Der Ramses-Code: Roman (German Edition)

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Jacqueline Ann C. Pasha L. Golda S. Former Commander, Southwest Army, Japan. Garcia, Office of the Ombudsman, Republic of the Philippines. Hendra W. Arie M. Richard W. International Islamic University, Selangor, Malaysia. Lai-Lynn Angelica B. Narendra Jatna , S. Renan E. Justice Josue N. Endang S. Harjono, S. Widodo Ekatjahjana, S. Bilveer Singh , S. Synergy or Rivalry? Hoo Tiang Boon , S. Samuel C. Alan Chong Chia Siong , S. Carlyle A. Alistair David Blair Cook , S. Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman , S. Koesnadi Kardi, M. Arabinda Acharya , S. Janedjri M. Klaus W. LH 9,10 fig.

September , Mainz , no. Derchain, zwei Kapellen des Ptolemaios I. Soter, 21, fig.

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Kayser , Im Reich des Osiris. Similar B.

Kofler-Truniger, Luzern, Berlin , f. LXX a. See also A. Bowman, Egypt after the Pharaohs, California , no. Literature before and a color photo see now the catalogue written by R. Ritner , An unusual offering table in Dallas, in Acta Demotica. Van Siclen , An illustrated checklist for Mummies, Myths and Magic, VA 6, , 27 mentions a wooden coffin in the shape of a baboon and an statue of Thot in a private collection, probably from Tuna el-Gebel E.

The Brooklyn mirror no. Westendorf , Kunst im Bild. The oracle inscriptions and other papyri M. Hughes , A demotic plea to Thot in the library of G.


Kaplony-Heckel , Demotika in Mallawi, in: GM 89, , mentions an unpublished bulk of 11 demotic papyri, partly now edited by Zaghlul, and other unpublished papyri, probably from the catacombs, like Brussels E Oracle matters are found in the papyrus fragment Cat. Museum Mallawi No. BM , , ex collection Michelides J.


Louvre E and E , mentioning an embalmer Heriu, responsible for the ibises north of Hermopolis, but see the corrections of the article by Zauzich, in: Enchoria 9, , E. Mallawi S. Mallawi J. Quaegebeur , Twee laategyptische teksten rond dieren verering, in: Schrijvend verleden. Documenten uit het Oude Nabije Oosten vertaald en toegelicht, ed.

Clarysse et alii, Egyptian Religion. Mallawi G.

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Vittman , Zwei demotische Briefe an den Gott Thot, in: Enchoria 22, , an inscription on linen concerning struggles about an ibiotropheion, dated at about BC, published after a photo ex collection Michaelides and a letter in the Austrian National Library, P. Mallawi Inv. Zauzich in: Enchoria , , K. Zauzich , Einige Bemerkungen zu den demot. Papyri Louvre E. The papyri mention sites in the Delta. Zauzich , Eine unerkannte Orakelfrage, in: Enchoria , , P.

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Mattha , Rights and duties of the eldest son according to the native Egyptian laws of succession of the third century B. Hughes B.

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Cairo JdE , , 89, see pl. Review s. Pestman , in: Essays on oriental laws of succession, ed. Brugman — M. David — F. Kraus — P. Pestman — M. Title deeds and Hypallagma, in: E. Dresserl — W. Bat 23, , P. Pestman , Remarks on the legal manual of Hermopolis: A review-article, in: Enchoria 12, , review of Grunert, P.

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Roca-Puig, ed. Janeras, Barcelona , mentions the legal papyrus P. Pestman , Inheriting in the archive of the Theban choachytes, in: S. Sitzungsberichte der Akad. Winter, ed. Minas — J. Zeidler, Mainz , mentions Legal Manual col.

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  • Tuna el-Gebel: Egyptological Bibliography by Dieter Kessler | Projekt Tuna el-Gebel;

IX, 30ff. The Aramaic Papyri selected literature W. IV from Tuna, with literature E. Bresciani — M. XII, Rom , first publication S. Hoftijzer , De Hermopolis-papyri. Arameese brieven uit Egypte 5e eeuw v. In: Schrijvend verleden. Porten — J. Porten — A. Greek inscriptions selected literature D. Bailey , Ann Arbor , see p.

Barette — B. Bernand , Alexandrie la Grande, , hymns of Isidora E. Bernand, in: ZPE 87, , O. Robert, in: Bull. Thynis and Dizionario IV, Milano , s. Further see Supplemento 1 , Milano , s. Thynis and Supplemento 2 , Bonn , s. Sarapieon, 7th c. AD, monastery M. Chaveau — H. Serapieon; Thynis M. Dunand , Chr. Malinine — J. I-XV from Tuna W. Peek, Grabepigramme, Berlin , no. Bernand W. II, , see also the article of Goossens F.

Preisigke — F. Michaelides: a metric inscription probably from Tuna T. Thomas , Late Antique Egyptian funeray sculpture, Princeton , Vergote , Toponymes anciennes et modernes du nome Hermopolite, Studi in onore di A.

Calderini e R. Paribeni, Mailand , II, replaced by the book of M. Drew-Bear Because of that, both are considered interesting targets of treatment. Anemia is often treated using erythropoietin EPO injections. The benefits hereof are limited while it bears the risk of severe side effects. I show that one fourth of patients with heart failure does not respond well to EPO, and that it is difficult to predict which patients this will be. Additionally, I show that subjects from the general population, who produce high EPO levels, have more cardiovascular risk factors and are at increased risk of developing heart failure.

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