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Then the fish is slit and eviscerated.

Uogashidokoro Sayori, Chuo

A black coating on the inside of the belly must be gently brushed off, which is a bit of hassle, and may be a reason that the halfbeak is not more popular than it is. A black line, corresponding to the lateral line, will remain. The coating, though on the upper interior, is thought to have a countershading effect — as the fish is slightly transparent against light, the shading on the upper interior makes the fish more reflective from below and less reflective from above, thus making it less visible both to other fish below and to birds above.

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  • Japanese Seasonal Fish: Sayori/Japanese Half Beak.

Continuing the preparation, the fins are removed and then, the skin, which is chewy, must be removed by first separating it from the body at the tail and then, by a rocking, prying motion with the back of the knife, gradually working up toward the front — another reason that the halfbeak is not more popular than it is. Then, the long, striped, fillet can be cut on a bias into two or three pieces.

Now, it can be served raw as sushi or sashimi, or pan-fried in olive oil.

Japanese Fish Species Japanese Halfbeak-Sayori-鱵, 細魚, 針魚 | SHIZUOKA GOURMET

The halfbeak is troublesome to prepare, but its clean taste and firm white meat is worth it to many seafood-lovers in Japan. Become a member Login.

Fillet Trumpetfish for Sushi Sashimi (Cornetfish)

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What is hikarimono?

By Chris Loew. Published on March 9, Chris Loew. Contributing Editor reporting from Osaka, Japan. Want seafood news sent to your inbox?

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  1. Sayori (針魚 / Japanese halfbeak).
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  4. Sayori needles its way into Japanese cuisine?
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    You can easily buy the sashimi cut at supermarkets and re-arrange it at home! But all said, you can beat such a lovely sushi nigiri! Like this: Like Loading Very interesting indeed! Thank you so much!

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    I was named Sayori too. Love my name!

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