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She always found that they were the Coach Brad's office was always thought of as a bit of a scary place by the cheerleaders. But especially like this, after practice when the school was usually empty. Joan-e MCallister was a rather regular woman The weird spelling was because her name had been recorded wrong at birth. Dale Brown and Mary Barton, both sixty-six-year-old grannies, were happily shopping at the mall, having totally forgotten that their meeting with the resident's committee had been brought forward from tomorrow to today.

This story follows on from the Lush Notorious competition entry, Her Headmistress. Emma bit her lip and was more than a little worried when she saw the note from Miss Jackson, the headmistress at the sixth form college. Bert heard the doorbell and opened the front door to find a young woman who looked about twenty-five-years-old. She was holding a sports bag and so he reckoned it was a sales call.

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It had been bad enough being disciplined by Lucy Armstrong and Emma Lamb, the eighteen-year-old head and deputy head girls at the college they taught at, albeit both got aroused and Jack loved to ogle forty-eight-year-old Jean Sinclair who lived two doors away. Jack was eighteen-years-old and had this fantasy about going out with a yummy mummy and Jean was the right age for Jack. Martha could not believe how lucky she was. It was now three months since she had attended the discipline centre and been punished for being caught smoking twice in public.

She remembered so vividly how painful the punishment was, but also how much respect she suddenly had for the teenage policewomen who worked at the centre and disciplined the offenders. It was when she attended one I stared in horror at the neon green numbers on my clock. The university I was attending this year was incredibly strict.

There was no other college like it in the world - but I knew they would push You stand in front of me while I'm sitting on the couch. Your hands are behind your back.

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I make you wait in anticipation of the inevitable spanking as I tell you that you are to be punished and why. Now tell me what you deserve. Inside the van were two convicted prisoners, Rick and Michelle Bodnarchuk. The Canadian tourists had no idea that the incident was so I cannot believe how crazy this day has been. It all started when my stupid alarm went off when I was just about to cum. I knew I would be late for work if I did not get out of bed immediately so I did not have time to finish.

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My pent-up sexual frustration set me off on a naughty streak that had only escalated as the day went on. I made my first poor decisions of the day while getting Storey opened her filing cabinet and spent a few moments flicking through the collection of documents Martha arrived once again at the discipline centre. Having suffered her punishment, she then attended the following week for a feedback meeting and to agree on future behaviour. She was told to attend a weekly session after that, in a group of other offenders, which was intended to help them behave in the future.

Martha thought that was a good idea and so signed up for it. Today, she went Jo and Lucy could not believe how well their business was going. Karen was now employed every weekend and got fifty pounds per day and was happy with it. Jo thought she was not trying very hard to find work either.

You wink as you pass me and trail your fingers along my arm.

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My fingers itch with excitement as I tear back the neatly folded edges, and I Dale Brown and Mary Barton both knew they had done wrong and been caught out. They were both sixty-six-years-old and teachers at a sixth form college for girls. They have been teachers all their lives and were used to disciplining those girls that misbehaved. Weekend Working Miranda encounters the cane. Absolution and Ass Belting He finds a way to make sure I learn my lesson this time. Wife's First Whipping A submissive wife feels a whipping for the first time.

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Chapter 1: Yes, Mr Larson

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Procrastination Spanking Domestic discipline of a wife by her husband. Tennis Punishment Domestic discipline public humiliation role reversal. Full Maintenance A wife receives a full maintenance from her strict husband.

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