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More informations here. Against the background of nationalist movements in many European countries, artists, too, are becoming growingly restricted in their rights to freedom. Alarming developments in Turkey, the increasing erosion of democratic institutions in the EU Member States of Poland and Hungary, and the British vote to exit the EU, cause us to debate the ways in which artists preserve and shape necessary spaces for their activity in times of decreasing social cohesion within Europe.

How do artists position themselves between activist self-instrumentalisation, their ideological exploitation by political regimes or the flight into inner exile? Ways and means of strengthening international artistic collaboration as well as maintaining and promoting opportunities for exchange and communication will be discussed. For further information on the programme, click here.

The editors open the book by setting out the concept grounded in the exhibition curated by Aslak Aamot Kjaerulff and refers to earlier work on mobilities and art generated by the Cosmobilities Network. The first section is based on artists who were part of the conferences' art exhibition, and the second part is based on theoretical reflections on art and artists. Indeed, Arab artists are often invited to take part in European projects or projects funded by the EU.

These artists will want to return to Europe where opportunities are available for them, which contributes to the brain-drain effect, weakening the cultural fabric in the South. Cultural policy reform should address the issue of how to make their local territories attractive to their own youth, not only to tourists". How to translate it in actions?

These issues will be debated within the context of citizen engagement and sustainable city development. In the framework of the partnership with Valletta , the RCF is supporting three cultural operators from Turkey and Lebanon with a mobility grant. Inspired by the library of the same name founded in Baghdad at the beginning of the 8th century, "House of Wisdom" investigates the political relevance of books and libraries. The moment of dialogue organized for FLAT will focus on texts that look into the relevance of libraries and archives in the 21st century, as well as on their revolutionary potential.

The workshop is open, but limited to 25 participants. Project grants enable artists and arts managers to carry out self-directed projects in the US. Applicants must have a letter of invitation from a non-profit organization or individual in the US to apply. US artists and arts managers seeking to collaborate with international colleagues are encouraged to consider this opportunity for potential funding. The application must be submitted by your international partner, so we invite you to share this information.

As part of its cultural policy which aims to support artistic creation and to promote local cultures in Tunisia, the Maghreb and the Middle East , the Kamel Lazaar Foundation each year supports a number of projects. The KLF will give the priority to projects of general interest, sustainable project and innovative project. All informations about the conditions are available here. The office of the Fund has checked the eligibility of the requests. This eligibility simply means that the request can be evaluated by the experts because the eligibility criteria has been respected.

Eligibility does not imply that the grant has been given. If you sent your request but your name is not on this list, your request has been considered non-eligible co-production request without sustainability, lack of information concerning expenses that are linked to the sustainable nature of the project, organisation to be created whilst this fund is for organisations that already exist…. The Roberto Cimetta Fund is launching a solidarity programme entitled Fil Manfa for host organisations on the peripheries of conflict zones to provide shelter, workspace and assistance for artists in exile from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Palestine…To date ten artists are being supported in Istanbul, seven in Beirut and twelve in Domiz camp, Iraqi Kurdistan.

RCF is not a humanitarian organisation, however, we have witnessed how the current conflicts have made life extremely precarious for many artists who were living and working in countries currently at war. We have learnt that the humanitarian aid provided is often done so on a global scale and support to peripheral zones where artists are living is almost non-existent.

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Generally speaking, the understanding of the specific financial and social context artists are living in, in these regions, is insufficient. Similarly adequate appreciation of the potential resource artists represent to reconstruct their country once the conflict has ended is not explored.

Through our network, RCF identified shelters that have emerged sometimes as a collective initiative of the artists in exile themselves, sometimes as a gesture of solidarity by cultural actors in the host countries. Following five assignments to visit ten potential shelters for artists in exile near the conflict zones, from January to July , RCF selected three spaces.

Shelters receiving funds are non-political, non-denominational and non-profit. The funding serves to protect the artists by alleviating difficulties in finding residencies, overcoming bureaucratic and legal constraints and recreating social and professional dynamics. The three selected shelters are currently the best prepared to assist artists in exile in the framework of the Fil Manfa programme. We would like to extend our gratitude to them for their support as well as to the Kurdistan Regional Government, with whom we have signed an agreement for logistic purposes, and Duhok Governorate.

The support goes to the host organisation to pay a permanent manager, provide professional equipment, renovate or rent work or accommodation spaces. The funding is provided on an annual basis, which can be renewed depending on the monitoring outcomes. The agreements with the three organisations were signed between December and March , including a memorandum of understanding with UNFPA in Iraq.

A coordinator in Duhok signed a contract with RCF to run the programme and buy equipment. The selection of beneficiaries has been run jointly by the host organisation and RCF Board members and committee of experts. Hosting is limited for 3 to 6 months in order to cater for a maximum of beneficiaries. Hosting can cover accommodation, workspace and administrative assistance or only one or the other depending on the characteristics of each shelter and the needs of the individual artists. The Fil Manfa programme is attentive to the follow-up of the artist after their hosting period is over and will make use of its network of contacts worldwide to support the artists in finding other solutions to further their artistic projects.

History of Conflicts in Lebanon. A Critical Perspective. Lebanon Support encourages contributions from experienced scholars, early career researchers, PhD candidates, practitioners, activists, and civil society experts. Authors can submit papers in Arabic, English or French.

Papers should not exceed 10, words. For further informations on the conditions, click here. Pour lire la publication en anglais, cliquez ici. Cultural operators developing local projects venues, networks, platforms in the MENA region can apply. The fund aims to strengthen and sustain organisations and projects in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Results will be announced on 1st December Applications can be made in Arabic, French or English. Fill in the short online form and we will send you the full application if your request is in line with the eligibility criteria listed as follows :.

The applicant organisation or individual must be based in the MENA region. Age and nationality are not eligibility criteria of this fund. All contemporary artistic disciplines are eligible: performing arts, all forms of visual arts, literature, music, and cultural policy research…. This fund is specifically for artistic creation and cultural activities. The project presented must explain how it will develop in the long term and contribute to local cultural development. Sustaining a project implies any action that will allow the organisation or the activity to last.

For example this could be by providing a salary to an administrator, buying equipment, renovating a space, undertaking training, building networks….

Liste des marques pour les produits par lieu de vente : Algérie - France

The aim of this fund is to stabilise projects in their local environment, allowing them to establish recognition and develop their networking capacities. The call aims to offer funds to applicants that have difficulty finding the funding needed for their sustainable development. Proof of co-funding is recommended but not compulsory. Special attention will be given to projects that transfer values such as respect for the diversity of cultural expressions, freedom of artistic expression, fair exchange and solidarity.

Moreover, applicants must agree with the ethical charter of the Roberto Cimetta Fund. This Fund will be particularly attentive to projects in rural or suburban areas. Eligible costs can be human ressource costs, costs for renovation or equipment, networking costs, training costs. All expenditure must be clearly and chronologically defined in the application. If your application concerns renovation or equipment costs a pro forma invoice will be requested with the application.

The financial statement of your organisation is a valuable supporting document. An agreement between the project leader and the Roberto Cimetta Fund will be drawn up if the project is selected. This agreement will clearly stipulate the aims of the project, the actions that will take place, the conditions of transfer of funds, the role of the Roberto Cimetta Fund in the monitoring process of the project. The report that will be required to obtain the final payment will be composed of a written activity report, a detailed expenditure report, proof of communication of the support of RCF and all other proof that the project has taken place photographs, report from the various actors involved, etc.

This measure favours a proper understanding of the cultural and artistic challenges in a given local context and stresses the need to allow time to build trust between actors; for the sustainability of artistic and cultural exchange. To go further, click here. In this collaborative and multidisciplinary space, artists, architects, designers and makers are working with young refugees to empower them through technology and creative activities for them to provide innovative solutions to the life in the camp thus growing a community of innovators inside the camp and making them actors of their future.

The programme includes an artistic residency in Murcia , Spain and a set of presentations in Festival Cumplicidades. All costs accommodation, food, travels, insurance and fee are fully covered. It will include travel, accommodation and a per diem. For further informations, click here. The expert Committee will evaluate these applications and the final result will be announced on our website the 15th September In addition, grantees will receive strategic communications support from a consultant appointed by the foundation.

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  • The projects and programs will habe to begin between March and December of Kick-Start : Cardiff is a professional exchange programme in Cardiff bringing together international and Welsh creative changemakers. As part of a series of events produced for Creative Tracks, aimed at connecting creative entrepreneurs worldwide, Visiting Arts will host a three day exchange and networking event in Wales from October - coinciding with the launch of the European Network EASTN 2, SWN Festival, and celebrations for the 2nd anniversary of Creative Cardiff.

    The experts examined the applications that matched the eligibility and the specific funding line criteria. They aim to have an open source archive to improve knowledge of East European and Levant music. Adrian de Miguel Simon , cultural manager and urban space designer, will travel from Madrid to Casablanca in July to develop the Grigi Pixel programme for the creation of magical objects in urban spaces in African and European cities.

    Yalta Pakzad Afshar , dancer, choreographer and curator, has travelled from Teheran to Vienna to take part in the DanceWeb workshops and develop contacts there so as to contribute to the survival of dance in Iran. Danielle Boelling , freelance project manager for various artists and organizations, will travel from Amsterdam to Tehran in August to take part in the SET experimental art festival there and see if she can help develop an art residency in Shiraz.

    Mohamed Abdallah , scriptwriter, will travel to Berlin in July to take part in a residency at Silent Green Kulturquartier and the annual summer school of Arsenal Institute for film and video art. It will also be the occasion to group together members of the Hamag collective. Murat Agdas , artist, travelled in May from Istanbul to Geneva to take part in the Utopiana residency programme he was selected for. He will work on the Choreo-Geo-Graphy concept, a performative research body investigating movement as place-making and develop international contacts and exchange with Switzerland.

    She will share what she learnt to her contacts back in Izmir and Istanbul. Erel Tuce , freelance curator and writer who explores politics of mass-production through textile, will travel from Berlin to Istanbul in August to work on a site-specific installation at Schneidertempel Art Center using fabrics with three artists. Two of them will also engage in an improvised sound performance using sewing machines. Malikka Bouaissa , cultural manager at Al. She will accompany Stephanie to the Beirut international film festival to develop her contacts and knowledge about developing the Mona Film Festival, attracting good films and screening in various locations in Flanders.

    Rasa Antanaviciute , initiator and developer of Nida Art Colony residency centre, will travel to Cairo in September to build up an artistic residency exchange programme. Ioannis Pappas , artist, and Venizelos Micha il, stage director and performaner, will travel from Berlin and Thessaloniki respectively to Nicosia in November to take part in Buffer Fring Festival and perform Refugio a long duration public intervention attempting to redefine borders in the international Buffer zone of Nicosia. They will meet professionals and reap the ongoing benefits of mobility and exchange in art processes.

    It will contribute to developing local networks and socio-economic development in Prizren. Rooberoo mansion will provide accommodation in Teheran. The collaboration involves Polish and Hungarian artists and the workshop will travel to Lublin in October. The theme of love is a starting point to look at cultural differences. The proposed project Reinventing Life structure will initiate art works by refugees and photographs which will be exhibited once she returns.


    Valeria Zabret , filmmaker, will travel from Ljubljana to Thessaloniki by car in August to develop her project the silence of the Balkans, a return route of the refugees to document the graveyards sounds and photographs and make an exhibition of what went terribly wrong in the region. On her return to Ljubljana, she will showcase her work with local support. Pavel Ruzyak , filmmaker, will travel to Morocco in September to develop his documentary film about Sami, a Moroccan living in the Czech Republic.

    He will also seek support for his film. He hopes to contribute to a better understanding of Muslim communities by Czech audiences. Saje Dumarie , freelance stage actor, will travel to Avignon in July to take part in the Tamam Masterclass. She would share her newly acquired skills and understanding with her artistic community back in Ramallah. Andrej will share art curating methodology, meet emerging art curators in Slovenia and establish new contacts. Further beneficiaries of this travel are the students back in BiH who will meet Slovenes when they travel there. Mohamed Shika , freelance contemporary dancer, will travel to Vienna in the summer to take part in the danceWeb scholarship programme in the framework of ImPulsTanz Festival.

    Her installation work is based on the life of Elizabeth Kechegian, a second generation survivor of the Armenian diaspora and revolves around the themes of interruption and fracture. Her work is resistance to passive acceptance of what is happening in Turkey and Lebanon. He hopes to promote concepts and behaviour of civil culture and democratic practices that serve the concepts of partnership and citizenship and the rejection of violence, extremism and terrorism. On her return she will continue to work with ETNA particularly around 16 mm film, rarely used in Morocco, and run workshops to help children build their own wooden cameras.

    The aim is to show the piece produced in Switzerland and to tour internationally. On his return to Algeria he hopes to develop understanding of this music culture and further ties with Finland. She knows Morocco, has made ties between Japanese and Moroccan artists and would like to go to the island of Kerkennah to start understanding Tunisia. Safaa Erruas , visual artist, will travel from Tangiers to Tunis mid-July to take part in the Kerkennah Festival also in the Remember to Remember exhibition relating to women in the island.

    Although this is a second grant for Kerkennah Festival, such a project needs support in an almost abandoned part of the country.

    Annuaire de l'EHESS - OpenEdition

    He will develop ties with the Festival there and feature the winners of the festival in Paris for a 2 day off festival. Rabbi Brahim , professional actor, travelled from Genova to Tunis by car in April. Darine Yamani Hotait , writer and film director, will travel from Beirut to Rotterdam in September to participate in the 6th Arab Film Festival and a filmmakers residency. She will collaborate with other artists on a film project during the workshop and incubator period and screen the video installation in October. Adil Chadli , circus artist, founder of the Accroches company and also Parkour performer has travelled from Casablanca to St.

    The film analyses shared modes of cultural resistance across London, Palestine, Lebanon and works towards trans-regional solidarity. Martine Yordanova , cultural manager, will travel from Sofia to Rome in July to gain new insight into curating contemporary art during the summer school organized by Goldsmiths University London.

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    Amer Shomali , independent artist, travelled from Amman to Kassel in June to take part in the Documenta not only to improve his own network of international contacts, but to develop his work as a curator in Palestine, currently with the Museum of Ramallah Municipality. Dominique Chouchani , designer, will travel to Valletta in September to develop her project Common Fest where art installations are created through multidimensional experience with other artists. The project in Valletta will contribute to a sculpture park in Malta.

    The aim is to build bridges between Lebanon and Malta which share common ground history and language. What does it mean to seek a better future in a foreign country? The whole project is a German Turkish collaboration. He will run workshops and work with the group Silsilah. This experience will give her the opportunity to extend her efforts in establishing artistic exchanges with the USA, Sweden, and Russia. It will also give her the possibility to discuss the question of censorship in her country and how to deal with this as an art gallery.

    She will travel from Ramallah to Katowice to attend the Womex international music fair in October. Sam'a started to help include Arab music in media and film productions since and her publishing house will be the first of its kind in her region. Meeting international publishing professionals will help build collaborations and present new opportunities to independent Arab artists in the worldwide markets. Cemil Batur Gokceer , 36 year old Turkish photographer and Ozgur Atlagan , 32 year old videographer and researcher are currently setting up an independent publishing initiative within an artists collective called Torun in Ankara.

    One will travel to Arles in July to take part in Cosmos Arles Books and the other to Gazebook Festival in Sicily in September to develop their knowledge on economic models of publishing houses and to support local artists, writers, photographers in Ankara who are working with the print medium.

    Both practitioners conceive their cultural entreprise as interdisciplinary network building, empowering practitioners from dance, research, new media, visual arts, literature and medicine through concrete performance production and workshops. They aim to contribute to the fast developing creative scene in Teheran through their individual endeavors. Fatima Albatoul , 34 year old Jordanian cultural activist works on projects that link art with environmental concerns.

    She will travel to Tunis this summer to meet a network of environmental actors civil society, government institutions, factories, etc. She will travel to Beit Ummar in Palestine in July to initiate a collaboration and summer school with women c. Her aim is to launch a collection putting the artisan in touch with the consumer by branding each garment with the name of the artisan and relating her story. On her return to London she will organise a exhibition to sell the garments and provide income to the Palestinian women. Her research to prepare this trip has taken into consideration the economic and environmental impact of the project in Palestine as well as the intercultural and economical dynamic that could be created between the UK and Palestine.

    She will travel to Oujda in October to meet potential partners and organise musical residencies for musicians to improve collaboration and exchange of artists between the two music centers and festivals. Stefanie Van de Peer , 38 year old Belgian Film festival coordinator will travel to Cairo in November to develop her programming towards the Arab film industry, with particular focus on emerging film makers and films adapted to the multicultural audience in Belgium.

    Georgi Bonev is a 35 year old Bulgarian freelance photographer specialized in environmental portrait photography. Mercedes Rodrigo Garcia , 44 year old Spanish independent cultural operator will travel to Assa in Morocco to work on a project that questions western approaches to learning.

    His project will aim to develop translation of works from Turkish to Arabic, or to buy rights for publishing and improve cultural ties between the two countries. Elie Dagher , 31 year old Lebanese visual artist will travel from Beirut to Turin in November to take part in the Film Lab to present his film. It will help his to develop her project in Lebanon and consequently influence the film scene in Beirut for the benefit of Lebanese and Arab films.

    She will be able to develop the public art projects of her organisation and further discourse around contemporary art in public spaces as well as bring international artists in residence to the National Museum of Beirut. She will travel from Nantes to Agadir in September to take part in the Climate Chance Summit to develop multi-stakeholder partnership particularly with African actors. Nisrine Chiba , 27 year old Moroccan-French cultural operator will travel from Casablanca to Athens this June to take part in the Marcel Hicter training course to develop her collaborative Euro-Mediterranean project grouping together partners from Morocco, Spain, Egypt, France and Bosnia to develop contemporary dance in the public space.

    El Mehdi Azdem , 29 year old Moroccan cultural operator will travel from Casablanca to Beirut this June to develop the project Marsad for his organisation Racines. Marsad is a research project for c that encompasses all the countries of the region and which aims to map cultural policies. She will develop ties between artists and cultural operators in the two countries through her space called Mahal Art and the promotion of their works through exhibitions, workshops and residencies. The Camargo Foundation is launching two calls for residencies in Cassis.

    In , the call focuses on Europe and the water, inviting artists and scholars in the Euro-Mediterranean region to think about Europe from perspectives off the map. What does it mean to think Europe from the water, from the coast, as well as from the rivers, streams and rivulets? Eight international artists or collectives will be hosted at the Camargo Foundation for a one month residency in January-February Accompanied by researchers, officers and users of the Calanques National Park, selected artists will be invited to re-invent links between the nature and the inhabitants of the Marseille metropolitan area.

    The Anna Lindh Foundation has launched a call for youth mobility and exchange opportunities in the Mediterranean. The programme is designed to support synergies, cross-disciplinary activities and innovative project ideas related to intercultural dialogue ICD , involving young actors from both shores of the Mediterranean, giving them the spaces to gain new perspectives on how to drive positive change. The expert Committee will evaluate these applications and the final result will be announced on our website the 7th June The International Alliance of Independent Publishers launch a call for papers for its co-published review, Bibliodiversity.

    This issue will focuse on the question of self publishing as a vector of bibliodiversity and will approach the current stakes in the publishing sector. For further informations, please click here. Thirteen requests were considered eligible. The evaluation and selection will start on 15th April until 30th May. The results will be announced on 1st June. Two major issues for the development of cultural entrepreneurs worldwide highlighted the debate:.

    Artists, researchers or cultural operators in exil in France, apply for an artist residency! For further informations about the process, click here. If you are a cultural entrepreneur working in the euro-arab zone, apply to the call. The aim of the project is to contribute to the development of a cultural dymanic on a local level.

    For further informations, click on " Funding line - Creative Tracks ". To take part in the survey click here. It is a two year project started in March , focusing on the emerging models of innovative cultural institutions that are developing around creative spaces based on participatory governance and some form of civil-public partnership.

    Project activities include: research of participatory governance models and institutional frameworks, knowledge sharing and capacity building sessions, publication about participatory governance in culture and international conference about participatory governance in culture. Change of Scene — International artistic cooperations for the Performing Arts - helps to initiate and develop international artistic projects that are the result of direct collaboration between the cooperating partners.

    For up to two years, artists will gain the time and space to meet each other as well as have opportunity for intensive exchange. Existing contacts can be deepened further or built up afresh. This Call for Proposals is directed at civic and state theateres as well as independent companies from the German-speaking realm Germany, Austria or Switzerland who wish to develop a new artistic project with a partner from North Africa or Eastern Europe that address prevailing social themes and change and manifest them in a joint artistic response.

    Change of Scene is open to all sectors of the performing arts. There should be one public presentation of the sponsored projects in both countries, or, at least, in the German-speaking partner country. The jury chooses about 10 cooperation projects, each to receive a subsidy of up to Applications can be submitted until 15 February online in German and English.

    Partners from North African or Eastern European countries should submit their application together with a partner from the German-speaking realm. For further information, please go to:www. IFEX, the global network for freedom of expression has published a special report: "Turkey's state of emergency puts Kurdish theatre in a chokehold". For The Voice Adults, variety of genres, original acts and established talents are key. For The Voice Kids, talents from 7 to 14 years old, who want to personally participate in the show and experience such an adventure are invited to apply.

    IFEX, the global network for freedom of expression has published a report on the situation of artists in Turkey. To read or download it, click here. In the framework of a project called "Li Tgal Yddar", Racines in Casablanca Morrocco is launching a call for proposals to use the web to create a buzz about the question of accountability.

    To find out more and apply, click here. This funding line aims to promote cultural and artistic initiatives lead by Arab artists and cultural operators developing local projects venues, networks, platforms. The call received online requests and 98 written applications. All those aged 18 and over are welcome to enter, but responses and the resulting book must be in English.

    The prize board is looking for innovative thinking, whether this comes from new voices or from experienced authors. Joint responses from multiple authors will be considered, although proposals that put forward a number of authors who are all contributing to single sections such as an edited collection will not be accepted. Entrants are asked to respond to the Nine Dots Prize question in a 3,word summary. The summary should cover the main arguments that the proposed book will set out, the previous research or ideas on which it draws and the key conclusions it will reach.

    An outline structure of this short book, including provisional chapter headings, can also be submitted, as well as a justification of your ability to complete the book in the time given approximately nine months. The aim of the prize is to promote, encourage and engage innovative thinking to address the problems facing the modern world.

    The name of the prize references the nine-dots puzzle — a lateral-thinking puzzle that can only be solved by thinking outside the box. Xabaca Project seeks to empower female artists as a source of social transformation and defense of Human Rights and to enhance art and creativity as means to combat gender discrimination, censorship and social injustice. This will be achieved by an empowerment artistic process of four female Arab artists staying at Jiwar Barcelona for 1 month. For more information about how to apply and other details, please click here.

    To Download the document, please Click here. The final beneficiaries are:.

    Les volailles à la carte - Les carnets de Julie

    The exhibition asks about the long-term consequences of the GDR, which ceased to exist in , as well as the time of the political changes and afterward, which reach into the present day and to a degree unconsciously determine our actions today. A jury of independent art experts will meet to select the fellowship recipient from the applications. The fellowship recipient will receive a monthly stipend of 1, Euros, a one-time material fee of Euros, travel expenses up to Euros, a studio space. For further informations click here.

    International Journal of Postcolonial Studies

    Applications must be sent directly to the participating institutions based on their open calls this month:. Arizona Jeans Light Steal Regular Jacket Joshua Tree Greensboro Jeans Black Shortsleeve Western Shirt Mid Used Overdye Polo Faded Black Spencer Jeans Fired Up Shortsleeve Western Shirt Bleached Indigo One Pocket Shirt Navy Arizona Jeans Redshift Graphic Tee Navy Cargo Short Cornstalk Polo Black Texas Jeans Powder Blue Stripe Tee Cornstalk Two Pocket Flap Shirt Pinecone Greensboro Jeans Sky Hi Out West Tee Real White Rugby Polo Blue Depths Slider Jeans Light Bower Kabel Tee Offwhite Greensboro Toffee Desert Tee White Box Logo Tee White Greensboro Jeans Drift Wood Resort Shirt Glow Orange Refined Polo Scarlet Red Chino Short Camel Shortsleeve Shirt White Jean Style.

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