World War III: Americas Last Stand

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When a peace summit upon the QE2 is attacked by terrorists, estranged brothers, one an ATF agent, the other a Secret Service agent, must come together to thwart the extremist's plans. South Korean agents Ryu and Lee are tracking a female assassin from North Korea who has mysteriously disappeared. With new killings and the theft of a deadly bomb, time is running out to catch her. R min Action. PG min Action, Thriller. Not Rated min Thriller. A psychological thriller. Mace Sowell, an ex-intelligence operative whose past government activities catches up with him, faces his own mortality, in the shape of the on-set of Alzheimer's James Bond heads to stop a media mogul's plan to induce war between China and the UK in order to obtain exclusive global media coverage.

Not Rated min Action. On the day of the U. The effects of a nuclear holocaust on the working class city of Sheffield, England and the eventual long-term effects of nuclear war on civilization. Votes: 9, PG min Drama, Thriller. Fifteen strangers take part in an experiment to learn whether such a group can survive in a cramped disaster fallout shelter. PG 90 min Drama. The crew of a naval destroyer is forced to confront the reality of a new existence when a pandemic kills off most of the earth's population.

Votes: 51, After a plane explodes over Washington D. Mark Brydon finds himself caught up in a potentially damaging diplomatic incident. Not Rated min Sci-Fi. A television program is interrupted by a news network announcing that three meteors have hit the United States, France and China. At first, it seems natural but after interviews by On the eve of the last year of the twentieth century, a nervous military leader assembles a team to help him deal with an unforeseen problem, as they are being alerted of a long missing A US Air Force pilot steals a nuclear bomb and sets off on what he believes is a divine mission against an American city.

Korea's first nuclear submarine. Armed with nuclear weapons and a crew with no record of existence, it embarks on a do-or-die mission into the deep waters of the Pacific. R 98 min Drama, History, Thriller. The haunted Captain of a Soviet submarine holds the fate of the world in his hands. Forced to leave his family behind, he is charged with leading a covert mission cloaked in mystery. R min Drama, Thriller. R min Action, Adventure, Thriller. A mild-mannered chemist and an ex-con must lead the counterstrike when a rogue group of military men, led by a renegade general, threaten a nerve gas attack from Alcatraz against San Francisco.

PG min Drama. A nuclear physicist concludes that constant nuclear testing will bring about the apocalypse, so he attempts to warn US and USSR officials, as well as contact a Portuguese women who claims Virgin Marry warned her about this in Director: Richard C. R 93 min Action. IMDb More. Copy from this list Export Report this list.

Pictures of African Americans During World War II

Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. IMDb user rating average 1 1. Whenever possible, original captions are used and appear in quotation marks; however, no attempt was made to verify completely the accuracy of all the information included in these captions.

Obvious errors and misspellings were corrected, but no effort was made to standardize identification of military ranks, which were cited by photographers in various ways. Many of the captions were edited for length, and extraneous information and pejorative terms were eliminated. Conversely, information was sometimes added to help the reader understand a caption. Within an original caption, this additional material appears in brackets.

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When no caption was available, one was created. If the photographers, artists, locations, or dates of the photograph were known, they also are listed. Following all of this information in the caption are image identification numbers, which are printed in italics. At the end of this pamphlet are instructions for ordering complete sets of slides from this and other Select Audiovisual Records leaflets. Prints, negatives, or slides of individual items listed in the leaflets may also be ordered.

With the exception of three color posters indicated by an asterisk following the identification number , all of the pictures in this list are available only as black-and-white reproductions. Indicate as specifically as possible the desired names, dates, places, events, subjects, and other details.

Please limit each request to three items. Barbara Lewis Burger researched, selected, and arranged the items for this list and wrote the introductory information. Bragg, NC in color guard ceremony. Columbus, Georgia. Victor Tampone. James Shellman, Gilbert A.

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Terry, John W. Phoenix, Curtis A. Richardson, and Leslie B. Gordon A. Walter C. Jackson, Sgt. David D. Jones, and WO Carlyle M. September 22, This picture shows a couple of the men enjoying a hot meal for a change. Massacre Bay, Attu, Aleutian Islands. Detachments of Negro troops were among the latest arrivals with the American forces in Northern Ireland. August American Army Engineer task force in Liberia find themselves in a land from which their ancestors came.

Wash day and Pvt. Jack David scrubs out his things on top of a table made from native trees. July Fred Morgan. Edward Grefe. Army soldier and a Chinese soldier place the flag of their ally on the front of their jeep just before the first truck convoy in almost three years crossed the China border en route from Ledo, India, to Kunming, China, over the Stilwell road. John Gutman. Another soldier sits disconsolately awaiting further orders of transportation.

Carter, Jr. Gaines, and Private Willie Tellie. John C. Ford M. They are members of Co. E, 25th Combat Team, 93rd Division George S. Patton, U. Jonathan Hoag, Pozzuoli area, Italy. Zacariah Gibbs. May Joseph T. Joseph Jackson John D. William A. Omaha Beachhead, near Vierville-sur-Mer, France. Carlton Chapman November 5, They have been following the advance of the infantry and are now setting up this new position.

Nelson T. Bennie Burns, Sgt. Vincent MacNeill, Sgt. Frank Mack, Pfc. John A. Barbee, and Sgt. Thomas G. July 13, Third Army, move a barrel of oil in preparation to refilling an M-2 smoke generator, which spews forth a heavy cloud of white smoke. These men are engaged in laying a smoke screen to cover bridge building activities across the Saar River near Wallerfangen, Germany. George Cofield Ninth Army Engineers.

Weber and Pfc. Edward M. March This company is credited with liquidating several machine gun nests November German prisoner wearing civilian clothes, sits in jeep at south gate of walled city of Lucca, Italy, awaiting removal to a rear area. September Robert Askew Overshoes proved their worth and helped prevent trench foot during the rains. December Here a bazooka-man cuts loose at the target some yards distant. German forces in Italy have since capitulated unconditionally.

In this newly liberated city the 92nd Division troops enter the Galleria Guiseppe [sic] Garibaldi. Ezekia Smith, th Inf. Here, surgeon stitches the wound. Fifth Army, Pietrasanta Area, Italy. In the foreground, head bared, is 1st Lt. Andrew Lane. February Both the map and the briefing chart right indicate another objective in Germany will soon be on the receiving end of their bullets and bombs.

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  • The men are members of the 15th U. Dempsey W. Morgan, Jr. Car roll S. Woods; Lt. Robert H. Nelson, Jr. Andrew D. Turner; and Lt. Clarence P. Army Air Forces fighter squadron, credited with shooting down 8 of the 28 German planes destroyed in dog-fights over the new Allied beachheads south of Rome, on Jan. Negro members of this squadron, veterans of the North African and Sicilian campaigns, were formerly classmates at a university in the southern U.

    Like cavalrymen of old, they ride down the enemy in their flying steeds and have destroyed German installations and personnel throughout Europe. They are members of the 15th U. Turner], who in a few minutes will be escorting heavy bombers en route to enemy targets, signals to the chief of his ground crew before taking off from a base in Italy. He is a member of the 15th U. Army Air Force, which has been smashing enemy objectives in Germany and the Balkans with both fighter and bomber craft. The pilot's plane, a Mustang, is named for a type of wild horse that once roamed in America.

    Marshall, pilot in a Negro fighter group of the Mediterranean Allied Air Force had his plane shot up by flak during a strafing mission over Greece before the Allied invasion. When he came down all that was left of the plane was his engine and himself. But he only suffered some bruises and cuts.

    Greeks hid him from the Nazis, then directed him to the British forces when they parachuted into Greece. Here Lt. Marshall tells an American pilot of the 51st Troop Carrier Wing of his harrowing experience.

    Who Would Win World War 3?

    October La Guardia this afternoon. They are shown on the steps of City Hall as the mayor greeted their commanding officer, Maj. Galen B.

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    Lemuel R. Custis left and Charles B. Hall, of the 99th Fighter Squadron of the U. Their all-Negro squadron first went into action in North Africa on June 4, , and is now closely supporting Allied ground forces advancing in Italy. The fighter group flies all types of combat missions--bomber escort, dive bombing, patrol for beachheads, and strafing. In one year, the squadron has made more than 3, sorties and has shot down 17 planes, scored 3 probables and damaged 6 other planes. June Lee Rayford The nature of his assignment here has not been announced. Other pilots formerly assigned to the 99th now back in America include 1st Lts.

    Walter I. Lawson, Charles W. Dryden, Graham Smith and Louis R. Air Force checks ammunition belts of the. The 15th Air Force was organized for long range assault missions and its fighters and bombers range over enemy targets in occupied and satellite nations, as well as Germany itself. Air Force in Italy place a loaded wing tank on a P Mustang before the group takes off on another mission escorting bombers over enemy targets. The squadron uses the auxiliary fuel tanks for long distance flights.

    Charles K. James A. Frank Bradley. Their outfit, the 99th Fighter Squadron, bagged 12 Nazi fighter planes in two days. Wendell O. Samuel W. William Accoo Air Force, washes down the P Mustang fighter plane of his pilot with soap and water before waxing it to give it more speed. Alfred D. Air Force, closes the canopy of a P Mustang for his pilot, Capt. William T. Left to right: Lt. Benjamin O. Davis, C.

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    Hayden C. Johnson, Adjutant; Capt. Jones, Service Det. Thompson, Armaments; Lt. Hervert E. Carter, Engineers; Lt. Erwin B. Lawrence, Operations; Lt. George R. Currie, Ordnance.

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    Now it's Sgt. Wilson and Pvt. Robinson in the same Aviation Squadron at Mitchel Field, New York, and they stand shoulder to shoulder--ready for a fight to the death on the Axis. Navy submarine chaser [PC ] salutes the United States flag as the foot long escort vessel is commissioned in a U. East Coast port. As soon as they qualify through experience and training, eight members of the crew of 53 Negro sailors will replace the present chief petty officers.

    They have been doing proficient work under battle conditions on a task force in the Pacific under the instruction of the officers at the right. This took place at Little Bighorn, which is a river. Custer had come out of the Civil War, and many of the officers he served with had also served in the Civil War, but they turned their attention against the Native Americans. My eye first goes to the section of the Muslim where we see five circles with a series of teepees that radiate from that center.

    The encampment to the left is of the Cheyenne Indians who were, at that time, great allies with the Lakota people. These shields have incredible spiritual power, and in this rendering, you can see One Bull at several different moments of time, the first when he is approaching Reno, the second is when he saves Good Bear, one of the fellow warriors who is just dripping in blood, as well as his horse injured with blood gushing from his right leg. This may be across the river as Reno's troops are trying to retreat up a steep hill.

    Counting coup for Lakota people is striking an enemy. You don't necessarily have to even kill that enemy, but if you're the first to strike that enemy, you have won. One Bull depicts the many, many faceless military men who had died, and the American flag and coup sticks representing all of the achievements of the Lakota and Cheyenne people in this particular event.