My Life in the Third Reich

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Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. Moreover, he voluntarily assumed a measure of guilt for all of Hitler's measures, in cluding the crimes. I have this ob ligation all the more since the chief of government has withdrawn from his responsibility to the German peo ple and to the world.

Speer used his time in court not to defend himself, but to uncover how Germany had become engulfed in crimes against humanity. The ex tent of these crimes, he said, was due to Hitler's use of modern tech nology. Conse quently this trial must contribute to laying down the ground rules for life in human society. What does my own fate signify, after all that has happened and in comparison with so important a goal?

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He imagined he had sealed his own death warrant but the court, taking all the evidence of his resistance to Hitler as well as his efforts to amel iorate the lot of his slave workers into consideration, overrode Russian demands for the death penalty and sentenced him to 20 years imprison ment in Spandau prison. From all available evidence Speer was the most responsible member of Hitler's lieutenants, a man who ap peared to be as decent as he was intelligent.

How could such a man have allied himself so irrevocably with a dictator whose name has be come a synonym for evil?

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By the end of , in fact, he had inscribed it in memoirs secretly written and smuggled out of prison bit by bit. When he regained his freedom 12 years later, Speer had more than 2, pages of manuscript.

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With the aid of documents of the Ministry of Armaments and War Pro duction in the Federal Archives in Koblenz, he reorganized his material into book form. It takes the reader inside Nazi Germany on four different levels: Hitler's inner circle, National Socialism as a whole, the area of wartime production and the inner struggle of Albert Speer. The author does not try to make ex cuses, even by implication, and is as unrelenting toward himself as to his associates.

I had participated in a war which, as we of the inti mate circle should never have doubt ed, was aimed at world dominion.

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What is more, by my abilities and my energies I had prolonged that war by many months. As a student he was depressed by the postwar poverty and unemployment, the gen eral aura of hopelessness around him, and was persuaded to attend a Hit ler rally in at his university. Once he had ensnared the young intellectuals, Hitler's shyness disappeared, and he spoke urgently with hypnotic persuasiveness. Speer was captivated; all his skep ticism and reservations vanished, and he left the hall imbued with new hope for Germany.

A few weeks lat er he applied for membership in the National Socialist party. It was, he now admits, a frivolous and thought less act, but he had become en thralled by Hitler's magnetic force.


Continued on Page 2. Memoirs by Albert Speer.

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Translated from the German by Richard and Clara Winston. New York: The Macmillan Company. To him Hitler was a god. Speer was so overwhelmed by the honor that his own hand, raised in salute, fell with a smack on the bald head of the man in front, Julius Streicher.

World War 2 True Story by Gisela Cooper

Speer became Hitler's foremost architect. He commissioned the young man — he was not yet 30 —to design Nuremberg Stadium and a new Berlin. For the next 12 years Speer enjoyed a rare relationship with Hitler. Unique as this associa tion was, Speer never felt close to his master.

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Never in my life have I met a person who so seldom revealed his feelings, and if he did so, instantly locked them away again. No apologies are possible. Surprisingly, Hitler took no offense when his companions openly made fun of him. A little later, Speer barely escaped death. He was scheduled to fly to Berlin in a plane with Dr.

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Fritz Todt, Minister of Armaments and Muni tions, but, tired after a late meeting with Hitler changed his mind. Mo ments after takeoff, Todt's plane mys teriously exploded.

Nazi Germany: Politics, Society, and Key Events

Speer believes a second attempt on his life was made while he was recuperating in Himm ler's private sanitarium. Ironically, the crash elevated Speer in the Nazi hierarchy. On both sides thousands of quite innocent people were caught up in these events and their lives tragically terminated or irrevocably uprooted. I find myself in a central position in these events. I was born a German, lived in Germany for the first 30 years of my life, then came to Britain where I was obliged to begin my life over again. I had many kind letters from people who have read it.

Our local paper gave a page featuring the story; and I have also been interviewed by our Bristol Radio Station. In a way I am quite proud really that I have achieved to write it and have it published. My main aim is to tell about the true happenings at that time, especially in the years from to Gisela Cooper Customer Reviews.. Hello Gisela I have just finished your book, what a great read. It's good to hear about the war from another source other than a military point.

Everyday Life In Nazi Germany: 33 Photographs Of “Normal” Life In The Third Reich

I was born in so I was lucky to miss that tragic time but I have always had an interest in WW2 and read many books on the subject. We lost two members of my family, one lost his life out in India to malaria and the other on a bombing raid to Berlin when his Lancaster collided with another RAF bomber over Denmark. I believe my generation can learn so much about the futility of war from reading books like yours although it must be said that WW2 was a war worth fighting whatever the cost.

I'm sure there are still people like Hitler that will surface again in the future to try and dominate the world. Lets hope your book goes some way to educating the generations to come on what the price can be.