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To attract a girl, humour can be of use. A woman who laughs with you, by complicity or because she felt stupid after you teased her, is a woman who will be more likely to end up in your bed. However, a woman who laughs at you out of mockery, disdain, or embarrassment will be less likely to end up in your bed. An effective way to attract a girl you like is to make her feel your masculinity…by letting her feel your warrior spirit. By feeling your masculinity, the girl you want to attract is going to reveal her femininity. Instead of always trying to agree with her, find things on which you can disagree and defend your position.

Teasing a girl is an effective way to stand out. During the interaction, I had the impression that I was speaking calmly. But when listening back to my recordings of these interactions a few hours later yes, I recorded myself , it was obvious that I was talking way too fast. The way you stand, the way you move, your facial expressions…those elements of your body language can help you build your game, or break it. Many guys get it wrong when they try to convince girls to have sex with them…instead of making them want to have sex with them. To attract a girl, you must speak to her emotions.

To attract a girl in an effective way, you must be able to trigger the right emotions at the right times. Hence the importance of being aligned with what you say and to be grounded in the present moment. When you say something to the girl you want to attract, first feel the emotions you want her to feel. A whole bunch of guys try to pick them up on the street, on social networking sites, in nightclubs, in the gym, in college, at work, and so on.

They usually subject the girl to the same boring line of inquiry with dull questions such as:. Hot girls find it annoying to be asked those predictable and boring questions every day. And the more she get involved into the conversation, the more this interaction becomes important to her. Insidious but tremendously effective: when you talk to a girl you want to attract, talk about other girls. And if you wonder how to attract a girl who is just a friend, you will find this method to be of particular use.

Another powerful way to generate jealousy is simply by letting her see you with other girls. As you might expect, mystery can be a real turn-on. By getting her to continually reveal more about herself and about the things she is passionate about. Remember what we saw above:. To attract a girl, she must see you as a challenge, and not as a guy who would move mountains to get her.

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You must act in a way that makes her feel that you have choices, and that you can go elsewhere if you like. When you say to a girl that you would like to see her again on a date, say it with conviction by looking straight into her eyes. Without your voice going up in pitch like you would when asking a question. Just do it. Some women will frequently test your solidity with shit tests or various games, or by rejecting you.

Always assume that she finds you attractive and that she secretly wants to have sex with you. Show emotional stability and keep a masculine and playful attitude. There are a few questions you need to answer by checking the boxes that best apply to you, and that's all. The goal of Road to Solidity : make you more solid , by providing you with all the resources you need to become a powerful and attractive man. You can use the tips below to make a girl like you on a date, through texting, online, and […].

How to tell if a girl likes you? I felt it was very helpful thank you appollonia ponytail but i did a mistake of pleading the girl and come back after 9 days i stopped contacting her completely now in which way i can attract her.. Hello Prathik, Thank you for reading my blog on how to attract women. Best, Apollonia.

So, what does it mean when a woman tells you she is lonely? Do you help her out? Or do let her figure it out herself?

Hi Richard, Thank you for reading my blog about how to attract women. Did this woman tell you this because you are friends or because you were talking about a relationship? Feel free to let me know. Yes, I thought she told me this because we were very close friends! But, I also thought she might have said this to me because she may have had some interest in me more than just a friend? She also at this time, told me she wanted to connect with someone! I saw her about two months ago, we talked some but we have not connected or communicated through text, email or phone. I guess we will just stay friends, even though I was interested in her!

Maybe, she has moved on with other guys? Hi Richard, Thank you for your support. Wishing you all the best. I do most of these already, but I do think, I lack adventure and building sexual tension with females. But, I think I do most of the others on a regular basis. This is where I believe I end up in the friend zone.

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Hi Richard, Did you visit my YouTube channel? I made a video about how to build sexual tension when dating that may help. Stay tuned as I will have more blogs coming your way so you can read about the friend-zone and much more. Thanks for reading my how to attract women blog. Hello Apollonia, i have two questions that i will wish you can discuss on one of your youtube videos. Should the guy continue to show interest or put a stop to it. Hello Cephas, I actually did a video about this and it should be coming out soon.

Here is the truth. I mean I am not sure why she will not leave her current boyfriend. Is it because of a child. I would suggest to be VERY careful and back away from a toxic situation and let her work through the things she has to work through. Wishing you the best! Indeed, you are the best as Michael acknowledges, because I have personally found this write-up to be much more insightful and practical than I have ever come across.

Thanks for sharing. Hi Charles, Thanks so much! That is such a great thing to hear. Appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Take tip 5 multiply by 2 … You see what you get!?! This is need to know information that you share with us. Thank you and keep it coming, girl. Thank you Roy for your comment! Appreciate you taking the time to comment and hope you received some great tips to use. More of this.

Attracting women: 2 False beliefs that men have!

Thank you for this! Interesting and insightful read! Olu, WOAH! I almost fell off my chair with that compliment. Wishing you all the best! Thank you, Fredrick! Thanks for taking the time out to read my blog about how to attract women. Thank you for commenting on this blog.

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Apollonia Ponti on January 20, at pm. Richard on December 29, at pm. Apollonia Ponti on December 30, at pm. Richard on December 31, at am. Michael pappan on April 2, at pm. Apollonia Ponti on April 5, at am. Richard on December 12, at am. Yes, Appolloina: I do most of these already, but I do think, I lack adventure and building sexual tension with females.

Apollonia Ponti on December 12, at pm. Cephas on December 5, at am. Apollonia Ponti on December 7, at pm. Charles on December 4, at pm. Thank you Charles! Happy you took the time to read my article about how to attract women. Louis on December 3, at am. Apollonia, Take tip 5 multiply by 2 … You see what you get!?! Stay Beautiful. Apollonia Ponti on December 3, at pm. Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed the article. Roy on December 3, at am. Cheers Reply. Apollonia Ponti on December 3, at am.

Royalson on April 17, at pm. Thank you very… I love this blog.. Its help quite alot. Love Reply. Apollonia Ponti on December 2, at pm. Olu on December 2, at pm. Apollonia, Interesting and insightful read! Fredrick on December 2, at pm. This write up seems on point!!! Richard on December 2, at pm.

Thank you, Richard. Victor on December 2, at pm. Very good down to earth real life advise! Thank you Victor Reply. Thanks so much, Victor!