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Mood for a Day was originally written as a guitar solo for prog rock band Yes's Steve Howe on their album Fragile. This flamenco-style arrangement is sure to be popular among marimbists and audiences alike - there's good reason the style is so prominent in marimba solo repertoire! Arranger Rick Dior leaves a lot of room for improvisation, encouraging players to add in their own little flairs and special moments.

Mood For A Day lyrics

This piece can work really nicely for lessons, especially if teachers are tired of hearing the same old stuff. Thanks for your understanding.

Mood for a day by Yes - ♫ Guitar Tutorial - Tabs

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Drum Heads. Marching Heads Snare Tenor Bass.

Mood for a Day (Marimba Solo ) by Steve | J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

Pearl Roadshow Jr. Ways To Save Clearance Demo. This is an audio file I recorded a few years ago.

I had an idea and wanted to hear how this song would sound recorded directly into the audio mode of my Casio digital camera played on a Yamaha acoustic guitar. What you hear is the result.

From the album

No effects, no second takes. Is it perfect?

Heck no, but it will give you an idea of my playing ability and technique. Please give it a listen with head phones, or powered external speakers.

Mood For A Day

To me it sounds terrible playing through laptop built in speakers. Click to hear me play Rock Lead Guitar.

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