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We are celebrating the release of our new book and very first publication MAD Dispatches with a special series of evening events along with our editor, Chris Ying. San Francisco, New York, and London, we. Subscribe to receive email notifications about news or events. About the event. As a matter of fact, every city needs more Peruvian food.

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Except maybe the cities actually in Peru — they probably have enough. But until Philly gets more yucca, ceviche, and lomo saltado in the scene, the people of Old City will be well served by Vista Peru, which does a fantastic job flying the flag of Peruvian cuisine in this town.

Throw in the Breakfast Press — an entire breakfast, hash browns included, all pressed together into a single sandwich — and it almost becomes a morning imperative. Tuna Bar We gave it a Best of Philly award this year for being the prettiest restaurant in town. But you know what? The sushi is solid, too. Frieda This is a coffee shop with a mission. They do breakfast and lunch, salads and wraps, fresh French pastries, and quiche Lorraine.

At least for the River Hash with eggs and onions, bacon, salmon and hot honey. And some people say lunch is even better. Wister Once upon a time, this address was home to 26 North — a failure as a restaurant but in a beautiful space.


Old Thyme does fresh baked pastries, plus sandwiches, platters, and manakeesh for vegetarians and omnivores alike. Luna Cafe Yeah, for brunch. The lines can tell you how popular it is. But this place does breakfast every day so, you know, maybe try a Tuesday? Jokes aside, this has always been a solid place to eat and drink, with all kinds of craft beer, a menu of modern British gastropub classics, and a full schedule of British-y events think soccer and Doctor Who on the telly.

Some combination of lightness and speed, of pizza and gelato, of time and place. An argument could also be made that High Street from the folks behind Fork, which is right next door makes the best high-end sandwiches in this town. You owe it to yourself to get down there, think about the first thing, and then make your own decision about the second. Then it became a very traditional American restaurant with some odd French influences and a menu that eats like a very American restaurant being run by a kitchen staff who know how to properly cook a French meal.

The result is a surprising meld of the two, with some of the best versions of American classics in the city, all served in a gigantic warehouse space attached to the FringeArts theater. This is your spot. The place is a mish-mash of decades worth of decor and schlock, wine bottles and exposed brick. The menu is short and classic, with penne vodka and fruitti di mare pastas.

Buddakan Asian fusion is still alive and well in , and Buddakan is the place where it thrives. The empanadas are classics pulled pork, picadillo, and others , the tapas have a distinctive Latin flavor, and the Ybor City-style Cuban sandwich is a fine example of the form. For 60 years, it sat there at 2nd and Market, offering breakfast and lunch to the neighbors and workers in the area. Then it closed down for renovations, and when it re-opened in still owned by the same Snow White family , it was a very different thing. All right, you have your cheese, you have your meat, you have your groceries.

Now you need the proper cutlery, dishes, placemats and utensils to make and present the perfect meal. It carries a beautiful array of pots, pans, plates, casseroles, aprons and much more, as well as a wall of gadgets and gizmos that would satisfy the most gourmet-ish chef.

Good Food, Mad City September Food Events

It also has an on-site cooking school. But man does not live by subs alone. And the sharp-dressed Madison man buys his glad rags at Jazzman on State Street.

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The sharp-dressed Madison woman heads for UpShift on East Johnson Street, a local, sustainable clothing exchange boutique. Any items deemed below their standards are donated to charity and thrift stores. Bonus: complimentary wine with your shopping! What about the kids? Items are selected with an eye toward imagination, creativity and fun.

The Johnson Street emporium has been around since at least the Pleistocene.

The space is filled wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling with fossils, crystals, shells, beads, bangles and, yes, jewelry. Zimbrick Motors , a family-owned car dealership, began in when founder John Zimbrick purchased a Buick dealership. The city website lists some 22 shops. Revolution Cycles on Atwood Avenue emerged as a clear favorite among readers. The shop is known not just for its repairs and sales, but for being a neighborhood hangout, hosting art shows, concerts, repair seminars and potlucks.

Madison may not be big enough to support an Ikea big-box furniture store, but the city can still stay in touch with its Scandinavian roots at the Century House on University Avenue. It specializes in modern interiors with more than 50 brands. But lovers of both will find something at MadCat — food, supplies and advice for felines and canines at its three shops, on Willy, Monroe and Mineral Point Road.

The winner, Community Pharmacy , was established in as a worker-managed cooperative. It offers a mix of pharmaceutical and homeopathic remedies — not going to find those at CVS.

Corporate Functions

It now has two locations — Gorham at State, and in Middleton. The demise of Borders Books in has been a boon for local, independent bookstores. Its owners, Sandi Torkildson and Nancy Geary, are hoping to retire after some years, and are looking for someone to take over the business. The competition among thrift stores is fierce in Madison, with no shortage of spots to browse for vintage hand-me-downs.

Mad City Presidents Cup

But it is certainly homegrown. Founded in Randolph, Wis. One area where a national chain came out on top is outdoor recreation. Although REI , which won this category, is big and national, it is organized as a consumer cooperative. It took years — Dave Cieslewicz was the mayor during the first battles — but the new hotel opened in September and is now a major downtown draw. Location, location, location! True in so many ways, including when it comes to fitness. In addition to weights and cardio machines, it offers personal training, small classes, yoga and a spa.

The spa in Capital Fitness just so happens to also be a winner. Sit back, soak your feet and take in a pretty sweet view of Madison at the same time. Go alone for a cut and color or bring a party — a bridal party, that is. They do it all. For another kind of body adornment, readers head to Capitol City Tattoo. Want to see some of their work? Check out their Instagram account at capitolcitytattoo1. And what better way to show off your new body art than at a yoga class? Inner Fire Yoga offers classes to meet all tastes: hot yoga, power, inner fire flow, slow, candlelight flow, yin and sculpt.

Located now on Odana Road, it continues to repair shoes and other leather products. But exercise is essential. This place has it all. Daycare, grooming, training and pet sitting. Speaking of work, or fun, or networking, or making stuff, Sector67 is your fave coworking space. There is something here for everyone: office space, a machine shop, a welding shop, a computer studio, a sewing studio and 3D printing.

Membership gives you access to the space, tools and equipment. There are also a la carte options. We have two words to share: Get out! Walk away from the Netflix and try some of these favorite destinations. It also provides access to a pair of routes out of town: the Military Ridge State Trail heading west and Badger State Trail south to the Illinois border. Though this is a long way from Vail, the slopes are fun and well maintained. The fairways and greens at the University Ridge Golf Course are in their best shape in years, perhaps owing to the PGA Champions event that premiered this summer.

Truly palatial. Thankfully, owner Cathy Dethmers poured all her grief into creating another space, the High Noon Saloon. The person venue has become a mainstay for musicians near and far. It hosts everything from bluegrass to burlesque as well as tons of CD releases and benefits for local causes, and is home of the live storytelling events for the Moth Madison.

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Whether you want to sing your heart out or listen to someone else sing theirs, Karaoke Kid is the place to be. Since opening in , Plan B has become the premier spot at which to dance the night away in Madison. The elongated rectangle along University Avenue now stretches over the bike and pedestrian path; from indoors, art lovers get a glorious view of Campus Mall enhanced by glittering glassworks.

More art, of course, is housed in the old and new buildings on both sides of the walkway. We have talent!