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He threw up in the bathroom. The rest of the day was spent feeding him medicine and watching him sleep. Mummy and Daddy shared a smoochy shower together in the Health Club.

Fabry disease | Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases | Full Text

We arrived at Hong Kong and managed to avoid the temperature detector, but someone behind us got tagged by the guy with a gun. Wind told us the story of the incorrect name on the birthday cake she was presented with at TA the week before our visit. Jeremy only had a bit part, but there was a memorable ending with all involved.

The encore was well deserved. The following day was the graduation ceremony at the Kowloon Cricket Club.

Fabry disease

The odd thing was while Daddy was waiting for Kai Ma to arrive, standing at the lobby of the Cricket Club, he seemed to attract a lot of attention, with complete strangers mostly cricketers acknowledging his existence. It was only when Australian opener Shane Watson arrived that it dawned on Daddy that people thought he was some sort of official or VIP. The flight itself was nondescript, but getting through immigration was interesting because Mary the Malay Immigration Officer asked Dominic to lift his bushy fringe so she could see his face.

We arrived at a familiar Tanjung Aru TA for our third visit , had room service and went to bed. We walked through the beach and made our way back without noticing that Daddy had been bitten a lot Jeremy counted 44 times — some kind of record. In the evening, after watching the sun set, we returned to the dai pai dong, using emergency torches from the rooms to light the way, avoiding a very polite dog and Daddy nearly falling into a wobbly drain.

We had an awful lunch at a local shop in the mall, and left empty handed and disappointed. The friendly taxi driver that took us there was small compensation. We watched the sunset from the end of the pier. July 4 Was a quiet day due to the intermittent rain. Fortunately, we managed to get out of the rain before everyone else as we could see it coming in. Mummy enjoyed her spa treat. We picked him up at the airport with much excitement, with Jeremy particularly keen on seeing him until he pulled out of giving Dominic a massive hug when he arrived.

Still, there were genuine smiles all around, with his mother reckoning he has grown an inch or two since the last time we saw him 18 months ago. An anniversary this week as this diary reached its 10th year. Although Mummy forgot her ID card, the application went smoothly, and, a very serious Jeremy completed the process of taking his picture and producing two thumbprints.

The second card was our attempt to create a massive AR card for his 3DS. The end result was a supersized Mario. Mummy returned from Korea and declared that her trip ticked all the boxes on her expectation card. The eating and shopping were excellent: with lots of hats, clothes and cutie stuff. His visit to Sha Tin College has probably heightened his interest in growing up.

However, he was awestruck by the laser he used at DT and his Photoshop effort. Mummy has been in Korea World Derm Congress and a company trip for most of the week. Daddy has been reading journey known as The Illiad to Jeremy at bedtime, which seems to have the magical effect of making him sleep — despite the flowery language and battles.

His punishment for stopping was a symmetrical collection of mosquito bites. To make up, we went swimming for the first time this summer. Amazingly, Jeremy can still float without moving his limbs. This confirms that he has not yet reached puberty, although he noted that his recent increase in appetite is a sign according to the film he watched at school.

We spent time overcoming several pain barriers this week. First, Jeremy pulled his 16th baby tooth out all by himself with a minimum of fuss. This was followed by his best run ever, with not a single moan or groan to be heard. Daddy finally succumbed to the inconvenience of his painful shoulder and visited a chiropractor. He said that he could get rid of the pain, but he could only restore half of the 30 degrees of lost movement. Mummy and Jeremy watched the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie — painfully boring.

Unfortunately, the week started off with two days of holidays so setting up the exhibition was completed on a tight schedule. It was a pity that the logo on his customer-made yellow exhibition T shirt was 90 degrees out, but the presentation on governmental decisions by his group was impressive. Jeremy came up with an idea of keeping a log of our running after he ran all the way to the bridge with no name , or 1. Making it there was an initial goal. He got everything on the list, and returned with a big smile and the change. The anniversary bunny and bear card were extra touches for the tray.

Mummy agreed it was her best ever Mother's Day present. Our visit to the Railway Museum at Tai Po Market involved finding objects and views from photographs Daddy took at a visit to the museum in But his desire for food has muddled his anatomy. And, if there is: where is it? I end things. Jeremy is on a prolonged Easter break til May 3 , so he has plenty of time to finish the movie for his Exhibition now that the script and the design of the movie have been approved by his teacher. Daddy gave up going to the bone setter after he got the impression that there was nothing more he could do about his dodgy shoulder.

Relatedly or not Jeremy has put on some weight and some height according to several observant mothers , unlike Daddy who somehow has lost 6lbs of water, he suspects. The only recommendation for a Chinese bone setter that Mummy could find was in the back streets of colourful North Point. He set about curing the pain with some neck and back manoeuvres — all of which resulted in audible clicks. Jeremy was not keen to attend the bone setting after much leg-pulling about amputation and large hack saws.

He got return e-mails from Uncle Richard for his Exhibition, with 6 minutes of his movie already completed. Jeremy managed to complete the first road running challenge by reaching the meter mark without stopping. Not quite sure why they were painful. They certainly were not as painful as his hand and bladder, which were damaged after he tripped over a bag in the school playground. He took to wearing a plaster on the cut for a long time, as a means of getting sympathy, while the bruise just above his dinky appeared a few days after the event and was quite tiny.

He spent quite a lot of time gaming with E and the guys this weekend as he plundered his way through White. Jeremy has started running with Daddy, now the weather is good. He managed meters along the river, before collapsing in a heap, complaining of a stitch. Suffice to say, tensions ran high during the week. He managed to get back to school, but his bag seemed heavier than usual, so he was asked him if there was anything in it that was not normally in the bag. We watched the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan live and with mind-blowing horror.

In the end, it was extracted after a major threat from Daddy. He ended the week with a day off school, but he only managed to develop a ferocious cough.

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He was relieved to be partnered with J for his Exhibition at school. Jeremy survived his last Primary-school Student-led Conference with his teacher, who was very complimentary and encouraged him to focus better. Mummy smoothed things over by baking loads of cakes and cookies for the weekend. After much persuasion Jeremy finally finished the four Mario games on 25th Anniversary. Our internet went down overnight, but was restored by resetting the boxes. A added the finishing touches to the new computer in the midst of a pack of game-mashing soon-to-be Shatin College boys.

Jeremy is 86lbs, Mummy lbs, Daddy lbs. However, although this activity was morally upstanding, it compared little with the immorality induced by the package that the UPS man was carrying later in the week. After his Mandarin lesson, he started playing Mario 3, only to find the game was no push over. He was later heard exclaiming: "I wish the lost levels had remained lost, life would be so much simpler".

Also this: "Note to self: using fire Mario is good for beating bosses". He was a little self-conscious when dressed as Ash when eating out, but he was OK at the Fo Tan Dai Pai Dong because it was so cold he had to really wrap up. Finally, and with a sense of deja vu for Daddy, his teacher has asked the children in his class to use deodorant before coming to school because their hormones are causing the production of excessive amounts of odour particularly after lunch.

This reminder was issued exactly 10 years before to Dominic. A built our new stonkingly epic computer after six hours of toil. Fortunately, he completely forgot about it until the actual day, when all P6ers were talking about it in the playground. The nasty deed was performed in the covered playground. They had to line up fearfully and watch each other grimace. He says it "stung" and felt like a snake's fang just one, of course. His arm still hurt the day after AI 1. Jeremy can see the benefits of getting his Action Replay to work and is producing some interesting results.

The extra padding was needed as the temperature dropped to below 10 degrees again. Jeremy reluctantly returned to school, while his Grandparents happily returned home in the knowledge that everything is well here and that they got to see Uncle David at every opportunity. In between, the Ashes series win, tea parties and dinners were successfully negotiated. Shopping slippers and wine and eating waffles in Jordan with Grandad was cheap, historic and interesting.

The week started with celebrations at England retaining the Ashes. Grandma was amazed by at the size of the flame when you light a Sambuca. We headed up Soho to have tea with A. Mummy took grandma to Hang Hau village for a culinary adventure. We finished painting and sticking together the F-5 airfix plane that Uncle Andrew sent. Mummy and Daddy got little colds from late night drinking. His week started with a trip to Disneyland with Mummy, while Daddy watched a very expensive buffet at the Shangri-La.

Christmas Eve was full of carols at Gs. Jeremy got up early on the big day, looked at the present Sonic Colors from Santa next to the half drunk glass of milk, half eaten carrot and mince pie. Mummy was totally surprised by the ukulele that Daddy bought her. Daddy will be using his Lomo camera often. In the end Daddy had to unofficially administer the vows lifted from the internet.

Grandma got a bit squiffy. The drink and the dancing were the usual madness. Jeremy slept, in his suit, through most of the evening. Big surprise as Grandma and Grandad arrived unannounced minus their bags from England. They visited David in hospital. Jeremy started his holidays after an eventful last week of school: sang along at the school Christmas carols, watched Deathly Hollows, present swapping party at Es.

It got very cold during the week officially 6 degrees , which meant wrapping up when going out. Daddy picked up the Mario MTR tickets. Present buying involved a series of major co-incidences with Daddy get stuck in a really old-fashioned French lift. Presents and cards were sent. Being a cheeky monkey meant that Jeremy enjoyed watching Gorillaz in concert. The late start was due to the fact most people were too busy drinking to bother turning up. The Mexican wave before the arrival of Gorillaz has given Jeremy the impression that all live events must include this form of audience self-amusement.

The Gorillaz set included all their classics and a few from Plastic Beach Rhinestone eyes was the best of the lot. D Albarn spent most the time jumping exaggeratingly, knocking over his mic stand and spraying the audience with his used water bottle. Overall, a good video show. Jeremy fell asleep on the train home, which allowed Daddy to talk to an ex-colleague who was doing some moonlighting.

He watched the latest Narnia movie with Mummy. Xmas decorations went up. Daddy got a sore bum watching the Chef baste Wallaby all week. Jeremy's Youtube site is the 86th most popular of all time in Hong Kong! We had to complain about the farmer neighbours throwing rice onto our balcony. After N was told off again , he was moved to a table on his own, but ominously, he threatened to get back at Jeremy. The situation requires some vigilance.

Daddy was not playing when he burnt his index and middle finger trying to close the lid of the iron. Mummy got a bit wobbly when we finally managed to see Dominic on the webcam. During a day off school, he made up for lost time as an AQ member. He kept up the camp theme by staying overnight at Es. He has become particularly enamoured with tuna sandwiches after making one a camp, so he had some for lunch.

Unfortunately, one of the boys on his table at lunch has been bugging him with his foul attitude, spitting and general misbehaviour. Jeremy prepared for the annual ordeal of school camp all week, trying his hardest to come up with reasons not to go sore throat, hang nails, muscle strains etc.

Going on the rides will prepare him for the highlight of camp — the dreaded Jetty Jump! Market bounced just like the bowl of baked beans Daddy dropped! Jeremy has decided that he prefers watching sporting events live rather than on the television because the atmosphere is better and there is more things going on with the crowd etc. His enthusiasm stems from both this experience and watching Forest lose to Swindon in the summer.

The match was close, with Australia winning with the last kick of the match, coming from behind after the All Blacks had held the lead with 15 minutes to go. Substituting Dan Carter was the turnaround moment. Jeremy was not pleased that Australia won we hate Kiwis less , but he was happy that Daddy managed to punch a ball away as they were practicing their drop kicks before kick off. He participated in some weak Mexican waves, initiated, embarrassingly for him, by Daddy. We saw all sorts of people including: a very drunk dwarf, a teenage ninja turtle girl, lots of skimpily dressed women selling beer, and spoil-sport security guards.

Mummy enjoyed dancing for three hours during the Grasshopper concert she went to. Mid-week he went to Ocean Park with E, and brought back the usual bunch of weird soft toys. He visited W in far off Tung Chung. But Saturday was the day the fat-fingered PCCW man came to install the M broadband box still takes 11 seconds to load a webpage , and the Wi-fi for: the up-until-now useless netbook, the DS and the Wii. We spent time at Penfold Park playing badminton, throwing frisbees and getting inundated with dogs.

Jeremy bought Guardian Signs just in time for his nine-day half term break. As usual, he was very confident and quite relieved afterwards. He almost had an opportunity to use his mobile phone to call Daddy, who was a minute late to school, but in his excitement he nearly walked into a stationary car. No nose bleed there, but he did experience his first nose bleed since December see previous entry. This version was worse than the last one and came in the same week that Grandad had to visit a doctor because of a persistent nose bleed.

Next time he could use his new mobile phone While having his usual puff behind the KCR in Kowloon Tong, Daddy had to put up with the close proximity of an old dude, who decided to peel the skin off an apple with his teeth and spit the peel into a bag. In between, we went to watch the fireworks from a very crowded Star Ferry on Friday. Although we arrived late, Daddy knows the secret way of by-passing the police cordons via Star House.

Jeremy did manage some studying: he completed Mathletics, did some Mandarin sentences and he had a piano lesson: but he also decided quite out of the blue and out of character to write a sci-fi story - about a vortex, some dude called Ponat and loads of transformations. The Pokewalker that Mummy washed came back to life, which required that she wake Daddy up extra early to inform him of her relief. Jeremy was non-plussed about the whole affair. He was rather more concerned about having to travel by bus to Kowloon City to meet por por for our usual Mid-Autumn Festival dinner.

However, he enjoyed the ice chocolate dessert afterwards. His Dress-down Day poster for MAD was chocolate-free, but as he was a judge, he was assured it would be chosen. It was absolute madness during the ManU match, with his disappointed pals compensated by the fact one of them won all the Mahjong hands we played earlier. Bayblading with W, because it's now the big thing at school. Fortunately, to compensate, Daddy saw another rainbow , which triggered another flood of cash inflows tax rebate, stock market, Wellcome coupons from HSBC, 3 Mark 6. The rain and lightening has not very charitable this week, with incessant pouring and flashing.

Dominic has been giving us regular updates on his partying in New York. Week of August 30th - Knees up. Jeremy managed to knee Daddy in the nose, despite the massive bruise on said knee caused by an accident in the bedroom in which he managed to rearrange the furniture following a mighty trip. The weather has cooled sufficiently for Mummy to declare a knees-up, so she boiled up a huge hotpot. Daddy was brought to his knees by a combination of a weak stock market, scattered rainfall and the no-show of a lunch date. Fortunately, Jeremy has topped everything by making a big fuss over the fact he dropped his DS pen down the side of the bed.

He has made several attempts in the past to lose things down there. Jeremy is back to school just avoiding the storm , and has a good impression of his new class teacher - Miss Streames 6H. After three weeks of gaming inactivity, J has spent a lot of time this week catching up. His vision is fine, but things have been less clear about our recent dealings with glasses. Mummy was told by Cathay that the two pairs of glasses she left on the flight to London cannot be found. Worse was the fact that Mummy, who was unable to claim VAT at Heathrow because Cathay only had two staff checking in economy and it took her over 90 minutes to check in, had thrown away the receipt for the Selfridges Ray-Bans.

No jet lag on arriving in HK. Mummy received flowers from her boss. Grandad said something interesting, so Daddy commented that he was as sharp as a needle. Daddy had been looking for Sharp as a needle by Barmy Army for years. Drinks with D, L and N at Bower. The banter between the supporters behind us was as entertaining as the football. Some of the chants included: "we are Nottingham repeated by two hard core middle aged Forest fans "you're not famous any more" " to the famous team" "sit down, shut up" "you're a small town in Oxford, shuddup" etc Security were called in, but it was only handbags.

J got the enigma stone. Had dinner at the club without J. Grandad moved the kettle. Breakfast at the club: then shopping at Selfridges. Visited Ian. The restaurant was called Caricature on account of the cartoon pictures of famous Americans on the wall. J to Millets for the amazingly mazy maze made of maize. J flicked the spinny light thing into the conifers, Daddy cut himself a bit getting it back. He also hit the shuttlecock up there. Spent the afternoon around Born for more tapas squid, peppers, olives etc , and back to Santa Maria for sushi, til late.

Mummy liked Spanish cook show — bien, bien, bien! J says that Barcelona is red, green and blue in colour. The first tapas trip was interesting: Santa Maria opposite the Chocolate Museum was excellent olives, beef, mussels , except we got locked in the toilet. Born Taverna was busy, but Sagardi was rocking we ate 25 tapas, based on the of toothpicks.

After showing our disgust, we were given four bulk head seats, which meant J could sleep on two seats and we adults got lots of leg space. No jet lag on landing, with D making a surprise appearance. Mummy received a flattering e-mail about her promotion. Jeremy stayed over at Es and visited him twice more before the two of them fly off in opposite directions this week one over land, the other over water. We tried the rather shallow pool downstairs for the first time — it was OK except for the dead bird.

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Daddy ran mostly , and lost three pounds of water in the process. Jeremy decided to get Mummy a bike for her birthday present, so we searched for a bike shop in a nearby Fo Tan factory building and walked over to buy one. We asked to have the bike delivered on Saturday morning when Mummy was out with Jeremy at his piano lesson.

They arrived back home, but no bike. The caller said the bike would be delivered in half an hour. Daddy contrived to get Mummy out of the house by asking her and Jeremy to visit the new supermarket that had just opened. As she walked down to the shop, she passed a guy carrying a bike. Jeremy commented that it was a nice bike. The bike was delivered, only for the two of them to return with the bike in the sitting room.

He is currently ranked third in a World Cup match prediction competition which involves the whole school. Hair cuts all round. Jeremy's school report for the year was fine. It arrived on Wednesday at 3. Jeremy explained the process of the Golden Book Award at his school. His teacher told him that he had to sit on stage at assembly, the Principal called out his name, Mrs. Jeremy suffered no tears at all during the school trip to Ocean Park although Abhy apparently threw up. Apparently, he decided to cut his fringe, which was getting in the way of his gaming.

However, he needs to tame his predatory enthusiasm and remember to pick up at the right time and seung only from the player on his left. Jeremy was bug-eyed all week. It was spoilt only by the first major storm of the year which seemed to trigger a mass resurrection of flying ants around our area.

Sunday was spent hunting smaller insects at home. Much later, after giving Mummy her present a set of travelling pyjamas from Agnes B and card, he helped make breakfast for her and allowed her to sleep in. The highlight of the week was Jeremy throwing water bombs at his class teacher.

He watched all six of the Potter movies and thus overcame his fear of most things ghoulish and creepy. Before this transformation, however, Daddy had to spend a good two hours searching every nook and scary cranny of Mongkok market looking for Harry Potter style glasses. Most of the vendors thought Daddy was slightly weird as he attempted, in his broken Chinese, to ask for the offensive glasses. Hally Potta! Undeterred, Daddy spied a run-down opticians, walked in and inquired: Hally Potta? Everything else in the past week paled in comparison.

The whole episode started on Monday with a fever that receded after a dose of Nurophen, only to return in really fierce fashion the following day. The trip to Baptist Hospital was his fourth in four months. The paediatrician prescribed the same medicine as before and warned it could be swine flu. However, he would only test if the fever persisted for three days.

In the end, the fever stopped on the third day. He slept through most of the three days, and emerged famished. The noises of pleasure as he ate his first bowl of alphabet soup and soldiers were almost sacrilegious. Our anecdotal evidence suggests that very few joined us , which was disappointing.

It tasted particularly good because he has started two weeks of holidays.

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Dominic has started an even longer break. The following day he presented his energy project — with some enthusiasm. He was also quite excited after attending his very first birthday party……for a dog. Sometimes Jeremy acts like an old man, particularly when it comes to taking him out for his walk. Daddy haircut. That train wreck was followed by a traffic accident on the highway below us. Even the hotpot with Alex and co failed to stimulate.

As a result, Jeremy has lost a couple of pounds of weight although his feet keep growing, so he had to get a new pair of sneakers ahead of the New Year. It means she will have more time to practice playing mahjong with Jeremy - who is really into it after winning two hands at Marina's place. We have been preparing for Chinese New Year by visiting Wan Chai market to buy Chinese clothes , sweets and various fauna. He is made for a microphone. The whole recital was of a very high quality, with the fashion show one of many highlights.

The music and dance performances were so good, they have been asked to perform again at Renaissance College after CNY. Jeremy's first modelling photo shoot can be found at www. The dai pai dong at Fo Tan village is not very organic, and they have a less than hygienic way of serving tea. Dominic has been chosen, one from a group of five candidates from Holloway, to study for free at New York University next year. This is something of a coup and what he had wished for. Jeremy got what he wished for after getting a Jirachi in a Pokemon booster pack - except the wish that his Mandarin teacher had a cold she just turned up a bit late instead.

He had a haircut, and slept over at Es. However, as the careless girl only lived in Broadcast Drive, he ordered the uncooperative taxi driver to take him there and left the bag with security. For the record, Jeremy weighs 80lbs and stands 54 inches tall. It started with a temperature after he came back from school on Monday. A visit to the same doctor revealed an infection of the inner ear caused by the temperature. A further downside to the illness was putting up with por por coming around every day to make us the same dinner.

Dominic celebrated his 19 th birthday with friends and family and then returned back to University with Daddy tracking his 2 hour delay in Paris. Daddy encountered an unhelpful shop assistant, and had to buy the wrapping equipment. A visit to the dentist revealed two cavities in a tooth that is about to come out. Dominic missed everything as he went out for the evening. Daddy and Jeremy did plenty of shopping ahead of Christmas Day. Still, the big guy did deliver on Super Mario Bros Wii, which Jeremy duly completed in three days although he also read over pages of his Wimpy Kid books.

Jeremy said that he got up at a very reasonable 7 am on Christmas Day because some invisible force was keeping him in bed. Daddy got a new camera that has a life of its own in smile mode. Dominic got Sony blue-tooth headphones that can connect with his iTouch and Nokia mobile, but not his Vaio. His medical visits to the dentists and a dermatologist was followed by a quick trim. Jeremy was off school all week with another cough.

This allowed him to finally buy the netbook he had been eyeing for nearly a year. The Christmas tree arrived and preparations are underway for the Christmas party next week as well as the arrival of Dominic. Mummy had a beauty spot removed from her right cheek, but she's still very cute potato mash, musculus, sausage rolls etc. Such success required close co-operation between the members of the group.

Jeremy successfully completed his letter to Father Christmas, with no help at all. Jeremy had to take two days off school because of a persistent cough. The doctor said he had the usual URT. Jeremy also managed to pull off his Unit of Inquiry business meeting presentation - which was as tight as the suit he had to wear. Unfortunately, his tie was also very tight when Daddy picked him up from school because it suddenly became the centre of attraction for anyone at school that felt the urge to pull a tie.

Some compensation for this puzzling situation, as he found an off-centre printed holo Pokemon card Persian which we reckon is quite unusual. Jeremy also finished the Club Penguin card-jitsu fire challenge and recorded the event here. He rated Alien Swarm as: fail. His first attempt at tying shoe-laces sort of passed. Jeremy returned from camp at Lei Yue Mun a changed person. Unfortunately it was not a change for good. For reasons that we are partially aware of, he is lacking his usual confidence and has become very defiant.

We suspect that he had a rough time at camp. We have spoken to one particular parent and are hoping for some sort of apology. In the meantime, he seemed out of sorts at the football BBQ and is refusing to eat even after buying Arceus cards for him. Mummy and Daddy spent some good quality time together whilst he was gone and have made some major decisions. The next day he was awarded a certificate for gaining 25 raffle tickets at school.

Daddy seriously cut his left index finger but still managed to unpack most of the boxes. Jeremy and Mummy attended a baby shower instead. Jeremy's teacher ajudged that he deserves a raffle ticket for doing some extra reading at home. He's working on his judgement of straight lines by doing some cutting-out right now, and making a big mess, for his Mandarin homework. Jeremy's Weekly Diary. Jeremy signed out of Abingdon College after receiving his final distinction. Before he left college, he was informed that Yusef had plagiarised one of his papers. This is considered a major badge of honour.

His last day is next week. We celebrated with a dinner at the Crown anchovy pizza, massive pork ribs and risotto. Now that everyone is off school, he has been busy doing his thing. He reached Mystic level at Magic and won a pint as a result. He walked a lot during a pub crawl, after getting refused more ale at The Narrows because of a large consumption of Becks.

Before eating take-away dinner at a bus stop. We pondering around the Marketplace during Abingdon's first Gay Pride Day and saw plenty of talent including an excellent mime singer, who didn't know that the PA system here is really unreliable. We were talking about whether we prefer cats or dogs at the Foodfair at Abbey Meadows, when Daddy received a text saying that Daisy had passed away. We sat on the grass in the heat and ate hot dogs and samosas. The Greek line was huge. Dominic helped rescue a baby pigeon at work. We are on hedgehog and woodlouse spider alert.

A local seagull attacked a drone. The walnuts have returned. Week of June 17th - Cooking excellence. Jeremy continues to excel at school, earning two more distinctions. He's ploughing through his last assignment, a group effort which he is leading. He bought some fine line pens as a present on the occasion of a friend's birthday - they had dinner and cake and then drank Becks together apparently that's the only one in his bunch of friends who likes beer. Daddy assured Mummy that the Hong Kong Government would back down on the extradition bill - and they did.

Daddy's toad in the hole went down well, but Dominic's cooking expertise knows no bounds. He made six tricky eggs Benedict, and followed up the next day with steak and asparagus with the rest of the hollandaise sauce for Father's Day the meringues were a side effort. However, we are now off eggs for weeks particularly as scooping poached eggs from a deep pan makes chef very angry.

A related debit card from Germany arrived by post. We are watching the very surreal Darkplace TV series. A rainbow flag will fly proudly over Abingdon Town Hall ahead of the town's first gay pride march - a totally LibDem idea. Why it's flying at half mast is, though, a small mystery. Week of June 10th - Praise the thunder cats.

Jeremy has been hearing nothing but praise from his teachers at college, as his course starts to wind down. They reckon he doesn't need to grind his way through his first year at university, because he's already done the syllabus. He went to a birthday party in a room at the Conservative Club on Ock Street, and drank Thatcher's cider all night.

The irony went over his head. We visited Andrew in Wantage on the same day as the town's annual carnival 75 pound axe! The BBQ was good, except Pip barked a lot at the boys and it rained on us. But, because of the fair, the buses were erratic. It took us two hours to get back home. At least we got to study the model aircraft at the roundabout for an hour, while Dominic got a reaction to a black cat he was playing with in a meadow. We heard our first thunderclap of the year. Dominic is looking ahead after booking a sleeper train to Da Nang, flight to Phnom Penh and trips Angor Wat and an elephant sanctuary.

But he's not looking forward to his jabs when? Next month, sob! England won another penalty shoot-out, hurray! Week of June 3rd - Studious student. Jeremy has been nominated for student of the year for his class. This was enough of an incentive to made him work even harder on his studies. He spent most of his half-term break working on his group-wide human computer interaction paper, which he handed in on Sunday. In between times, he was LARPing about with his crew. We spent the bank holiday playing mahjong with Grandma. Methodical Dominic won the most hands. Daddy had an ice cream with his brother at Annie's, thus cementing his resolution for the year.

A person at Sammi's threw some chips, which were intended for the local pigeons, at Daddy. He said he didn't see him. Invisible Daddy discovered that someone is smoking Mevius cigarettes nearby, but piling the butts on a doorstep is so uncool. Dominic booked his flights to Vietnam, and is thinking about what to wear.

Daddy witnessed some road rage on East St. Helens, as a little red car pulled out in front of a motorbike. He gave up being a witness to the anger, when they started arguing about who should drive off first. Dominic cooked two chicken meals in a day, and a no-bake Nutella cake. We think someone in his office might be an energy vampire. Week of May 27th - Labour haircut. Daddy voted tactically for Labour, in the unimportant EU elections, so the party could avoid a drastic haircut their candidate got in. Daddy had his last haircut with Jess for a while because she's heavily pregnant!

Dominic's weight hit a record high It certainly wasn't because of Co-op's Chinese meals, because they are awful. Daddy finally transferred money to the immigration solicitor using a card reader he should have checked the post box and confirmed the PIN before going to the bank. The last episode of Game of Thrones was cheesy, but Chernobyl has been reactive. We ate ice creams in the UV sunshine at Annie's as we continue our vain attempts to support our local businesses. A cockchafer scared the willies out of Daddy.

Week of May 20th - Birthday photos. Jeremy was given a surprise party by his crew, and they gave him a Magic deck and an ice dragon ahead of the final episode of Game of Thrones. We took Jeremy's birthday portrait with his Christening candle, but Daddy noticed that he had not posted his 11th and 14th birthday pictures on Flickr. Finding them looked a daunting task, as it required searching manually through k photos. Amazingly, Daddy found them both by randomly picking folders and posted them. Jeremy got a distinction for his Twitter paper.

The avocado tree died after its first experience of rainfall. Daddy's dream was two small dogs in a meadow, one bit his finger gently, then chased a horse. Walked home but two gates to the house. Young Jeremy and kissed Mummy's lips. Week of May 13th - Chronic castle pot. Dominic and Daddy went to visit Fitzharris ' Castle Mound in search of ancient artifacts. We returned with a broken piece of modern pottery that Daddy dug up from under a tree. Jeremy was out all day in Drayton. We discovered why Granddad has had to keep changing his BT e-mail password David has been changing it for a whole year without telling anyone.

Dominic, who is sensitive about these sorts of things, was in anguish on hearing the news. Jeremy handed in two papers during the week Twitter account and his web design. We went for tea at Grandparents to celebrate Jeremy's 19th. We re-potted the poorly avocado plant. Amazing European semi-finals. Week of May 6th - Rotten week. Mummy returned home Noodle Nation beforehand. She slept through both flights and had jet lag all week.

Jeremy spent the week on work experience at Univers Labs. He kept himself busy, but finding lunch was difficult. We watched comedic, and epic, Endgame at the Curzon 5 Guys beforehand with Thomas.

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  • Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium III: Evolutionary Agents.
  • Animals and care!
  • Jack and Meggie: The Valentines Day Slasher.

County were relegated to the National League - the good wishes from all manner of football supporters was touching. We went to watch the Abingdon Airshow. A Gurkha told us we can go onto the airfield. We met a super friendly cat. We didn't vote in the council election because the LibDems were sure to win. Dominic's Stash program is passing through user acceptance testing. Week of April 29th - Meow meow song. Mummy has planted an ear worm song into our brains. It has something to do with a cat. We walked in the wild wind to middle-class The Marina and found a hippy crack canister, and observed some non-recreational rabbits.

We met grandparents at John Lewis after a hearing test. Jnr ate the service paper. Lunch reception was at The Bear Hotel. Sunday lunch at Lorraine's for Mummy to say her goodbyes. Jeremy unnoticeable hair cut. Mummy down to lbs. The diameter of the boys'shoulders is 18 inches but the waist is only 10 inches. Their triangles are not the same as Daddy's isosceles trapezium Week of April 22nd - Slaves. Mummy made a comfort visit to the only immigration lawyers in Oxford with Lorraine. On her way there, she skillfully avoided getting involved in the arrest of a screaming young man by five police officers, by walking behind some old folk.

She said goodbye to the ladies at the Cancer Research shop Beryl, Claire 1 and 2 , by donating two toys and buying a pair of jelly glasses. She was promoted to the till, but found giving change a bit fiddly. We watched Notre Dame burn. We met Andrew for a surprise drink at the Broad Face. Mummy indicated she needed Daddy to pass her a tissue by pointing at her nose and the box on the table. She couldn't reach the kitchen cupboard from the dining table or the napkin she dropped, so she got her slaves to do her stretching for her. We had wine and bread for Maundy Thursday.

David confounded us when he insists he sleeps on this eyebrows. Mummy watched Calendar Girls with Lorraine. They had the whole row to themselves. We finished the week with a sunny picnic on the Nags Head eyot, accompanied by some baying geese and their super cute goslings. Week of April 15th - London and back.

We went to London by bus to meet Dominic. We arrived at Marble Arch and walked to Trafalgar Square. Spent half an hour in the National Gallery and saw a Leo and two Rafas. We walked to Fortnum and met Dominic in Covent Garden. Daddy saw a loco women steal a large mirror from outside a charity shop. The local patrons were shocked. Jeremy ate snails and drank strong beer. Daddy overheard convoluted conversations on the Tube about a unfed gerbil and finding skewers for chicken kebabs. When we returned Mummy helped at the cancer shop twice in the week.

We went to Abingdon Spring Head of the River to watch the rowing as the weather was dry. Also saw: some actors in WW2 uniforms, Dunkirk little boats, and a W. Churchill impersonator at the lock. We put the tomato seedlings outside, with their own personalized greenhouses. Mummy fashioned some dumplings, and Dominic bashed out an aggressive set of scones.

J went to a BBQ lunch, in the cold, and let us look at his website design assignment. Phill from Spark says I can stop paying them. Daddy recovered from his back strain. Week of April 7th - Less expensive food. We walked to muddy FitzHarris Castle, but there was nothing there except trees and mud.

Mummy noticed that her wellingtons are not as tight as last year, so she might stop using the hashtag maximumweight. Mummy spent the afternoon helping out at the local Cancer Research UK shop. Mostly chatting to the older ladies, drinking tea, and sorting clothes by size. Mummy and Jeremy went to Reading to have his eyebrows threaded. He says he can't see them now when he lifts his eyes. The evening was made cheaper by lots of discount vouchers.

Dominic made his way to London to meet Angela. Week of April 1st - Walkies again! Mummy has decided that she needs to take her three pets for long walks. No idea why, maybe it's the above average weather, or it may be that she's at "maximum weight" or she's still suffering from jet lag. This last reason explains why could she fall asleep while watching a noisy Korean movie with the earphones still in her ears.

She's also getting up a weird times of the night. She made Daddy walk all the way to Tesco and back. Compensation: Daddy saw a nuntjac deer another Chinese import. Jeremy was off school mid-week, but got a pass from being with his pesky Mummy. As punishment, she dragged Daddy to Barton's Field where he saw another nuntjac and a pheasant. Her obsession with sakura is disturbing. She then travelled to Cardiff to visit Eve, and returned with a cold vegetarian pizza which Daddy carried back from Oxford. All the while, Mummy was recovering from a cold and bouts of internal bleeding she blows her nose too hard.

She went to Reading to eat dim sum with Lorraine. Daddy was amazed at the High Street sunset. We walked to Tesco again and Barton's Field again, this time with the boys, and met a squeaking treebeard and the pheasant again, but this time Daddy had to chase after it. Daddy got his new passport. Jeremy got another distinction from school, this time for a comparison of Amazon and Apple's websites. We observed Earth Hour - as we always do. Mummy got a card and an owl hat from her pets for Mothering Sunday.

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As punishment, she made Dominic kneed dough to make scones. Tomato seedlings appeared. Keerin from Spark says he'll call on Monday. Week of March 25th - Home. Daddy spent a lot of time talking to Jessica of Spark. She promised to call back with answers, but didn't. No reaction to harsh feedback to Meg Darling. The next day Daddy left for Heathrow to meet Mummy. He caught the delayed X3 but still made it to Gloucester Green in time for the midnight coach - despite being delayed by a homeless person from Middlesbrough.

Daddy waited 8 hours in a very busy Caffe Nero in T2 until Mummy emerged at 9am after a half an hour delay at immigration. Quick connections home and naps on International Happiness Day. Mummy's jet lag is the worst ever up at 4am most mornings. Daddy bought cheap shoes 1 pound 25p each.

Mummy watched Rock of Ages, despite her developing cold. Mummy drinking during lunch at Lorraine's was a mistake. Combined with cold medication and a walk to the Thames resulted in an 11 hour sleeping session.


Usual care or usual care plus a shared-learning group designed to reduce stress, improve mood and support healthful life-style behaviours i. Anderson, B. L et al. Cancer Dec 15, 12; Lappe, JM, D. Travers-Gustafson, K. Davies, R. Recker and R. Am J Clin Nutr. Meyerhardt, K. Wu, et al. MacGregor, S. Girgis and D. Such intakes also are expected to reduce casefatality rates of patients who have breast, colorectal, or prostate cancer by half. Kristal, K. Wicklund, K.

Cushing-Haugen and M. Finak, G et al, Stromal gene expression predicts clinical outcome in breast cancer. Nature Medicine 14 5 May Ben-Baruch A.

Hamsters Escape From Lake Cardboard by Rope - Three Hamsters Climbing In Lake Making From Cardboard

Host microenvironment in breast cancer development: inflammatory cells, cytokines and chemokines in breast cancer progression: reciprocal tumor-microenvironment interactions. Breast Cancer Res ; Condelis J, Pollard JW. Macrophages: Obligate partners for tumor cell migration, invasion, and metastasis. Cell Jan 27, A fine needle aspiration was positive for non-small cell lung cancer and an MRI showed invasion of the subclavian arteries making surgical resection impossible. PtA was diagnosed with stage 3B inoperable terminal lung cancer.

She underwent a short course of palliative radiation and declined chemotherapy. A killed bacterial cell or viral injection stimulates macrophages within the organ or tissues in which that pathogen typically causes infection to cease their dysfunctional pro-cancer tissue repair functions and shift to their anti-cancer defensive role, resulting in an anti-cancer innate immune response within that targeted organ or tissue.

Treated with radiation and Tamoxefen. Staphylococcus aureus vaccine, which she continued regularly for 5 years. Row 1: Mice treated with K. These 29 patients were assessed by Dr. Kleef regarding objective response tumor markers, scans to Site Specific Immunotherapy. Childhood vaccination with smallpox vaccine is associated with a decreased risk of melanoma later in life, as well as significantly better survival in those who do develop melanoma.

To determine the safety and effectiveness of SSI therapy in addition to standard care in late-stage lung cancer versus standard care alone. Of the 20 best-selling non-protein drugs in , 9 were derived or developed as the result of leads generated by natural products. Estrogen receptors ER in breast cancer Stop estrogen production by: Surgical removal of ovaries; Chemical castration with Goserelin. Research supports use of green tea for cancer prevention and treatment Despite PSA [testing and] a high cure rate for localized disease [i.

It is [also] clear that the majority of men treated for localized disease in the community pay a substantial price [in terms of] incontinence, Regulators not in favour —. First hunt for the largest and fattest animals, then smaller animals. High-fat diet prevents cancer…? Doctor William Harvey recommended a low-carbohydrate diet. Scottish MD completed internship in Berries may replace potatoes and vegetables, up to g per day avoid apples and pears because of the negligible protein and fat content.

Prawda o zymiewniu optimalnym, The truth about optimal diets. EJCN ; Plant-animal subsistence ratios and macronutrient energy estimations in worldwide hunter-gatherer diets. AJCN ; Survival of the fattest: the key to human brain evolution. Biological changes in human populations with agriculture. Ann Rev Anthropol ; Metabolic correlates of hominid brain evolution. Diabetologia ; The critical role played by animal source foods in human Homo evolution.

J Nutr ; suppl. World Rev Nutr Diet ; Postprandial hyperglycemia as an etiological factor in vascular failure. Cardiovascular Diabetology ; 8: 23 www. Cardiovascular disease resulting from a diet and lifestyle at odds with our Paleolithic genome: how to become a 21st-century hunter-gatherer. Mayo Clin Proc ; Ketone bodies as fuel for the brain during starvation. Extended effects of evening meal carobohydrate-to-fat ratio on fasting and postprandial substrate metabolism.

Am J Clin Nutr ; Biomed Pharmacother ; Cancer: Disease of civilization. An Anthropological and Historical study. New York: Hill and Wang, Grant, Ph. It forms a complex with another intracellular receptor, the retinoid-X receptor, and that heterodimer is what binds to DNA. Vitamin D and calcium supplementation reduces cancer risk: results of a randomized trial. Am J Clin Nutr Jun; 85 6 : It dismissed almost all evidence, but accepted that vitamin D reduces the risk of colorectal cancer [IARC, ]. Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Mortality Follow-up period of 6. Vitamin D and mortality in older men and women.

Clin Endocrinol Oxf. Diabetes Obes Metab. The primary cause of death was pneumonia. The possible roles of solar ultraviolet-B radiation and vitamin D in reducing case-fatality rates from the — influenza pandemic in the United States. DermatoEndocrinology ;1 4 : East BR. Mean annual hours of sunshine and the incidence of dental caries. Dental Health, ca. The influence of latitude and distance from seacoast on dental disease. J Dent Res. How strong is the evidence that solar ultraviolet B and vitamin D reduce the risk of cancer?

Am J Public Health. Septicemia Hip fractures TB Total, vit. D Total, all. Estimated benefit of increased vitamin D status in reducing the economic burden of disease in Western Europe. Prog Biophys Mol Biol. DermatoEndocrinology, ;1 4 An estimate of the economic burden and premature deaths due to vitamin D deficiency in Canada, Molec Nutr Food Res in press August Health benefits of higher serum hydroxyvitamin D levels in The Netherlands.

J Steroid Biochem Molec Biol, in press. Gombart, Ph. Challenge is to identify the mechanism s that clearly explain the underlying basis for all of these beneficial effects. Cod liver oil, 1 table spoon Salmon sock e ye , cook e d, 3 ou n ce s Mushrooms t h at h ave be e n. Liver, be e f, cook e d, 3. Normal bone growth and mineralization Reduces risk of falls in elderly Reduces risk of bone fractures in elderly Reduces memory loss Reduces cancer risk Reduces risk of autoimmune diseases.

Vancouver, BC Bactericidal activity Binds endotoxin and protects against sepsis Promotes angiogenesis Promotes wound healing Chemoattractant for inflammatory cells Pro- and anti-inflammatory properties. Responds to 1,25D3 and myeloid transcription factors. Orthomolecular Psychiatry: Past, Present and Future John Hoffer, MD, PhD This presentation will review the history, present status and possible future development of orthomolecular psychiatry, both as a field of scientific endeavour, and as a grassroots movement that can improve health and empower people with serious mental illnesses.

The term orthomolecular psychiatry was first coined by the renowned American chemist, Linus Pauling, in an article published in the journal Science in In his article Pauling described a biochemical framework for investigating potential nutritional therapies for mental diseases, defining orthomolecular therapy as the treatment of mental diseases by providing the optimum molecular environment for the brain, especially the optimum concentration of substances normally present in the body. However, despite its publication in mainstream research journals, niacin-ascorbic acid therapy for schizophrenia was ignored by academic psychiatrists.

High rates of sustained clinical remission were claimed in case reports and case series, but regrettably, despite its promise, appropriately designed, modern randomized clinical trials have yet to be carried out, and orthomolecular therapy remains an unproven, widely disregarded approach for the treatment of major mental illness. Current views about schizophrenia are in keeping with the notion that patients in the early stage of the disease may respond to a therapy that is far less effective after it has progressed to a fixed chronic state. High-dose niacin, widely used to treat hyperlipidemic conditions, is safer and freer from side effects than conventional antipsychotic drugs.

Modern investigators, using a quantitative skin patch technique, have confirmed that patients with schizophrenia tend not to flush when exposed to niacin. A recent, landmark publication demonstrated that expression of the newly described niacin receptor, which mediates the niacin flush, is diminished in critical areas of the brains of people with schizophrenia. The possibility remains to be tested that resistance to the niacin flush indicates patients more or less likely to respond favorably to niacin therapy. There is recent interest in the possibility that large doses of the long-chain fatty acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, can ameliorate the abnormal biochemistry responsible for schizophrenia.

New ideas are needed in schizophrenia research and therapy, and vitamin therapy for acute schizophrenia should be one of them. However, clinical trials of vitamin therapy would have to compete for funding from public grant agencies, and for patient enrollment with large pharmaceutical industry-sponsored trials that provide much-needed money to psychiatric research institutions.

In addition to these financial barriers are the well-known practical difficulties of conducting meaningful randomized clinical trials in acute schizophrenia, with the additional problem of interpreting their results, given the possibly diverse etiologies targeted by the vitamin therapies. A strong case has been made for a pragmatic strategy of small-scale, carefully conceived and objectively documented open clinical trials and case studies which assemble, through enlightened clinical experience, the elements of an effective therapeutic program which would only then be put to the final test of a randomized clinical trial.

Empirical trials of this kind are ethical, since the nutritional approach is biologically and clinically plausible, and the vitamins that would be used lack the side effects and toxicity of the antipsychotic drugs. If they proved effective, these nutrients could reduce the exposure of young people to prolonged and potentially harmful drug therapy. Practitioners of orthomolecular psychiatry owe it both to their individual patients and to the possible wider benefit of this therapy, to carefully describe the treatment regimen they use and document the responses they observe, with a view to publishing high quality rigorous case reports in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine or elsewhere.

Supporters of orthomolecular therapy should continue to point out the inadequacies of modern conventional psychiatry and the need for new ideas, to agitate for better nutrition for the mentally ill, and to demand more openness to nutritional therapies for mental illness on the part of mainstream psychiatry. Mitochondrial dysfunction in autism and other neurological and psychiatric diseases William Shaw Ph. Lenexa, KS. USA wshaw gpl4u.

Environmental mercury release, special education rates, and autism disorder: an ecological study of Texas Raymond F. Palmer, et al. Autism , Impaired mitochondrial energy metabolism and neuronal apoptotic cell death after chronic dichlorvos organophosphate exposure in rat brain. Eric M. These aggressive behaviors were not noted in the [pesticide-free] foothills [children]. Mitochondrial changes in hepatocytes of rats chronically exposed to vinyl chloride and ethanol M.

Miller Environmental Research Volume 29, , Pg Windham,et al. Why did government concede? Within 48 hours after 9 immunizations to diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis; Haemophilus influenzae B; measles, mumps, and rubella; polio; and varicella Varivax , the patient developed a fever to Four days later, the patient was waking up multiple times in the night, having episodes of opisthotonus arching , and could no longer normally climb stairs. Instead, she crawled up and down the stairs.

Lowgrade intermittent fever was noted for the next 12 days. Ten days following immunization, the patient developed a generalized erythematous macular rash beginning in the abdomen. A month-old girl was born after a normal fullterm pregnancy. There was no family history of autism or affective, neuromuscular, or hearing disorders. Her development was progressing well, with normal receptive and expressive language and use of pre-linguistic gestures, such as pointing for joint attention.

Imaginary play and social reciprocity were typical for age. She used at least 20 words and could point to five body parts on command. Several immunizations were delayed owing to frequent bouts of otitis media ear infection with fever. All expressive language was lost by 22 months. The patient continued to have chronic yellow watery diarrhea intermittently for 6 months Four months later, an evaluation with the Infant and Toddlers Early Intervention program for possible autism was initiated. Along with the regression, her appetite remained poor for 6 months and her body weight did not increase.

This resulted in a decline on a standard growth chart for weight from the 97th to the 75th percentile. Oliveira in Portugal tested 69 children with autism and found that five of them 7. Gash DM et al. Trichloroethylene: Parkinsonism and complex 1 mitochondrial neurotoxicity. Ann Neurol. The animals had selective complex 1 mitochondrial impairment in the midbrain with striatonigral fiber degeneration and loss of dopamine neurons, simulating human Parkinson disease. Trichloroethylene: Parkinsonism and complex 1 mitochondrial neurotoxicity Ann Neurol.

Am J Epidemiol ; 11 — Freed DM, Kandel E. Long-term occupational exposure and diagnosis of dementia. Neurotoxicology ;9 3 — Toxicol Pathol. Mitochondria, metabolic disturbances, oxidative stress and the kynurenine system, with focus on neurodegenerative disorders. Sas K et al. J Neurol Sci. Implications of the kynurenine pathway and quinolinic acid in Alzheimer's disease.

Use 5hydroxytryptophan instead. Not converted to quinolinic acid. Even attenuated measles virus cause the Induction of Indoleamine 2,3 dioxygenase which induces production of toxic quinolinic acid. Jonathan E. To accomplish this I will:. The free cobalamin is then bound to R-protein, released from parietal cells of the stomach and salivary cells. Review the absorption, metabolism and biochemical properties of vitamin B Review relevant psychiatric publications Discuss why vitamin B works Show a reasonable diagnostic scheme to assist clinicians in their evaluation of vitamin B status.

Discuss effective treatment options. Intrinsic factor IF is also released in the stomach, but does not bind with vitamin B until it reaches the first part of the jejunum. B is actively transported from the terminal ileum into the blood. Beef liver 3 oz. Poor intake in the diet e. Br J Nutr, ; J Orthomolec Psych, ; All 12 patients in the control group had serum B levels in the normal range. This study sought to determine to what extent vitamin B in the serum is a real reflection of vitamin B status of brain tissue.

Involved 3 groups of patients and 1 control group group 1 involved 23 patients aged with dementia; group 2 involved 16 patients aged with organic affective syndrome; group 3 involved 10 female patients aged with post-natal depression and complaints of neurasthenia ; and group 4 involved a control group of 12 patients aged Am J Psychiatry, ; All patients had normal liver function and no gross hematological abnormalities.

These patients did, however, have signs and symptoms of polyneuropathy. Jpn J Psychiatry Neurol, ; In a second group of 13 patients years of age with neurasthenic symptoms, the vitamin B levels were assessed in both the serum and CSF. By not performing routine CSF analysis, the majority of these patients would not have been found to have a vitamin B deficiency.

The authors concluded their report by stating that all patients displaying organic mental symptoms should have their CSF levels of vitamin B assessed. Newbold HL: Vitamin B placebo or neglected therapeutic tool. Med Hypotheses, ; All patients were 16 years of age and older and not on any medication. There were, however, on a variety of supplements. Doses ranged from mcg 4 times each week to mcg daily. Those who felt better with Bb had additional injections to establish the amount of Bb that gave the maximum feeling of well-being.

Serum vitamin B tests were performed to record the level at which the patients felt best. This dose of B would effectively stimulate her customers and enable them to leave her place of residence without a need for medical care. He used mcg of hydroxocobalamin to revive this patient. He further recommended that the initial dose should be mcg and increased to 18,, mcg if necessary. Sleep, ; She complained of not being able to attend school despite many trials of medication. Yamada N: Treatment of recurrent hypersomnia with methylcobalamin vitamin B12 : a case report.

Psychiatry Clin Neurosci, ;49 Furthermore, the frequency of episodes had increased during the last 2 years. BMC Psychiatry, ; Hintikka J, Tolmunen T, Tanskanen A, et al: High vitamin B12 level and good treatment outcome may be associated in major depressive disorder. Neurology, ; Blood was collected at baseline for measurement of plasma vitamin B, transcobalamin TC , holotranscobalamin holoTC , methylmalonic acid MMA , total homocysteine tHcy , and serum folate.

Hematological indices, erythrocyte folate and serum vitamin B12 levels were determined in outpatients with DSM-III-R major depressive disorder at baseline and serum vitamin B level again on 6 month follow-up. The item Hamilton Depression Rating Scale was also compiled, respectively. At baseline, none of the patients had a deficient vitamin B12 level. Psychol Bull, ; On the other hand, it is equally plausible, especially in patients with early childhood symptoms, that long-term psychologic stress alters nutrient absorption or even directly perhaps via elevated cortisol secretion influences brain development.

In either case, the inference that clinically identified mental disorders reflect progressive brain changes fits with the concept of long-latency disorders. Nutr Rev, ; Int Clin Nut Rev, ;9 2 Acta Med Scand, ; Clinical and hematological remission, normalization of serum levels, and full replenishment of hepatic stores were observed in all patients. Int Clin Nut Rev, ; Oral cobalamin for pernicious anemia. JAMA, ; 1 Some patients respond clinically to mcg of either form each month, while other patients, for example, might require mcg twice each week of methylcobalamin to control their symptoms.

The evaluation of Vitamin B is of vital importance when assessing patients with neuropsychiatric complaints. Deficiency, insufficiency, or suboptimal serum vitamin B levels are often overlooked. Symptoms associated with deficiency, insufficiency, or suboptimal vitamin B levels can arise insidiously and progress for years without appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Patients with deficient or insufficient serum levels can have symptoms long before hematological changes occur. Urinary methylmalonic acid might pick up vitamin B tissue deficiency even when serum levels are normal.

Patients can significantly benefit from vitamin B therapy. Vitamin B has many important therapeutic uses that extend beyond the neuropsychiatric system e. It is very effective and safe. Side effects, such as a transient acne-like eruptions or allergic reactions, are extremely rare. CMAJ, ; Donaldson MS: Metabolic vitamin B12 status on a mostly raw vegan diet with follow-up using tablets, nutritional yeast, or probiotic supplements. Ann Nutr Metab, ; Hutto BR: Folate and cobalamin in psychiatric illness.

Compr Psychiatry, ; The significance of folic acid and homocysteine. Pol Merkur Lekarski, ; Ann Intern Med, ; Am Fam Physician, ;, J Neural Transm Gen Sect, ; Diagram used with permission from: Prousky J. The vitamin cure for chronic fatigue syndrome. Laguna Beach, CA. Basic Health Publications, Inc. They are seen in normal individuals and in those with hereditary stomatocytosis, liver disease, and acute alcoholism. Slide courtesy of: Dr. Abnormal red cell morphology in myalgic encephalomyelitis.

Lancet ; Blood rheology and myalgic encephalomyelitis: a pilot study. Pathology ; Several different RBC shape changes were identified: spherocytes, stomatocytes, and some other unusual forms described as dimpled spherocytes. Simpson LO. In: Hyde BM, ed. Another study sought to determine if the observed microcirculatory blood flow abnormalities in CFS involved abnormally shaped RBCs. Blood samples from CFS patients, 99 multiple sclerosis patients, and 52 healthy controls were compared. The results from red cell shape analyses of blood samples from members of myalgic encephalomyelitis organisations in four countries.

J Orthomol Med ; Red blood cell shape, symptoms and reportedly helpful treatments in Americans with chronic disorders. The results showed a much higher percentage of flat cells among the members of CFS organizations from the four countries. These findings suggest that the increased percentages of flat cells would adversely affect blood rheology and consequently capillary blood flow as well. Myalgic encephalomyelitis ME : a haemorheological disorder manifested as impaired capillary blood flow. Chronic fatigue syndrome: assessment of increased oxidative stress and altered muscle excitability in response to incremental exercise.

J Intern Med ; The postviral fatigue syndrome--an analysis of the findings in 50 cases. J Infect ; Muscle biopsies were performed on 20 of them and the results demonstrated necrosis in many muscle fibers, increased mitochondria, as well as evidence of early intracellular acidosis. Brainstem perfusion is impaired in chronic fatigue syndrome. QJM ; Other published data might establish a link between altered nondiscocytic RBC shape changes and central nervous system dysfunction.

Neuroimaging in chronic fatigue syndrome. Am J Med ;S Perhaps the lesions were directly the result of small foci of ischemic necrosis due to impaired microcirculatory blood flow as a consequence of altered RBC shape changes. This is significant since the frontal lobes, which reside in the white matter of the brain, are involved in memory and in reactions to emotional events.

Patients with CFS usually have problems with memory and are known to be emotionally very sensitive. Erythrocyte morphology in rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome: a preliminary study. J CFS ; Investigation of erythrocyte oxidative damage in rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Erythrocyte oxidative damage in chronic fatigue syndrome. Arch Med Res ; Chronic fatigue syndrome and mitochondrial dysfunction. Int J Clin Exp Med ; The results showed mitochondrial dysfunction among the CFS patients, with the degree of dysfunction correlating strongly to the severity of the illness among the study subjects.

The authors concluded that the damage to the mitochondria may be a primary phenomena or may be secondary to one or more primary conditions, including cellular hypoxia or oxidative stress. How do we treat this? In vitro models of oxidative stress in rat erythrocytes: effect of antioxidant supplements. Toxicol In Vitro ; Vitamin E revisited: do new data validate benefits for chronic disease prevention?

Curr Opin Lipidol ; Ali M. Ascorbic acid reverses abnormal erythrocyte morphology in chronic fatigue syndrome. Am J Clin Pathol ; Abstract Chronic fatigue syndrome: neurological findings may be related to blood-brain barrier permeability. Med Hypotheses ; Chronic fatigue syndrome: oxidative stress and dietary modifications. Altern Med Rev ; Both alpha-lipoic acid and reduced L-glutathione help to maintain glutathione levels within the RBCs and protect the RBC membranes from oxidative damage.

This is important since depletion of glutathione is associated with increased blood-brain permeability and is believed to play a role in the pathogenesis of CFS 1. Perhaps, supplemental reduced Lglutathione would directly increase the levels of glutathione in the plasma and possibly within the RBCs. Blood samples from each patient were taken pre- and post-vitamin B treatment. The patients that improved were found to have reduced numbers of cup forms and had a loss of their symptoms within 24 hours while the non-responders did not exhibit favorable RBC changes or feel subjectively better.

Long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and the pathophysiology of myalgic encephalomyelitis chronic fatigue syndrome. J Clin Pathol ; The effect of prostaglandin E1 and E2 on the human erythrocyte as monitored by spin labels. Biochem Biophys Res Commun ; Reduced levels of prostaglandin precursors in the blood of atopic patients: defective deltadesaturase function as a biochemical basis for atopy.

Prostaglandins Leukot Med ; EPO contains gamma-linolenic acid GLA , which is an essential orthomolecule having important therapeutic properties. Since GLA is an omega-6 essential fatty acid, it must be obtained from dietary sources or must be converted in vivo from dietary sources of linoleic acid. The conversion of linoleic acid to GLA requires the delta-6desaturase enzyme and is known to be impaired as a result of aging, diabetes, viral infections, and even radiotherapy 1.

A report in linked some of the signs and symptoms of CFS to deltadesaturase enzymatic damage, possibly resulting from a persistent viral infection 2. The therapeutic dose of EPO should be mg per day, which is based upon a study that demonstrated significant increases in PGE1 among patients with atopic eczema 3. Influence of a parenteral fish-oil preparation Omegaven on erythrocyte morphology and blood viscosity in vitro.

Clin Hemorheol Microcirc ; Changes in red cell shape in healthy elderly subjects taking low dose fish oil: pilot study. N Z Med J ; Orthomolecular treatments aimed at reducing oxidative stress and normalizing RBC morphology show promise, but clinical studies are desperately needed to investigate this. It is key to an Integrated Medicine approach. These are the key areas where you can motivate your patients to make positive changes for better health. Skin eruptions and any -itis Allergies, i. Create Better Health. Brings blood supply, immune cells and nutrients to area. How do we help them be successful?

Drink ONLY water, laxative herb tea, and peppermint or chamomile tea. Keep the Cleanser in a glass container not plastic or make it fresh each time. The cayenne heats up over the day when it sits in the solution. Rinse your mouth with water after each glass to prevent the lemon juice from hurting the enamel of your teeth. Siberian or other ginsengs adaptogens , echinacea for immune support, ginger for circulation, milk thistle for the liver, etc. Antioxidant, low fat, anti-inflammatory Mediterranean-like Diet recommended for healthy heart and brain, helps prevent or delay Alzheimers, RA, many other diseases.

DETOX is helpful transition. High calcium-Vitamin D and Minerals recommended to prevent osteoporosis may also prevent many types of cancers Most choices are under our control. Take care of yourself. It Matters. Bio--Elson M. Haas, MD Dr. What is Stress? Uncertainty 2. Lack of information 3. Loss of control. Abused as a child Abandoned Shuttled from one foster home to another Age 7 - a memory of huddling in the attic, cradling her younger sister, while her drunken foster parents fought and yelled below.

What began as the automatic defensive coping of the infant soon hardened into a fixed personality pattern that, fifty-one years later, still caused me to hide even my slightest physical discomfort in front of my mother. Chronic Illnesses or Chronic Stress? No luck. Nasruddin, in his role as fool, did not know that. In his role as sage and teacher, he did. Nasruddin, fool and sage, exists in all of us. Prudence — correct perception Justice — correct relationship Fortitude — correct attitude Temperance — correct balance.

April 30 - May 2, Vancouver, Canada. Subscribe Today! New editorial board, new design, larger format, renewed mission! S ince , this quarterly Journal for health professionals has published the best of nutritional research and clinical trials. Treating people for both legal and illegal drug addictions. Odds ratio for Type 2 diabetes by birth weight Meta-analysis Birth weight g No. Harder et al , Am J Epidemiol Harder et al , Am J Epidemiol Pre-Diabetes in 4 yr olds related to birth weight Published literature- a meta-analysis of 40 studies shows inverse relationships of birth weight and increased risk of diabetes.

Kajante et al J Clin End Metab Foetal Under-nutrition and Rapid Progression Through Puberty Reduced pre-natal growth cause rapid progression through puberty and reduced final height in girls compared to those with unaffected prenatal growth. High hormone concentrations cause genetic instability in differentiating breast cells in their daughters in utero Barker et at, Am J Hum Biol Metastatic prostate cancer Relationship between high birthweight and childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia Odds Ratio A meta analysis of over 10, leukaemia patients concluded that high birth weight kg was a risk factor for childhood leukaemia.