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It can wait until tomorrow! It is called "Sand Gravity! That's why some resorts employ beach waiters and waitresses. The far-gone sufferer has taken to bringing along a portable collapsible cooler so that liquid libations will never be more than an arms length away.

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The disease gets progressively worse as time goes on. Even couch potatoes are more active than DIF sufferers! Another symptom of the disease has been reported by flight attendants, who say that spouses have been observed dragging their mates aboard aircraft leaving for home. The afflicted have been heard to scream, "One more day -- just one more day!!! There is no known cure for DIF! All of the people who tried to find a cure, were themselves afflicted and ran off to some Caribbean location!

There are only "treatments" for this dreaded affliction.

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The treatment consists of a large "dose" of warm Caribbean sunshine, soft sandy beaches, warm Caribbean sea water and many cold drinks served at a beach bar. There is a downside to this however.

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The afflicted build up a resistance to the treatments and have to return more and more frequently and for longer periods to relieve the symptoms! The CDC and our government don't even acknowledge that this disease exists because they don't want to have a mass panic and have all of the citizens rush to the Caribbean. The main problem is, DIF is something that you either already have -- or something you will get! This must be another name for CWS.

I know exactly when I first contracted it.

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It was in January of , and then I had a relapse in November of that same year. The really insidious thing about the disease is that I seem to have an acute attack every winter. And it remains a chronic condition throughout the rest of the year. Im so glad you posted this i thought i was the only suffer, mine started in in Antigua and had a relapse in , and in fact every year since.

I have tried to get some relieve by visiting Jamaica , Dominican, Barbados , and my only hope now is this year in Cuba , one can only hope a cure is found soon for this terrible affliction. All my best to all the Koo Koo 4 Cuba bunch. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. A washer and dryer on each level was a stroke of genius! Many games of pool were enjoyed, and the Murphy beds were great for our teenage boys.

The outdoor shower was a necessity, and there were even boogie boards for the kids to use. The only thing I would change is the window in the private bathroom of the bedroom on the front of the house on the main level because the "sister" house next door has a window looking right into the shower. We are glad you enjoyed the home and are delighted that Island Fever's unique accessibility features made your father's stay more comfortable.

We will take a look at the high window you mentioned and add a better privacy solution for future guests. We hope to have you and your family back on the Island and at Island Fever again soon for more family fun!

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This is a beautiful home right on the gulf with massive decks extending off the main floor and the two back bedrooms upstairs. Lots of incredible detail work throughout the home. Eight adults shared the house on a recent golf trip and space was more than adequate. Would love to go back in warmer months to truly enjoy everything this property has to offer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your recent stay. We are delighted you enjoyed your time at the house and on the Island. We hope to see you soon for a warmer, sunnier visit!

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View all 23 photos. House sq. It's a feeling that you are confined to a small space and limited by just what is in that space. For a surfer you might think of it like this. A surfer living in California can get in a car and drive down to Mexico to surf or up to Oregon.

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In Hawaii you have to get on a plane or a boat to go somewhere else then rent a car so a much bigger hassle. Kids grow up here and learn about the big wide world and they sometimes also feel restricted unlike someone living in say New York city where you can do anything you want any time of day except surfing. If you had to chose between marriage and surfing would you pick a longboard or a shortboard?

Island fever was a common phrase among the expat community there since the island was 13 miles by 3 miles Here in Bali there are a lot more people nearly 4m vs. I've lived on islands of various sizes for a good portion of my life Japan, Philippines, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Java, Bali and home is where I hang my hat now I don't get "island fever" because this is home now So I would say that either native or non native, if you feel that you are "home" then you'll be immune to island fever.

I grew up in Hawaii and never felt rock fever but have seen it so many times in others who move here. I think enjoying the activities available to you on the rock are the best protection from getting rock fever. Obviously if you want to do something not on the rock that is when it becomes a problem. I went to school in Colorado for four years and while at college I was surprised to find a lot of Hawaii kids there. They invited me to join the 30 to 50 member "Hawaii Club" which was formed from students who were homesick and missed Hawaii.

It just cracked me up they would choose a college so far away and then spend a lot of time and effort trying to deal with homesickness. Now moved to a bigger island There's so much to see and do in Tokyo AND the cost of living is cheaper here. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Sometimes they need to accomplish something first like completing terms of employment or selling a house or staying for a lease agreement or waiting for their kids to grow up. Over the years I've spoken with teachers from Hawaii at educational conferences and many complained of not having enough to do.