The Fashion Icon Bundle (Biographies of Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, and Anna Wintour)

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Hepburn also used her celebrity to bring attention to the problems of struggling countries and population, solidifying her reputation as, not just a beautiful face, but also as a dedicated and kind-hearted diplomat and humanitarian. Much of these controversies came from the relationships she had with men, as well as rumored sexual liaisons. Throughout her earlier adult to middle age years, Chanel had many affairs with members of both British and Parisian high society.

Chanel's first long-term affair was with an ex-cavalry member known as Etienne Balsan, a wealthy socialite who provided the French army with its uniforms. She met the young textile maker while working in Moulins, and proceeded to be his mistress for three years. Rumors still continue to circulate about the couple potentially having a child together and claiming that it was the son of Chanel's late sister Julia-Berthe. It was her time with Etienne that would later lead to her meeting the love of her life and the man who would help her rise to fame: Captain Arthur Edward Capel.

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Each picture is Adult coloring books have become very popular for good reason. Coloring helps you unwind and Coloring helps you unwind and express your creative side. Fashion Forward goes beyond the basics.

It not only gives opportunity to develop artistic skill, but peaks interest in the latest With insightful interviews revolving around the thoughts and stories of pioneers who have already made their mark, this book serves to inspire and encourage the creatives of the future. In Legendary Artists and the Clothes They Wore, fashion authority T erry Newman presents more than forty fully illustrated profiles of masters whose enduring art bears an idiosyncratic stamp--and whose unique way of dress does the same through a signature look, hairstyle, or accessory--and explores the relationship between the two in detail.

In that context, this colorful volume also examines the nonlinear sensibility that has always been the name of the game in what is considered modern style. It examines the dialogue between art and fashion as well as noteworthy artist and designer relationships, such as Yves Saint Laurent's Mondrian Collection, primary-colored shift dresses inspired by the painter's work, and Louis Vuitton's numerous groundbreaking collaborations with major artists, a concept initiated by designer Marc Jacobs that not only has launched some of the fashion industry's most successful bags, made the art of contemporary masters available to the world at large, and been copied widely ever since.

The Fashion Icon Bundle

Numerous compelling features--anecdotes about the artists and their work; portraits of the artists in their studios; archival photographs; select pairings of fine art and runway imagery; quotations by artists, art critics, and designers--make this a rich, engaging study for fashion and art lovers alike. Struggling to define your style? Worried your thinking is so last season? Want to break out of the box, but not sure how? Chanel, Westwood, Lagerfeld and a host of great p hotographers, designers, and fashion muses are here to help. Simply select any card from the pack, choose the oracles' advice on attitude, style, or inspiration and any obstacle becomes surmountable.

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The accompanying booklet features the oracles' fascinating biographies. Featuring gorgeous illustrations by Anna Higgie and text by Camilla Morton, author of How to Walk in High Heels, this is the perfect gift for anyone looking to eschew the ordinary and embrace originality. Book jacket.

A Matter of Style documents the unforgettable lives of Chanel and nine other female icons of style and elegance who captivated entire generations and remain inspiring models of beauty and fascination. These are the stories of unparalleled lives, captured in a volume without precedent. Now you can with this stylish and practical guide to vintage hair and make-up featuring iconic looks from every decade from the s - s. With easy-to-follow step-by-step hair and makeup techniques, as well as beautiful and inspiring ph otographs, this book will help you find a style for any occasion and become the envy of all your friends.

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Vintage Beauty Parlor will help you uncover the secret to the finer details of each look from hair, make-up, clothes, and accessories to jewelry and even perfume. Master the stylish flapper-girl curls and cupid's bow lips of the s; the sassy victory rolls of the s; the perfect s quiff, the glamorous glitter of the s, and the edgy punk styles of the s.

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Vintage Beauty Parlor has everything you need to become a vintage style icon. Self-Styled is about the celebration of freedom of expression, diversity and individualism through personal style. Showcasing photographic diptychs of a select group of fabulous urbanites, each double-page spread illustrates a unique personal choice while implicitly exploring themes such as gender, colo ur, body shape and taste.

The concept behind Self-Styled is simple: each person is asked to choose two outfits - one that represents daywear and a second that represents nightwear. Then, through a dual photographic portrait, author Anthony Lycett encapsulates their distinctive personalities in a stylist-free zone as they are: self-styled. Since embarking on the project in , Anthony has photographed people from all walks of life. His ever-growing body of work provides a fascinating overview of the multifaceted vibrancy of urban cultures and subcultures.

Published in conjunction with the opening of the new Gucci Museum in Florence, Gucci is the ultimate celebration of the world-renowned fashion house. Told through a loose grouping of words, concepts, shapes and moods, the book tells its story through new conceptual forms and the free links between images, symbols, and objects.

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