Ukrainian Cuisine: Bread, Crepes and Muffins

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You either love it or you hate it but carrot cake is never going out of style. One bite of this cake just might win you over if you are not a fan of carrot cake. When covered with a creamy goat cheese frosting or traditional cream cheese frosting it is hard to resist. Applesauce can be substituted for pineapple and if you are allergic to walnuts they can be omitted from the recipe. Kung Pao Chicken is the perfect weeknight dinner.

Skip the take-out counter and create a healthier version that can be ready in under an hour and the entire family will love it! Need a new way to spruce up those Thanksgiving leftovers? Well, look no further because this ultimate pizza is made with turkey, Brussels sprouts and includes a savory makeover to your traditional cranberry sauce. This pizza will make you wish it was Thanksgiving every week. This simple, savory pork shoulder is infused with the flavors of bright citrus, plenty of garlic and dried herbs and spices as it marinates overnight.

Before a slow simmer with sweet onion and spicy Serrano chilies, the roast is browned to bring out the rich, deep flavors of the meat. Make this complete meal, ideally suited for entertaining or a luscious Sunday supper—all in just one pan. If "Crazy Rich Asians" didn't already whet your appetite for Singapore, let the multitude of dishes served in the hawker centers entice you further.

These open-air food courts are always open for business, and it's not uncommon to see hungry people scooping up bowls of savory curry noodles first thing in the morning. For a traditional hawker-style breakfast, kaya toast is a must-have. This unassuming-looking toasted sandwich is spread with flavorful kaya, a sweet jam made with coconut milk, eggs, and sometimes pandan leaf for vibrant green color and flavor.

It's great with coffee or tea, and each stall or shop makes kaya toast its own way -- so why not try a few? Along with mint tea, semolina breads are mainstays on the Moroccan breakfast table. Baghrir are thin, yeasted rounds studded with tiny holes that give them the name "thousand-hole pancakes" or "thousand-hole crepes.

Harcha are thicker, griddled biscuit-style rounds that have a crispy crust from a dusting of coarse semolina. They can be split like English muffins and served with cheese or butter, jam, and honey. Australian breakfasts range, but a mainstay is avocado toast topped with an egg. With a focus on fresh produce, whole grains, and nourishing combinations, Australian breakfasts can range from the classic avocado toast on seeded bread to a farro bowl topped with a poached egg and pickled vegetables or rice pudding with yogurt, seeds and berries.

Don't forget the flat white -- an espresso with a high ratio of steamed milk that even Starbucks can't get enough of. There's one word that defines the Argentinean breakfast spread: facturas. The overarching term for pastries encompasses a sweet and doughy world of shapes, sizes, and flavors. Some of the more popular offerings include medialunes, a croissant-shaped brioche pastry; bombas and bolas de fraille, or fried doughnuts; and churros, which are often dipped in chocolate. Many are filled with dulce de leche or crema pastelera, a vanilla custard. Pair a platter of facturas with highly caffeinated yerba mate or coffee.

This buffet spread is filled with variety: sausages, cold cuts, cheeses, bread and rolls including pretzels , as well as fresh fruit, soft-boiled eggs and condiments like homemade jam. The abundant choices are meant for sampling and assembling as you please. Brazil's bolo de fuba is a cornbread-style cake with a texture both moist and creamy.

If you can't stop eating pao de queijo, the puffy baked cheese rolls that are a staple of Brazilian culture, you'll be happy to know you can eat them for breakfast too. But for a variation on Brazilian breakfast breads, try bolo de fuba. Sliced and served like a pound cake, it's frequently an afternoon pick-me-up too. Fans of savory meals will love lablabi, a spiced chickpea soup that, yes, is a breakfast food in Tunisia. Chickpeas and harissa paste are the two constants in virtually every lablabi recipe, but the customizations of this simple, soul-warming soup are up to every cook. Sometimes thickened with pieces of stale crusty bread, sometimes brightened by a squeeze of a lemon, sometimes made creamy with yogurt or topped with olives, there are infinite ways to enjoy it.

And because it's often topped with a poached egg, it's a breakfast that will fill you up all day. Popara follows in the long tradition of using leftover bread as the next day's meal. This warm, comforting breakfast is a childhood favorite of many Bulgarians -- it's not quite a porridge and not quite a bread pudding, but shares characteristics of both. Warm milk or tea is poured over a bowl of cubed bread, crumbled Bulgarian sirene cheese, butter and sugar, and left to soak until soft and spoonable. Thanks, anyway, though: You got me to try doing it at all.

You can tell if the lump is flour or butter by, well, squeezing it. I had the same problem as Heidi comment I have a whisk but I think the problem was the cold eggs and milk. I made the batter yesterday for tonight. I am planning to let it sit out of the fridge for and hour and then give it a whirl in the blender. I have not made crepes in a long time. Usually the batter is much thinner and did not have problems in past.

So I am hopeful the batter will be fine at room temp. That is essentially the recipe that my mother has used for forty years, with only the addition of sugar in our case. Crepes are a sweet thing in my family. I find it easier to use a hand-blender to mix it all — a little more inconvenient with the clouds of flour flying around, but much easier to get it smooth, and also to measure the consistency.

But I always do the butter first, add a little milk, add the eggs, then add the rest of the milk, and only put the flour in at the end, so all the liquid ingredients are smooth before the flour goes in. My crepes cooked easily in cast iron pan after batter was chilled in fridge.

Perfect Crepes

I did add cup plus of milk to thin the batter and let the batter come to cool room temp. They were fun to make! I found that once I got going I did not have to rebutter the cast iron. That was a plus…. Perfect recipe, perfect instructions. These were amazing. This is what happens if you suddenly have a great desire for crepes and must have them cooked right away. Thus I mixed up half the recipe just for myself and my husband and cooked them without waiting the hour or any time at all.

Guess what? They turned out perfectly. So I can not figure out what the waiting part in the refrigerator is all about. I took the chance because I have made crepes for years and never had any wait time. I did mix them up with a hand mixer so the batter was smooth when I started. No waiting turns out to be just fine in this recipe. Could they be better somehow with the wait? I served them with my own homemade vanilla yogurt and fresh blueberry sauce and I would do it again! Thanks for the yummy recipe. I made this recipe tonight for a savory crepe dinner based on wonderful dish I had in Mexico.

I made a 1. Recipe was perfect. I knocked the crepes out so easily and the stored perfectly, stacked in the fridge until I was ready to assemble to casserole. No sticking at all. Thank you, Merci, Gracias! My favorite crepe that I get when I visit my local French bakery is spinach and goat cheese drizzled with honey on top. I have made these twice since you posted this. Lately we are using up a whole ham that I cooked for my husband and myself. The filling is hot so we toss in a some finely diced cubes of cheddar.

The cheddar softens and almost melts, but no extra steps. The easiest of all for dessert is after putting batter in pan sprinkle about 1 tsp of raw sugar on just before you flip it. After flipping sprinkle on anothe tsp or so of sugar. The sugar on the outside caramelizes and the inside gets a nice crunchy texture from the sugar. Deb, I have a crepe question. I make mine from milk, eggs, flour, 1 tsp sugar, salt, oil and water. In terms of technicality I cannot complain about mine. They come out without holes and I have no trouble flipping them over. What do you think the difference would be between mine and yours?

Would yours taste better? Should I try yours? Make sure you have a good nonstick pan. Have you ever frozen crepes? Marina — Great to hear about the buckwheat flour. More in a few days. Made a big pile of crepes this afternoon because I finally had a day off and jamming nag everything in my fridge into a crepe for the rest of the week sounded delightful.

My brother is not a fruit fan so he filled his with baked bacon, a drizzle of chocolate syrup and a drizzle of maple syrup. He ate 3 that way so I assume they were tasty. Thanks for the crepe suggestion!

Variations to the Best Crepe Recipe

Unfortunately, these were not failproof for me… I followed the instructions to a T, including not sweating the slightly lumpy batter when I refrigerated it. When I pulled the batter out 1. I whisked and whisked and whisked, trying to get rid of the chunks.

I had some success, but eventually gave up and made crepes anyway with the batter. The crepes cooked well, but were full of the little chunks. Unfortunately this recipe was a miss for me. The same happened for me, and here is what I would do next time: mix all the wet ingredients together, and then incorporate the flour.

Deb, I know every recipe fir crepe batter says to refrigerate for some period of time before cooking, but I will admit to rarely doing this as my crepes are usually made fir hungry children on a weekend morning with no advanced planning. I use an immersion blender in a 4 cup measuring cup or larger container I can pour directly out of, blend and start cooking. Almost no clean up. They come out great, texture and flavor is wonderful, so I never stress about skipping the chilling.

21 Easy Crepe Recipes You'll Regret Not Trying

I have been freezing crepes for years. I stack with parchment or wax paper in between. Then you can take one out at a time and reheat quickly very quickly in a pan or the microwave. We made these this morning! PS We made ours with a half whole wheat, half white flour mixture. So… I stacked these without putting parchment or anything between them. I wrapped them really well in plastic and let them cool overnight in the fridge. I then popped them in the freezer. I put the whole stack in the microwave and defrosted them in 2-minute increments. No sticking, no tearing!

I just made these… cakewalk!! And delicious! My daughter was hungry, I had everything I needed including a jar of Nutella!! The only dumb thing I did was pour cold milk into the melted butter… duh! I keep thinking of all the things I could put in these to make a meal. Any leftover with a bit of cream, really — add a salad and you have a very fast and satisfying weeknight dinner! I made these for breakfast this morning: perfection. Unfortunately I may have created a monster because now my son wants them again tomorrow!

Happy to report that making four times this recipe yielded about crepes smaller than 9 inches though , which were made the night before our crepe party in pans on the stove.

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Great recipe, though. Maybe some kinks still getting worked out? Will need to figure out a workout. Sorry for the trouble. This is really perfect. Exactly what is needed, since BFF said she wanted to have a crepe party and I generally end up doing the cooking…. Because of the french spelling of the title, this recipe is not coming up when I search for crepes on your site.

But I found it! I think I messed up! I added the flour the the butter first and stirred a bit, and then added the other ingredients. I sort of strained it and hoped for the best, and it worked ok! Next time I will mix the wet ingredients and then add the flour. I served with maple syrup and strawberry jam. This happened to me too! I did this for my neighborhood holiday party, and it was a HUGE success! When I added the ingredients, things did seem to get chunky and lumpy but I kept mixing and all was good once I added it to the skillet.

I thought there would be a huge learning curve on how the crepes turned out, but they truly were failproof. Everyone loved it! I just tried this with gluten free flour and it worked very well! They worked beautifully! Thanks for the recipe! I made this recipe for my book club last weekend and can attest to its ease. You will be too.

How to cook Ukrainian pancakes nalysnyky: recipes

Though time-consuming, the resulting crepes were absolutely fantastic and so fun for everyone to DIY toppings. Each crepe took around three minutes to make, but I prepped the day before and just rewarmed the crepes in the oven. Notes: 1. They disappear upon cooking. Tripling the recipe gave me 24 crepes. Buy that fish spatula! It made flipping a breeze. It worked just fine. The crepes are amazingly easy to make, I had no sticking problems. One recipe and I had enough for dinner with a spinach and goat cheese filling as well as dessert with butter and cinnamon sugar. I am no longer crepe-phobic!

The first crepe recipe that actually worked for me!! I whizzed everything in the blender the night before and stored the batter in a tupperware. This morning they cooked up with no problem at all. We added parsley and scallions to the batter and filled them with white cheddar. Thanks, Deb! Nice to meet you in Boston last week :. Thank you so much for this wonderful crepe recipe! I have been visiting your site for several months now and have made a handful of your recipes, all of which have been a delight to both make and eat, but this is my first time leaving a comment.

Today after a slight mishap with the first one I turned on only half the burner when heating the pan so the middle cooked but the edges were still liquid I turned out a batch of the most deliciously delicate yet sturdy golden brown eggy soft crepes I have ever tasted! I cant wait to make them again for my boyfriend, which I have been promising to attempt for the last several weeks as we currently find ourselves in a semi-weekly breakfast making challenge. Thank you so much for this recipe and for sharing your knowledge and skills with us! We had an amazing time learning how to make them on our trip to France, but I never got the courage to try doing it on my own.

You guys are going to hate me. I actually made a slightly different recipe — it had one less egg and only 1. However, what I wanted to point out is that on a non-stick pan I only had to butter for the first crepe. After that, pan had a slightly buttery sheen as each crepe was removed. I suspect the butter from the batter renders out a little. Second, I realized that once the first side is cooked enough, I can just lift up the crepe with my fingers and flip it over.

No need for a spatula, let alone two. These were so easy to make! My son requested crepes to go with the giant jar of Nutella from Costco for dinner at 6pm on a Thursday. I knew I would find the perfect recipe with you Deb! Now we are excited to host a brunch crepe party! I have been cooking a very long time and have made a far number of crapes but I must say that these are far my best effort. During my search I stumbled across your recipe, and it sounded perfect.

My one deviation was to use canned skim milk. The results were wonderful. I am making three ends of entree filled crepes for a shower curry chicken chicken seafood can I fill the newly made crepes with stuffing and freeze for a few days how would I rewarm these? I appreciate any help I see lots of suggestions for freezing the crepe but not with filling. Thank you for taking the intimidation factor out of making crepes! My batter was a little lumpy, but cooked up fine as promised. This recipe is a keeper!

Hear me out: The batter takes seconds to assemble including the 30 to melt the butter in the microwave. Make them all the day before and be amazed that the difference once rewarmed is undetectable. Some people like Nutella and berries with breakfast, other people like ham and cheese. These, too, are meant to be prepared ahead, if you like to sleep in on brunch mornings as much as me. Think taco bars are fun? This is the fancy brunch equivalent. Like mine. Rate this:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Mike — I am basically asking for trouble. Tara — My bad. You put the whole amount in at once. Now fixed. Gorgeous photos and delicious ideas as always. You are my culinary hero.

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Do you rewarm the crepe after you add the toppings?

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