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Cue Clint Mansell ambient track. I heard you yelling again. About the maze, the blue walls. I heard it all. It is filled with fruit. He picks up a box of Super Pretzels that is oddly on top.


He eyeballs it, face blank. When I spiral into nothing. When someone trips on the plug.


Genre: Time-travel espionage thriller Plot: On the day of her high school graduation, Threnody Crisco receives a letter from her father, who died before she was born. It turns out he is still alive and the king of the Kan-Di, a time-traveling race of hyper-evolved homo sapiens who have been stranded in the past.

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Even worse, he and his royal court are being vivisected in Compound 47, a high-tech prison secretly owned by Japanese confectionery conglomerate Tagruato. The corporation is experimenting on the Kan-Di and attempting to reverse-engineering Threnody's father's chrono-jumping beacon, "The Red Gumdrop.

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In addition to saving her dad, Threnody must defeat her duplicitous uncle Lord Cassius Lucreze who exiled King Kan-Di to the past and her mother, the supercilious Queen Frostine. Little does Threnody know that Lord Lucreze has been plotting against her for years. Genre: Post-apocalyptic rumination among the ruins Plot: In an unfathomable future, only two beings exist: X and O, immortal god-kings driven insane by technology and solitude. They divide the ruined world between, partitioning the globe into nations of which they are the sole citizens.

She shrugs it off and goes to her house.

Imaginary Friends - A RPG Maker Horror Journey, Manly Let's Play Pt.1

And then The game is free and can be downloaded here. Be aware that this game is very story based, with focuses only on puzzles and interaction with characters, so almost every single event in the game could be considered a spoiler. So you may want to play the game before reading. Community Showcase More. Someone buys one for Nicholas Van Orton Michael Douglas and his world is then infiltrated by actors and props pulling him into a combined scavenger hunt and action thriller. It's a film every would-be game designer should watch for how well it portrays a cranky, recalcitrant player Michael Douglas who doesn't know the game rules and is reluctant to play in the first place.

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We watch as the game masters hook him into the game play, moment by moment intriguing, provoking, seducing, terrorizing him into participation. As games go, this is a pretty mean, roughhousing one. You've paid these people to form a conspiracy against you and they don't stop for for asking, they'll crash straight into your personal and professional life, commandeer home and office as play spaces with no out-of-bound, or time out, or save-games allowed. It can be hard to let yourself go and play - full-immersion games demand a little more participation.

When you do there's an anarchic thrill to accepting that you've pulled the ripcord on reality. If your life sucks hard enough maybe it's better to be chased through alleyways than to sit at home feeling sorry for yourself. A couple hundred actors, researchers, psychologists, game designers; a small country's worth of surveillance devices. Yes, I see. Maintenance of that terrain is one of the book's primary processes. Whenever the child uses the book, then, it will perform a sort of dynamic mapping from the database onto her particular terrain.

A nanotechnological construct which is in effect a magic book.

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It bonds to a young girl, scans her environment and invents stories, pictures, interactive simulations on the fly, everything needed to fascinate and educate its pupil in any subject whatsoever- self-defense, computer programming, how to comport oneself in an upper-middle class Victorian home. This is the game I'd play if I had a choice even though from the point of view of spectacle it's the least of the bunch.

It has no virtual-reality display, no surround-sound, no odorophonics.

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The virtual space of the Primer isn't sensory, it's narrative. Its power is that it tells stories - endless improvised, looping nested narratives. And not just any stories, stories about you and your world. There are three copies and they each do totally different things depending on the person who finds them It figures out the story that explains how to deal with what's in your life right now.

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How many hours have I spent in bookstores, picking up books, flipping pages, setting them down because it wasn't telling me the story I needed, the one that cracks open the problem I'm living in that day, that I can't quite process, I just need the thread that leads me out of the labyrinth. That story. Extremely advanced nanotechnology; super-nice artificial intelligence; at least one copy of Vladimir Propp's Morphology of the Folktale.

Bad News is a free webgame created by two Cambridge psych researchers; in a minute session, it challenges players to learn about and deploy six tactics used in disinformation campaigns "polarisation, invoking emotions, spreading conspiracy theories, trolling people online, deflecting blame, and impersonating fake accounts". For years, the professional globetrotters at Lonely Planet have been facilitating that feeling with guides that […].

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Already, this new programming language is the fourth most active on Github, and developers who work with Go are the third-highest paid globally in the Stack Overflow developer survey for Globally, the average Go […]. When it comes to large computer systems, not one of them is fully secure. And companies are willing to pay handsomely to effective bouncers that can keep an eye on them. Call them ethical hackers or white hat […]. Read the rules you agree to by using this website in our Terms of Service.

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