Excellence in Global Supply Chain Management

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Vyas: In many instances, we are seeing new collaborations start up between ocean players and tech, i. Research institutions such as our USC Center for Global Supply Chain Management are working with Department of Commerce, having signed memorandums and leading initiatives to increase digitization efforts to drive regulatory bodies, academia, and industries to work together to come up with futuristic solution using emerging technologies.

Partnerships are a low-cost way to decrease barriers of entry for organizations and companies to enter the world of technological investments and developments. Vyas: Frankly, productivity tracking has already been in place for decades. New emergent technology and tracking activity software aim to further trace data increments to granular levels for productivity and quality of automatic processing.

However, the ROI on new productivity tracking may be blue sky potential, because shippers face much more intrinsic problems such as seasonal labor. Though seasonal laborers do their best in each given situation, the workforce is untrained; therefore, even if with sophisticated productivity tracking systems, they both have nothing to lose and very little to gain. Even if technology becomes more robust, the seasonality of demand creates a conundrum for itself. SCMR: What is the biggest challenge outside of technology and growth that e-commerce industry faces? Vyas: Human capital.

For the last forty to fifty years, supply chain professionals have emerged from various disciplines without proper training academic and practical training from end-to-end supply chain standpoint. Thus far, the development and training of supply chain professionals has been through a natural and measured system, where leaders mostly derived from business, procurement, or finance departments, and organically found their ways into supply chain and logistics. However, current demand on e-commerce now requires leaders to recruit and hire talent with advanced training in technology and data analytics.

Companies and organizations must secure leaders that can manage current challenges and adapt to new methods and models. Futuristic and forward organizations need to embrace not only look towards their chief supply chain officers in the traditional sense, but also as chief knowledge and future officers.

Specialist Diploma in Supply Chain Management

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Stuart Emmett spent over 30 years in commercial private sector service industries, working in the UK and in Nigeria, and then moved into Training. This built on my past operational and strategic experience and my particular interest in the people issues of management processes.

10 Keys to Global Supply Chain Excellence

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Excellence in Global Supply Chain Management

Back to top. Industry Trends. Center of Excellence Highline College is located in the Seattle metropolitan region and has made internationalization and community an institutional priority since Highline College.

Supply Chain Operational Excellence- Redefined

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