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Roaring Twenties. Westward Expansion. Art, Literature, and Film History. Sign Up. Not one above another. Madder than the catholic church is a man not versed in basics. Belief runs amok and becomes a vile, repugnant blasphemy. Oh for simplicity again. I and Thou Oh Lord.

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I and Thou. In Thee only do I put my trust. I also had thought we needed a new reformation. I believe it is the contemporary clash of religions — on such a world scale now and so publicized that daily — that is giving us new eyes to see that there are changes that need to be made.

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I look forward to searching out Martin one day and thanking him for his courage. Thank you for this posting. It shall prove handy for the research paper I chose to write on the Protestant Reformation. I must ask, though, if you had thought of this the same way as I: Was Luther really all that special?

Others had come before, uttering very nearly the same complaints. I find it funny that even in the 95 Theses Luther never rejected the full authority of the papacy; the treasury of the merits of Christ and the Saints; or even the belief in indulgences: he merely, criticised their abuse. He had not advocated, it would seem, their complete abolition.

Now that being said, I will not endorse the persons who compiled the video; however I do support the veracity of the claims wherewith they present.

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At the time, he was a practicing Catholic — his aim to my understanding with the 95 Theses was to bring about reform. In the beginning he seemed convinced this could happen within the church. It was most unfortunate that Martin Luther decided to reform from outside the Church instead of from within. He would have been a pillar of the Church instead of an outcast that he is!

Was Martin Luther a special? I find it hard to comprehend an infinite, timeless, knowledgeable divine designer and His ways. He understands physics way beyond our understanding, i. As I understand it he tried for years to reform from within but was met with such hostility he had to make a choice. Our Father gives us the horse power to get through every situation in our life. That horse power is the Holy Spirit which operates on what Jesus did for us by dying as an innocent man with all the pain that came from that horrendous treatment.

Luther realized that one only needs to confess or state our short comings honestly, in some seasons of our life all day long and we are forgiven because of what Jesus did for us. That is what Luther was trying to say without separating himself from the only system He knew. I believe some of the things said in this document were a desperate attempt trying to reform the Catholic Church with all its management and upper management problems. I can almost hear the rationale in my mind now.

Luther was just a man but studying his life will show us how we are called on to stand when all others are flocking to a seemingly easier way of life. The Bible is an amazing Book. It is the way an infinite being is using to communicate with us finite thinkers.

Martin Luther: Top 5 of the 95

There are so many layers of understanding it is hard to imagine how our Father could possibly weave truth that touches and is applicable to all of us Individually through the ages and different cultures. Unfortunately, it has been misused to control people which in turn has tainted many and continues to keep many from seriously considering what is said in this wonderful Book. There it is again …what we all need to do. It really works that way.

Its amazing that Martin Luther had so much against indulgences. If he knew what the Catholic Church taught and still does about it.

Martin Luther posts 95 theses

However, if Luther had gone to the public teaching what indulgences really were and used the printing press towards that end the effects would have been much different. The Catholic Church teaches this about indulgences which can be found in paragraph in the cathecism :. What is an indulgence?

This has always been the teaching of indulgences, but during Luthers time this doctrine was being abused and he should have corrected them. Because a doctrine is abused does not make the doctrine itself wrong. Why have ye transfigured the holy word of God, that ye might bring damnation upon your souls? Behold, look ye unto the revelations of God; for behold, the time cometh at that day when all these things must be fulfilled.

But behold, Jesus Christ hath shown you unto me, and I know your doing. Why are ye ashamed to take upon you the name of Christ? Why do ye not think that greater is the value of an endless happiness than that misery which never dies—because of the praise of the world? Some Baptist Preachers on Television still use this technique late at night.

They also say that you can get your body healed by giving money. They use as examples a time when they gave money to the church and they, in turn, got lots of money back. I have sat down and watched entire episodes of this, cringing. It makes me feel sick. Martin Luther was the voice that apparently spoke for thousands who were too afraid of the church to speak up. At this point I realize that Mary, despite what the Catholic church says, was not the actual Mother of God, etc. Lies, all lies. I mean, Hello!

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  5. Read up on Luther and his devotion to Mary. My, my…such rankor. To me that means everyone on planet earth, past, present and future, not only those next to me and my house, but all…God Bless you, all, all my beloved neighbors…Eddie. Scripture interprets scripture, we all seem to have the answer but until we piece all the scripture together we will only have man-made religions. Matt 16; 18 to 19 is also understood by reading Eph 2 ;,Gal 2;,Rev 21; I Cor 12; Roscoe October 23, at pm posted a quote from the Book of Mormon. Get saved, dude! First, I would like to thank the publisher and congratulate you on getting your link on Wikipedia.

    I am a historian and this morning I was studying Locke and his relation to the origins of American Liberalism as well as the relation of the British Whig party to the American one. While diving I came into religious strife as one always does in the history of Europe. All of this of course directly related to the 30 years war, related of course to Martin Luther … which is how I came here.

    Historical analysis aside I read each and every comment here and came up with an interesting question for all of you who CHOOSE to still believe that there is a god. You see, the information is out there and it is less difficult to understand than understanding the history of religion. For instance, understanding that Constantine and Charlemagne are more important to Christianity than Christ ever was is significantly more difficult than understanding the biological facts of evolution.

    Yet I often find educated believers who understand the prior, while dismissing the latter. So my question to all you believers as antique as you are is this:. In the next years we will eliminate death. This is not some scientific fantasy, it is an easily attainable biological reality and it is on its way. My question is, what do you think will come of the two most violent religions Christianity and Islam of course when death is no longer an inevitability? How will you scare people into believing?

    Consider also a generation blessed with Google and Wikipedia from their birth and you have the first generation the Millenials with the tools at hand to dismiss the theologies that have been so incredibly destructive. Ever since Medici, Christians have been bought and paid for, your time has been waning since the Age of Enlightment. Sorry Pope Leo X, no more little boys to pop out of your cake. Thank you Pope Urban II, your ego started the secular revolution by showing historians that religion is for warmongers, bankers, politicians, and silly peasants.

    I am a historian, and a soldier. Being the first makes the second easier.

    99 Theses on the Revaluation of Value

    As to eliminating death in 20 to 40 years: HA! We are all one car wreck, one blood clot, one bullet, one breath away from death. I expect that God will prove to YOU the fallicy of your pediction in the next 20 to 40 years. Death is the great unknown. Only the dead know the truth or falsehood of God. Such as you start with a bird, and over time, get a different bird. He did not prove macro-evolution: that if you add water to mud and strike it with lighting you get LIFE and we all evolved from this or whatever un-proven nonsence evolutionists believe and teach our kids at our expense.

    None of his followers since have been able to do so either. I do consider the Millenials blessed, as before the advent of Google and Wikipedia, children only had two sources of knowledge, thier parents and the government run schools. So five days a week required attendance versus a couple of voluntary hours on sundays. Which I do.

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    As for Urban II showing that religion is for warmongers, bankers, politicians, and silly peasants; if you were half the historian you claim to be, you would know the Mohammed beat him the punch by better than years. You would also know that the most deadly and costly wars in human history, those of the 20th century, were engineered by leftists of various flavors who tried succesfully to replace faith in God with faith in the State in the minds of thier citizens.

    Tyranny and war followed shortly thereafter. This is also what American leftists and progressives are currently trying to do through government school indoctrinaion in the United States. We should not be suprised, that if successful, it will also ends in tyranny and war. Why are you so afraid of death? Someone that clings to the hopes of everlasting earthly life must some fear in the thought of their end of existence. Thanks for the responses back. Sola Fide I really enjoyed your response! Check this out as far as living forever within a generation or two is concerned.

    And Martin your argument about Wikipedia holds no weight when we consider the historical context relative to this discussion. However if we were talking on Wikipedia about a celebrity, sure, I will give you that. Who knows, who cares.

    Stalin’s body removed from Lenin’s tomb

    Accredited universities can only accept peer-reviewed research from people with accredited degrees. Research Alcuin for the beginnings of Liberal education. My bet is that Wikipedia will become even more difficult to edit regarding important historical entries and will surpass this minor issue.

    Personally, I find Emerson weak-willed. Additive manufacturing is on the way, there will no longer be a fight for resources. You can look up additive manufacturing on Wikipedia Martin …. You can also see in the music The Great American Frontier that it somewhat depicts the future in how it is to be done, by God. I mean how can they ever look back a generation or two with any respect for us some of which call ourselves historians with these types of chains floating around the net??? Not to mention the millions of possible viewers in the future, perhaps trillions if dying is going to be so much more difficult in the near future.

    God Bless! Give glory to the Reformation that taught mankind that they can contradict God, the Church, the Bible, and each other. Fundamentalists are sometimes horrified when the Virgin Mary is referred to as the Mother of God. This assertion reinvents a heresy from the fifth century known as Nestorianism.

    It is therefore a Christological heresy, which even the Protestant Reformers recognized. In fact, it even appears that Nestorius himself may not have believed the heresy named after him. The Church Fathers, of course, witness to their lively recognition of the sacred truth and great gift of divine maternity that was bestowed upon Mary, the humble handmaid of the Lord. How many times does Protestantism have to reinvent itself? Does it not have enough contradictory groups? Does anyone lauding Luther really understand what he is saying in the 95 theses many points on one topic or actually agree with him?

    Many would do well to resist the temptation to follow the culture of adulation inherited by others and maybe actually dig a little more deeply into the issues. My first impression at reading these here is that Luther is asserting opinions in a highly-charged reaction to clerical abuse. This is not exegesis, not a logical treatment of the truths of the faith or Church doctrine; I say this because there are no supporting arguments to defend his statements.

    He simply states them. He is frustrated with corruption in ecclesiastical circles and he is speaking out. No doubt the abuses at the time were real. There is only one Church and Jesus Christ founded it. Those who break away from it break Him apart, for indeed we are the Body of Christ.

    1517 Martin Luther Nails his Thesis to the City Notice Board with Subtitles

    Satan divides; the Holy Spirit unites. At this point in history, Christians need to unite and stop handing down the senseless divisions upon which denominations are based. Throwing out the baby with the bath water is foolish in life. Why continue to throw out the unity of Christendom for our petty selfishness which is at the root of division? Ultimately, you know a tree by its fruit. The division of the Body of Christ is an affront against the same Jesus Christ who came that we might all have life in Him — and have it to abundance. At the time of the posting of the 95 theses, Martin really believed he was helping to bring the church back on course.

    His intention at the time was not to start a new church. He thought he was helping from within the Catholic church. Understanding the 95 Theses is not possible unless you first study the history preceeding them. Sincerely if Martin Luther comes back, the protestant church can recieve whips before they recieve those of Christ for pervating the real truth of God. If it were posible, there would be a person you know of that can fund the transilation of these facts and be supplied to varoius people and churches both pentecostals and protestant to verifiy what exactly Martin said or opposed.

    Iam ready to do the job. What Luther Caused was significant. He alone cause a splinter effect from the Catholic Church. He himself was resigned to quitting the reform, but talked into it through political pressure. So who is right? The latest church that split from thier parent church, over some diagreement? Who was he, a priest that rebelled amist social and political reform?

    An abused child, a brat? My ex-wife is a baptist swithced methodist, her father church of christ, her mother, southern baptist swithced methodist, her brother a Baptist switched Calvary Chaple, and her sister baptist switched to episcopalian. I am a cradle Catholic. Thanks Luther guess what Christmas was like? When luther stole 2 millioin souls from the Faith, it got back 7 million because of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

    Then after all that was the counter-reformation, a flourshing of the Faith. Like the Jews before, the Church was allowed pain for growth. It caused the result Luther wanted, but not by his miserable hand.

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