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This is hardly a good example: a young person privately recounting career achievements enthusiastically to parents in a letter from afar is surely not unusual enough to be deemed particularly boastful; it is commonplace and eminently understandable. He lived alone all his adult life and as well as male friends and lovers, enjoyed very close friendships with women, most notably his agent Virginia Braden and with Mary Vallentine, then Managing Director of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

There was also an early romantic relationship with a woman, the American soprano Marilyn Zschau, a connection which persisted throughout his life when she became ultimately a very close friend and something of a mentor for him.

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The biography is thoroughly researched and its sources are comprehensive and distinguished. As well as those mentioned earlier, they include composer Carl Vine who writes the foreword , Anthony Fogg distinguished music administrator in Australia and now the USA and, notably, author and journalist David Marr who presented an ABC TV Four Corners program devoted to Challender and his end-of-life health travails which carried the candid and edgy double entendre of a title The Big Finish.

He championed, indeed encouraged, the symphonies of the young Carl Vine, as well as works by Sculthorpe, Meale, Edwards and others.

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He also found time to be for a while Artistic Director of the Seymour Group in Sydney, which specialised in contemporary music. The biography is aimed at a more general readership, and though we learn much about the repertoire Challender conducted and his overall stage presence and style, there are few insights into the core musical and technical aspects of his conducting and interpretations beyond the fact that he was highly passionate, charismatic and supremely committed on the podium.

Having myself not seen Challender conduct for nearly thirty years, I naturally turned to YouTube in the course of writing this review. There was never any doubt about what he meant, and where he intended events to start and finish. Carbon dioxide molecules are heavier than air. Because of this, they push the oxygen and other molecules in the air out of the way as they sink down over the flame and candle. This makes the flame go out.

Next time you blow out a candle, think about what your breath is actually doing. Why do you think blowing on a candle flame makes it go out? If you do not respond, everything you entered on this page will be lost and you will have to login again. Flame Out. Try These Experiments. Experiment 1 A candle flame is actually a chemical reaction in action! What to do.

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Ask the adult you are working with to light the candle. What do you think it might be?

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Why does the flame go out when the jar is covering it? Experiment 2 Another chemical reaction you probably know is the reaction between vinegar and baking soda. After twelve years of study and work in European opera houses, he returned home to join Opera Australia.

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He was taken up by the ABC and appointed artistic director and chief conductor of our leading orchestra, the Sydney Symphony. He was also a great champion of the music of contemporary Australian composers and responsible for the premieres of many important Australian works. Just as invitations to conduct renowned international orchestras began to flow in, Stuart was diagnosed with AIDS. It is an inspiring story of courage in adversity. Praise for Close to the Flame : 'Excellent reading.

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This book is a treat for music lovers. Close to the Flame: The life of Stuart Challender is the latest in a series devoted to the lives of famous Australian musicians. Richard is also the author of some lighter books including the popular Great Australian Ghost Stories.

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He also teaches creative writing. Also available. Wotan's Daughter. Add to cart Add to wish list.