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Sorting out your business name and registering a domain is a low-cost activity, but careful thought must be put into it. Coming up with a name for your business might not sound like a huge challenge. But trying to find something that is unique, memorable and not already being used by another business can be tricky. It requires a lot of thought and careful consideration, as your business name is the first impression consumers will get of your company.

When you have your name decided on, you have to register it. Nominet is the official registry for all UK domain names. The UK Domain by Nominet provides free expert advice helping businesses to achieve more online. The domain search and domain name comparison tools will help you to check that your chosen.

UK domain is available, then present you with a selection of accredited registrars to choose from, giving you information on each so that you can make an informed decision to buy a domain with confidence. Getting a. UK domain sends an important message about your business.

How To Start Social Media Marketing As A Beginner In 2019 - STEP BY STEP

Traditional or abstract? A traditional name tells potential customers what your business does at a glance, while a quirky domain name can pique the curiosity of visitors. Search for it on Google first. If your name is too similar to another existing business, it could create confusion for your potential customers or worse — legal issues. Your name is going to be typed a lot — this needs to be easy for your visitors to do. Make it memorable.

Keep it short and steer clear of hyphens and digits if you can.

23 Amazing Online Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses With Low Budgets

Register multiple domains. I had a business to launch, and to validate that I was offering a professional service I needed to have an online presence and be contacted via an email address that reflected my business name and not my personal Hotmail account; a professional website and email address was essential to have.

Do you want to build a high-performance app?

I have always loved a bargain and enjoy shopping around for the best deals before committing to a purchase. Over the years, I have negotiated with suppliers for the best prices and services for my clients. Now, I had to do it for my own business. As a small start-up, funds were initially low — and at times non-existent — so committing to long-term contracts was not always practical.

To register a domain name, I researched special offers among a list of providers recommended by friends and colleagues from their own experience.

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My domain is set and paid for over the next three years, saving approximately 35 per cent. Paying upfront means one less expenditure on my list of monthly outgoings, which equals one less headache for me. That alone is priceless. Building a website, hosting, CMS…for first- time business owners, getting these online essentials in place, on a budget, can seem daunting at first.

But there are many ways to ensure you can set these elements up at a reasonable price. Getting the best web hosting package is key for your website to work smoothly and problem free, says James Blackman, founder of website design and digital marketing agency Cocoonfxmedia.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing | DigitalMarketer

The key factor to consider for web hosting is the service-level agreement and the hardware, he adds. The higher the numbers the better, and cloud is often a wise choice. Taylor works with up-and-coming designers and asks as many as possible to link to her site to help with link building and add her URL to as many posts as possible to help increase SEO visibility. We are a subscription-based solution, and we have two parts to our online experience. We also needed to integrate a subscription management system.

The 50 Best Marketing Books Of All Time

Having a setup like this means a customer will be able to use the front end to browse our products, with the actual purchase happening on the subscription marketplace. There are also simple tutorials available for these products, and they are economical; we just pay the monthly subscription with no other costs to consider. Having a user-friendly, attractive website that was cost effective to implement and run was key. We are an online company through and through, and we have to communicate our brand message on the website through engaging content and imagery, as well as ensure we deliver a high standard of functionality for our customers.

Here, Matt Shaw, digital marketing manager at agency Blue Digital , shares his tips for small businesses to make SEO gains on a modest budget. Online marketing is becoming more and more important for all businesses, no matter their size. But it is often difficult for small businesses to compete with big brands for online exposure, especially when the variations in SEO and advertising budgets are so large.

One of the best ways to improve search engine visibility for small businesses is to target local searches. This is a proven way small businesses can get ahead of some of the bigger brands within their local areas. Think about commonly-asked questions within the industry and utilise in-house experts to answer them and put them on the website. With companies of all sizes looking to appear in search engines for high-demand search terms, it is important to pick your battles wisely.

If you do only have a small budget, utilise that to get SEO experts to do the technical aspects, including research and strategy creation. This will mean that as a small business your online presence will have the right foundations, and all that will be required from you is the time and effort to implement the strategy. SEO can be broken down into a number of areas, including research, on-page and o -page, and more often than not the implementation can be carried out by people within the business. To do this, the business should look at:. Here, Lee Cullen, co-founder of marketing agency No Brainer , discusses how a small company should navigate the intricacies of social media promotion.

As a small or start-up business, the thought of launching your fledgling company into the world of social media can be overwhelming. The only problem with that mindset is that — whatever sector you work in — your customers are already there. The good news is that, with a bit of upfront thought into your strategy, you can go on to achieve amazing things for your brand in social. Take the time to set some goals focused on things such as increasing brand awareness, driving engagement, creating conversations and delivering an uplift in website traffic.

If you sell baby clothes from a small city centre shop in London, your target customers will likely be very different from a rm selling cloud-based software to SMEs in the UK.

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The key thing is to define who your products or services are for. How old are they? What are they interested in? Where do they live? Armed with that knowledge, you can really start to develop a solid content strategy. Offer a small incentive to get a good range of feedback, which could be one of your products or some of your time to help keep costs low. You already know that a picture is worth 1, words, so why not leverage photos to attract and build your audience? The human brain engages with images more easily than with written words, and this invaluable guide from Jessica Gioglio and Ekaterina Walter will teach you how to build and share compelling ones.

As you should expect, this book is also filled with captivating images and great examples of images companies have successfully used to get their messages across. In this book, Gary Vanerchuk shares the secrets of getting your message out there in a busy digital landscape. He walks you through the steps you and your companies need to take to adapt to the changing media landscape and the ways in which consumers devour content, including optimizing for mobile.

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This is a book about power. This is not a book that gives you actionable insights you can immediately leverage: it is a book that tells the story of Silicon Valley before, during and after the tech bubble. The book draws its title from the image of a primate running amok in a data center, an analogy software engineers use to test their online services.

This book will teach you skills you need to bring people to your social media pages, increase your ranking on top search engines, add more subscribers to your e-mail list and turn online fans into loyal customers. This book walks you through four essential stages: the building of your website, how to attract people to that website, how to keep in touch with the folks that have visited your website, as well as how to analyze your Web traffic data. This book is perfect for those looking to grow website traffic through several channels, those just starting out on social media and those looking to grow their digital mailing lists.

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Enter Andrew and Pete, whose book gives you a seven-step plan for creating social media content that people enjoy and, more importantly, that drives clicks and sales. As a plus, the book not only offers valuable advice on how to craft a strategy but also practical advice on how to put such a plan into action. Ever wonder how guest experts get their great gigs? Areva Martin dishes on their secrets in this page-turner. In this book, Martin shares how to pitch irresistible stories to producers, make yourself relevant to breaking news, deliver great soundbites and use social media to build a reputation for yourself that will send more and more gigs your way.

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