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You do not need to regenerate the key - you can use the same one that was sent to you. After you have entered the API key in the settings page, click the "Validate" button.

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On success, open up google. You should see the data for keyword as shown in the screenshot below. The browser addon sends your keywords to our server in order to retrieve the keyword metrics we need to show you.

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We value privacy highly. Your keyword data is never saved or used for any purposes, other than to show you the keyword metrics. This is because we feel uncomfortable having a third party monitor our searches and feel that you might have the same concerns. We append the data onto the different sites directly. Therefore from a technical point of view, sorting the data is impossible. Search Volume : This is an average of the total searches that people have performed for this keyword per month over the last 12 months. For e.

Competition : The competition is a gauge of the number of advertisers that are running ads on Google adwords for this specific keyword. The number goes from 0 to 1, with lower values signifying less number of advertisers and higher values signifying more advertisers. Only Google releases their search volume.

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Amazon, YouTube and other websites do not release this volume. All tools that show volume for these sites including paid tools use the Google volume to estimate what volumes would be at these sites. We think having the Google volume is better than any of these estimates, as you can rely on the Google numbers instead of having to rely on an unknown algorithm that estimates those numbers.

You can reset your API key from here.

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You need to enter the email address you used to register. A reset link will be sent to you at this email address. Keywords Everywhere. What does Keywords Everywhere do? Keywords Everywhere is a browser addon that has the following functionality Get monthly search volume, cost per click and competition data for your list of keywords.

Select any set of words on any website and right click to get the keyword data for the selected words You are able to view keyword search volume, cost per click and competition data, on many websites like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools now called Search Console , Ubersuggest, Majestic and Moz Open Site Explorer.

How do I Install Keywords Everywhere? The Everywhere Network is a network of independent online marketing agencies in different markets across the globe. Thanks to our local presence, we are in tune with local audiences and local online landscapes.

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Thanks to our cooperation we achieved goals set in our internet marketing strategy, what brought significant increase in the volume of traffic on our website. We are very satisfied with results of the conducted activities. I am positive that our cooperation will be maintained in the future. Personal support and availability are exemplary.

We feel very competently and attentively supported at all times. We are looking forward to continuing our successful collaboration. This corresponds closely to how our own organisation works. Maxlead has now acquired extensive knowledge of the self storage market. The advantage of this type of strong partner is that we have been able to develop a strong online presence and have become more efficient and more effective.


What I like about them is that they get things done and always make an effort to challenge our growth strategies and open their network to their strategic partners.. Great ride so far.. Email: info everywhere-network.

Acting Locally, Thinking Globally We have offices located around the globe with local teams providing local market insight. Local Presence, Individual Attention. Welcome to the Everywhere Network. We specialise in connections. These are our services. International Search Engine Optimisation Content is king, whatever your local language.

International Web Analytics Website visitors in different countries behave differently and interact differently online. International Display advertising As a global brand, you want to be where your customer is. International Content Marketing You want to interact with local audiences.

International Conversion Optimisation You have international visitors but they are not engaging with your brand to become customers. Featured work The partner agencies at The Everywhere Network work together for cross-border clients. A few examples International Analytics Academy The Everywhere Network partners — who already have large experience with Web Analytics — have seen an increasing demand for the Analytics service in a variety of companies.

Find out more Our secret lies in how we are structured Independent partners with a shared vision.

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