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raise (one's) hopes

The US currently imposes a 2. Tariffs on car imports would add to an array of trade wars Mr Trump has started, saying he aims to create US jobs and protect domestic industries. Meanwhile, a new survey shows that eurozone economic growth likely put in a decent performance in the second quarter with private businesses growing faster than expected in June, but trade worries knocked manufacturing growth to the weakest in 18 months.

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Trade barriers now being put up could soon push central banks to cut their growth projections. Cork Airport named best in Europe.

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The Academic, Review: From back seat straight to front of show. Scene and Heard with Des O'Driscoll. More than lots under the hammer. The Altra EV uses the volt Hughes inductive chargingsystem and takes five hours to charge, something that can be done 1, times a bout 10 years before the batteries need replacing, Nissan says. Lead-acid batteries have a life of about three years.

As for the suspension, the Altra uses a modified Maxima sedan front and rear to handle the increased weight. A 4-wheel antilock regenerative braking system uses discs up front and drums in the rear. The Altra's rack-and-pinion steering is powered by an electric motor and only uses power when called for.

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While effective, some may dislike the amount of steering effort required to get the vehicle turned in. The Altra EV is certainly one of the more impressive in its class for range on a single charge, cargo and people capacity, and general good looks. Nissan also earns sizable kudos for making such an expensive investment. It's a step in the right direction, but whether it is the correct one is something even Nissan executives can't really yet answer.

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China’s Premier Wen Jiabao Ups the Political Ante… Again

Leave this field blank. Infiniti No. Vietnamese Automaker Launches Production. Load More.