Life As An Improv

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When we are playful, we are surprised, productive, see new ways and opportunities, are brave to risk and are ultimately more happy. Try it. Play changes everything. Improv opens thinking patterns, can alter choice making and creates new possibilities where before there were none. Improv changes lives. In almost every class, there is always at least one student who has that awakening moment. They discover they are more than how they have been living. I go into corporate settings and teach lawyers, accountants, pharmaceutical reps, property managers and others how to be more authentic leaders, how to work better as a team and how to bring more of themselves to their jobs.

They are relieved, astounded and want more. I respond that this is a practice and they need to practice. Every day is an improvisation. Improv lives in there. It brings possibility, where before there was only dull certainty. It brings breath, where before there was only stale air. It brings the permission to play, where before there were just tired rules.

Why Study Improv? Take a Brave Journey to Become Your Best Self

Blogger Madisyn Taylor said, "Life is more of an improvisation than it is like a play whose lines have already been written, whose end is already known. Like an improviser, we have choices to make and the more we embrace the illusionary quality of the performance, the lighter we can be on the planet, on others, and on ourselves.

Life As An Improv

Kim Schultz is New York-based actor, improviser, and teacher. She runs a school of improv called Kim Schultz Improv , going into organizations to help create better companies, teams and people through authentic living. She will be teaching an improv retreat on the Riviera Maya in Mexico in June at www. For more information on Kim or her classes, please go to www.

By Kim Schultz.

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How, you ask? Here are some of the basics: 1. Say yes Improvisers learn the power of YES. Listen more How many times in a conversation are you just waiting for your turn to talk, certain you know all your partner will say? Make others look good While improvising, your job is to make your scene partners look good, to worry less about your own ego and fears and more about them. Follow the follower In improv, there is no leader and simultaneously, we are all leading. Play Is there enough play in your life? How about you? Waddell Product Manager Google, Inc. I had only other people's feedback to rely on until my own team experienced LifePlays for ourselves on our recent Team Build.

LifePlays' contribution was like a breath of fresh air - their improvisational exercises with us widened the horizon of what we believed was possible and had direct application to the business issues we were working on. As a result the experience was surprisingly refreshing and truly unique from any other of the numerous 'Team Building' activities in which I have participated. Thanksfor leading a unique and enjoyable experience.

It awakens the creativity and imagination many of us haven't felt since childhood. Whether it's a group of 5 or , their lessons will ignite your ability to connect and collaborate with any audience. I've talked with many of the writers and they all really enjoyed and benefited from your session. Several of them also said that when they heard we were going to do improv, they almost made for the door, but ended up really enjoying it.

I appreciate all the time you spent preparing for us and coming up with the game plan. The improv session was a huge success. Many thanks! Becker Google, inc. It was so great to hear people referring to stuff we did in the improv course throughout the rest of the event and afterwards as well. Lots of people have told me how much they enjoyed the improv session, it was definitely a big win. You guys were all fantastic. Ahrens Google Inc. They kept the team engaged and, needless to say, in stitches!

3 improv comedy skills that can help you get ahead at work

The activities brought down inhibitions and encouraged collaboration throughout. They often met via video-conferencing, but rarely in the same room at the same time. Having experienced improv before, he knew that it would make a huge difference in creating a sense of team, and that they would have a really fun time. There was tons of laughter, people learned more about the other team members, and they left with a specific exercise to begin their video-conferences to get everyone as present and connective as they were at the offsite.

Where will this adventure take you?

The head of HR of a large chain saw an opportunity to take team building and infuse it with training. Several stores had newly-minted department managers who had worked their way up the ranks. We ended up working with over 15 of their stores. A public library was shifting its customer service model from employees behind desks answering questions, to one of employees on the floor interacting with, and empowering, the library patrons. This was a huge shift that necessitated a completely new way of interacting. A staff member in learning and development saw how improv skills could be used to promote innovation.

We worked with this group to first introduce them to the skills of improv. They often presented in teams, and the desire was to create more equality in those presentations so that the presenters felt more equal a company value , and also so that prospective clients would see a confident, unified team, not just one strong presenter with some quiet colleagues. By the end of the session, the presenters were trading off seamlessly and felt confident, equal, and supported while giving team presentations.

The conference is highly participatory and focuses on innovating education at all levels. Here, Chris Miller kicks off the conference with an inspiring talk of how and why improv, and the skills embedded in improv, are an essential part of the conference. The APDF conference is a national meeting of designers and design firms to get together and share successes, best practices, and learn new skills.

We came in to facilitate a session on brainstorming using skills from improvisational theater.

We discussed key tenets of improv, practiced them through exercises, and then applied them to brainstorming and collaboration. We came into Comrade and facilitated a half-day workshop on presentation skills, and collaboration. Somatic, insight-driven, focused sessions to practice not just talk about and implement game-changing new choices at work.

Improv Activities in a Studio in New York City

Chris Miller co-founded Lifeplays in to bring the radically collaborative skills embedded in improv into innovative organizations. He holds a degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and in his free time can most likely be found rock climbing, boogie boarding, or playing music. He challenges leaders, groups and companies to stretch farther and achieve more. He is a master coach and facilitator who empowers you to discover and develop your best self.

As a consultant for LifePlays, Rich integrates improv tools and mindsets into his work on creativity, innovation and leadership on organizational stages around the world.