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Schwelle is the best solution here. It implies a transition from one state to another.

You have a transition from unpaid to paid overtime. Schwellenwert or Schwellwert would be another possibility if you wanted to emphasise the value at the transition rather than the transition itself. Grenze or Grenzwert is not as good because it implies a limit. However it might be useful if there was an upper limit on how many overtime hours could be paid.

This also emphasizes the fact that it is a value that is being measured, instead of a vague criterium or a notion. It might sound more denglish, just in my opinion it is not uncommon to use it. Maybe because it sounds softer due to "L" instead of "G". Like others stated, it might sound like limiting something. Putting it into the context of payed overtime, it does: it limits the time unpaid. Die Grenze des Landes ist erreicht. I see more the context of "if the limit is reached, we need to take action".

Considering this, I assume something like this for last column. As you did not ask for a full german translation, I did not ask for a english translation I could put the verbs into context, so I might miss the point. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Translation for threshold figuratively Ask Question. Maybe it helps if we consider limit instead of threshold However, in apprenticeships German text the first three months count as probationary period.

Information on the topic of termination during a probationary period German text can be found on the German website at USP. Further information on the topic of working hours German text can be found on the German website at USP. A chapter concerning the working hours of adolescents German text for questions in detail is also available there.

Überstunden zum Nulltarif? Tipps vom Fachanwalt für Arbeitnehmer und Arbeitgeber I Rechtsanwalt

Starting a New Job zur deutschsprachigen Version to the German version. TIP Information on possible allowances can be found in the chapter " Aid for Employees " German text at the German website of oesterreich. Working conditions were highly dangerous. For example, the most primitive means had to be used to handle and assemble extremely heavy armour plating, weighing up to 60 tonnes 66 short tons. Life on the building site and after work was monotonous, and many people gave up and left.

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Most workers received the West Wall Medal for their service. German industry could not deliver as many steel armour plates as were needed for the mounting of weapons in the bunkers. Germany depended on other countries to provide the alloys required to produce armoured plating mostly nickel and molybdenum , so either the armour plates were left out or they were produced with substandard quality replacement materials. The bunkers were still fitted with guns, which proved inadequate early in the war and were subsequently dismantled, but the large-calibre weapons necessary for efficient defence could not be built into the bunkers.

German General Alfred Jodl said after the war that it was "little better than a building site in ", and when Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt inspected the line, the weak construction and insufficient weapons caused him to laugh. Despite France's declaration of war on Germany at the beginning of the Second World War, there was no major combat at the Siegfried Line at the start of the campaign in the west, except for a minor offensive by the French. The Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda drew foreign attention to the unfinished Westwall, in several instances showcasing incomplete or test positions to portray the project finished and ready for action.

When the campaign finished, transportable weapons and materials metal doors for instance were removed from the Siegfried Line and used in other places such as the Atlantic Wall defences. With the D-Day landings in Normandy on 6 June , war in the west broke out once more. Local people were also called in to carry out this kind of work, mostly building anti-tank ditches.

Bin ich hier der Depp?: Wie Sie dem Arbeitswahn nicht länger zur Verfügung stehen by Martin Wehrle

Even during construction, it was becoming clear that the bunkers could not withstand the newly developed armour-piercing weapons. At the same time as the reactivation of the Siegfried Line, small concrete " Tobruks " were built along the borders of the occupied area. These bunkers were mostly dugouts for single soldiers. The Aachen Gap was the logical route into Germany's Rhineland and a main industrial area, and was therefore where the Germans concentrated their defence.


The Americans committed an estimated , troops plus reinforcements to the Battle of Hurtgen Forest. The battle in this heavily forested area claimed the lives of 24, American soldiers plus 9, of so-called nonbattle casualties—those evacuated because of fatigue, exposure, accidents, and disease. This offensive was a last-ditch attempt by the Germans to reverse the course of the war in the West. German loss of life and materiel was severe in the failed effort. There were serious clashes along other parts of the Siegfried Line and soldiers in many bunkers refused to surrender, often fighting to the death.

American units serving under British and Canadian command during the campaign incurred thousands more casualties, bringing total American losses to approximately 68, To this figure should be added the number of nonbattle casualties.

Mein Schutzengel macht Überstunden: Roman (German Edition)

The First Army incurred over 50, nonbattle casualties; the Ninth Army over 20, Thus the overall cost of the Siegfried Line Campaign in American personnel was close to , German propaganda, both at home and abroad, repeatedly portrayed the Westwall during its construction as an unbreachable bulwark. At the start of the war, the opposing troops remained behind their own defence lines. Patton reportedly said "Fixed fortifications are monuments to man's stupidity. In North Rhine Westphalia , about thirty bunkers still remain; most of the rest were either destroyed with explosives or covered with earth.

Tank traps still exist in many areas; in the Eifel , for example, they run over several kilometres. When the base was still open the remnants of several old bunkers could be seen in the tree line as one was driving up to the base's main gate.

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