Your Family Tree Online: How to Trace Your Ancestry From Your Own Computer

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For many people that will be themselves, their parents and their grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

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Beyond that might be a bit fuzzy depending on your family. It is important to pause and set an intention to focus your work. What will make me feel successful with my family tree?

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Learning about your heritage in a specific place? Documenting a specific ancestors life?

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There is no right answer to this — but spending a few minutes feeling into the answers will guide your research. Where did they work? Where did they live? What was happening in that place while they were alive? Were they in the newspapers? What was daily life like in those days? Clarifying the purpose for your genealogy work will save you time and get you to the results that you care about, faster. Can you do genealogy without a computer? Of course. But these days, relying solely on off-line research will be slow and expensive.

I love technology, so my methods of genealogy heavily rely on online research and keeping my tree in a digital format.

There are two types of digital family trees: online and on your computer. I have both. You want to have full control over your family tree. Then no matter what happens with online providers, you have all of the information you need on your local computer. Having an online family tree allows you to connect with distant cousins who are researching the same family lines.

It also provides a bit of insurance for the future as long as that website is around that your family tree will be available to other researchers. To be honest, I started with a family tree on paper, and then on Ancestry. Just create a free account, start a new tree, and enter the data that you know so far. You want to gather information, old photos, stories, the family Bible amazing if you have one — it often has birth, marriage and death dates written inside! I started with my grandparents. Recent records can be more difficult and expensive to obtain than older ones because of data privacy.

I just started with my grandparents. It depends on your situation.

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Choose ONE ancestor to begin your research. For example, your maternal grandmother. Birth, marriage, and death certificates are often floating around in family archives. If not, you can find them online.

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As you find each record, enter the information into your digital family tree. I also like to attach a copy of that record for example, a scan of the document to that person in the tree, so I can easily look at it again and you will, as you start to solve mysteries in the tree! Home Page

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  • Description This is a step-by-step guide to using the wealth of online records to trace your family tree from your own computer, without the need to travel to national and regional record offices. Whether you are a novice or an experienced genealogist, and whether you plan to devote just a few hours of your time or embark on a life-time hobby, this book will guide you through the mass of records available - birth, marriage and death, the census, and much, much more - so that you can trace your line back hundreds of years.

    You will also learn how to upload your results to the internet, both to preserve your family's heritage and to connect with relatives, so that you can exchange photos and reminiscences.

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    Contents: Welcome! What the internet offers the genealogist; 2. How to start; 3. Finding records of birth, marriage and death; 4. Using census records; 5. Other major sources; 6. Military; 7. Wills and where to find them online; 8. Migration; 9. Newspapers; Occupations; The poor and workhouse records; Noble ancestors; Directories; School and university records; Working with the wider context; Family medical history;