec les doigts. CHF 25, drhauschka. CHF 65, rituals. CHF 35, jomalone. CHF 95, aesop. CHF 35, pixibeauty. EdT 50 ml, CHF La marque autrichienne SA. EdP, ml, CHF Les femmes du monde entier ne jurent que par la formule miracle du Dr. Max Huber, et ce depuis Outre la.

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