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American Slices (The Return of Doctor Mysterio)

Undead Girl Gang. Lily Anderson. Jon McGoran. Ambelin Kwaymullina and Ezekiel Kwaymullina. The Lost Coast. Amy Rose Capetta. In this episode Shana and Daniel are joined by Nicole from the Terminus podcast. She's a big fan of the Moffat era and hates RTD with a burning …. Cuddly genocidal monsters and our …. In this episode Shana and Daniel take a break from Doctor Who partly because doing an hour on Earthshock made for an incredibly boring coversation and instead do a bonus episode discussing the first season of the ….

In this episode, Shana and Daniel do a whirlwind discussion of the last four episodes of Series 9, focusing on the death and resurrection of Clara spoiler alert! Also the return of …. Daniel and Shana are joined by working actor and the current Ben Jackson for Big Finish Elliot Chapman in what was supposed to be a thorough discussion of Castrovalva.

As it happened, very little actual analysis of …. First, though, Daniel rambles on by himself …. First they discuss a bit of the real-world ….

"King of Glory" Todd Dulaney feat Shana Wilson Williams lyrics

Also a brief discussion of "Kill the Moon. And of course a story with the enslavement of an …. In this episode of Oi! Spaceman, Daniel and Shana get silly, discussing being uncomfortably political, read some Twitter messages on the air, and …. In this episode, Daniel and Shana are highly amused and at least somewhat impressed by the second two-part story of Series 9, "Under the ….

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In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by Holly B. In this episode, which was recorded late and was edited minimally -- forgive the animal noises and the verbal tics please -- Daniel and Shana discuss the first two-parter of Series 9: The Magician's Apprentice and The …. In this episode, Shana and Daniel are joined by James Murphy of the Pex Lives podcast to discuss the introduction of Adric and, for this show, 80s ….

First though, lots of discussion of Steven Moffat and the general failures of the …. Also there's some fairly …. In this episode, Shana and Daniel spend quite a bit of time responding to some listener email, defend their general lack of respect for the Moffat …. Along the way, a discussion of doubles in fiction is discussed, as well as a connection to …. Other than the …. In this episode, Shana and Daniel discuss the relationship dynamics of the now-on-Netflix-streaming Series 8 of Doctor Who, viewing the …. Does his signature style work well within the Whoniverse?

Furthermore, is the Fourth Doctor just turning into …. But first they re-introduce themselves for …. When there's a fascinating underlying sociopolitical …. If you know Jack's work at all, you won't …. Lots of sexism, racism, classicism, and various other -isms …. In this episode, Daniel and Shana take a break from hiatus to discuss the one, the only, The Deadly Assassin. Max Mad: Fury Road and the riots in Baltimore were very much on their mind during the recording, so this is a ….

In this episode, Daniel and Shana attempt to do a live commentary for Tom Baker's very first story "Robot. Much merriment was had by all, both onscreen and off. Plus: Omega and hagiography.

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They discuss the Third …. Lots of couples in this one, including a Smithers-Burns relationship between …. Shana and Daniel are joined by Dr. After an unintentional hiatus, Shana and Daniel are back and continuing to discuss Patrick Troughton stories with this: The Enemy of the World, basically just looking through the lens of the massive and amazing cast of ….

In this episode, Shana and Daniel discuss "The War Machines," one of the last First Doctor adventures, and one that would have huge effects on the …. An epic Doctor Who episode deserves an epic celebration of it. Yes, a celebration. Shana and Daniel have a long and lively conversation about the arguably longest single story in Doctor Who history: The Daleks' Master …. The three talk all about the …. In which Shana and Daniel discuss the Christmas special, "Last Christmas," which probably should have just been called "Moff-ception.

How adorable is Vicki? How badass is Barbara? How blockheaded is Ian? And what does the tone of …. In this episode, Shana and Daniel bore you with a long conversation about their time at Chicago TARDIS , including an hour-by-hour itinerary of what they did and didn't do. To liven things up, they talk …. And struggle to keep the puppy quiet. Along the way, discussions of misconceptions about the First Doctor, the creation of the …. In this episode recorded on the day of the 51st anniversary Daniel and Shana discuss the very first episode of Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child.

Are the caveman sequences worth it? Is Barbara really as awesome as fandom …. In what is probably the most literary-discussion episode of our Doctor Who podcast ever, Shana and Daniel discuss "In the Forest of Night. Another episode, another recording style. And another Doctor Who episode Flatline we both really liked.

Score another point for Jamie Mathieson. Here we discuss what we want the Doctor to be, how the simple matter of …. We had some technical problems and life pressures, so this one is a bit shorter than usual. Let us know if you like the shorter format. This one's going up much later than we wanted, but better late than never? This time, Shana and Daniel discuss "Kill the Moon," in …. A bit of a long episode mostly about the intricacies of interpersonal dynamics in Series 8 of Doctor Who so far.

Some really disturbing stuff is lurking under the surface here, and frankly this episode might be tough …. Also Shana …. Was the Matt Smith era just one big mistake? Series 8 has been quite good, and finally we get a very Moffaty episode that Daniel and Shana both quite like. Still lots of problems, though, and a thorough discussion of …. In which Daniel and Shana discuss "Robot of Sherwood," in particular the metafictional nature of mythic heroes meeting discussing mythic heroes, and ….

In this episode, Shana and Daniel actually find a Moffat-era episode they quite like, although that seems to be partly through fulfillment of low …. Heteronormative treatment of a lesbian couple, a truly …. Winding up the discussion of the previous year of Doctor Who, Daniel and Shana discuss the 50th Anniversary special Day of the Doctor, the Christmas Special Time of the Doctor, and in addition the online special Night ….

In which Shana and Daniel discuss the end of Series 7, with much misogynist writing, some shoddy stories, and some overall entertaining acting.

Also comparisons between the Eleventh Doctor and Gregory House. And …. These are …. Amy and Rory leave, Clara shows up for real, and lots of silly sexist …. Lots of Moffat-hate goodness below. In this episode we take a brief look at Asylum of the Daleks, Dinosaurs on a …. Shana was a bit tired at the beginning of this one, but once we started talking about sexy Tom Baker and Lis Sladen she perked right up. Where we've been the last couple of months, a new direction for the podcast, …. Spoiler Alert: they love this episode.

Listen to find out why. Also covered: two listener emails, dealing with the Autons as Body Snatchers and the unlikeability of the Moffat-era protagonists. We talk about Pertwee as the Doctor, the …. In this episode, Daniel and Shana discuss all of the New Who Companions, starting with the six "main companions" and moving on to a discussion of the …. Recorded all of two hours after Episode One, we were perhaps a bit too sleepy to really grapple with "Revenge of the Cybermen" and "Genesis of the Daleks," but no doubt we'll come back to these themes again and again.

In this first official episode of Oi! Also discussed: Doctor Who: …. Welcome one and all to a brand-new Doctor Who podcast, hosted by a husband-and-wife team who just love to talk about all things geeky, specifically Doctor Who. Start listening. Is this your podcast? More Episodes. Red Dwarf: Stasis Leak February 18th, Anyway, Daniel and Shana are joined all the way ….

American Slices (The Return of Doctor Mysterio)

What is a Moral Person on Arrakis? Dune November 19th, Does The Brig Have a Point? Doctor Who and the Silurians July 15th, Main Topic: Doctor …. Main Topic: The Time Monster.