Das Haus in der Lika (German Edition)

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For the Dane, flexibility, comfort and scope for creativity are the most important requirements an ideal home should satisfy. Louise Campbell wanted to use "Das Haus" to tell stories. One of them pursued the theme of Alice in Wonderland, whose adventures take her to both miniature and giant- sized worlds. The dimensions in "Das Haus" seemed to have been shifted slightly too, and ultra-long tables and beds produced some disconcerting effects, thus treating visitors to "Das Haus" to a fascinating play with scale. Louise Campbell called her scenography and its play with scale and measurements " Made to measure.

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Amongst other things, the many layers of meaning in this title allude to the search for the right balance between hectic activity and total relaxation. The tools and grids present throughout the house also served to emphasise the major role measuring and weighing things up play in our modern lifestyle. The basic form of the house spoke the simple, unclutter- ed language of Scandinavian design and echoed its prefer- ence for natural materials.

Louise Campbell took an open space structured by a post-and-beam grid and bathed it in warm, welcoming light.


Highlights include a framed bed design with integrated bedside tables for Schramm and playfully large, globe-shaped lighting for Polpo. The German designer has realised a circular, maze-like concept in a sq m area of the halls. Modern pieces from other designers are also prevalent.

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Pictured: a Patricia Urquiola bathtub for Agape. Design 20 Jan By Sujata Burman. Will every house be built out of data? What happens if we link craftsmanship to new digital possibilities? How can we combine sustainable materials in a smart way? Sculptural walls become shelter, shelving and seating, integrating smart solutions and bespoke materials.

The house is made of natural materials with minimum ecological footprint, printed with bio-plastics based on linseed and accentuated with wood and terrazzo. Beauty, comfort and smart production go hand-in-hand.

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The site selection was obvious, as innovation is also the focus of the Bauhaus movement. Admission is free. Initially Bauhaus had a difficult time gaining a foothold in France. France and Germany went in different directions when it came to embracing modernism, with the Bauhaus style hardly being seen in France. France valued custom-built, individually designed craft pieces, whereas in Germany the Bauhaus school was about designing simple and modest objects.

The story of TINY [BAU]HAUS

In France the Bauhaus style was focused on industry, technology and mass production in its Dessauer version. Since then, the Bauhaus style has been the topic of temporary art exhibits in Paris. The Paris public is very interested in the Bauhaus movement, its anniversary and all of the exhibits. The concept of Tiny Housing is also of interest to many Parisians who are confronted with housing and environmental issues in their daily lives. They are also getting lots of travel ideas for Germany related to the Bauhaus topic.

The exhibit is being met with an enthusiastic response by the citizens of Paris.

Declension and Plural of Haus

Het Nieuwe Instituut asked philosopher and sociologist Ruben Jacobs to write an essay that reflects upon some of the ideas behind, and possible interpretations of Neuhaus. Back to the year The result: Bauhaus, a new institute with both a theoretically and practically applied programme consisting of a synthesis of expressive arts, craftsmanship and industry. Although inspired by the same collective burnout and associated political and cultural disorder as Yeats, Gropius and his companions took a different, more utopian turn.

We all know it from the austere modernist and multifunctional architectural style and ditto furniture pieces.

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Less well known is the revolutionary and ideological baseline with which it once began. In the early stages in particular, Bauhaus symbolised a place where there was a re-evaluation of how knowledge is created and what role art, the imagination, should play in this. New frameworks of thought and teaching were developed and the utopian potential of art in transforming society became an important spearhead.

This movement was not really unique. Between and , various art schools in both Germany and Russia were re-formed or established with similar objectives and educational innovations.

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What primarily distinguished Bauhaus was that it was able to give the most practical form to these innovative ideas. However, this has never led to an unambiguous programme. In addition to being a hive of contradictions, Bauhuas was also a place where there were numerous clashes about artistic and pedagogical views: the school housed representatives of Expressionism, Constructivism and Functionalism as well as De Stijl.

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Despite these contradictions and conflicts about content, they were united in a common purpose: to improve the quality of life for everyone and also to make it affordable. Again we scroll forward on the timeline, to the present. A century after the foundation of the Bauhaus, Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam takes inspiration from the utopian German impulse of yesteryear. Neuhaus points the way ahead.

How should we learn in the 21st century? What could be the starting point of a post-human school like Neuhaus? Metaphor vs.