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And speaking of federal activities, remember how US Attorney Ron Machen was looking into alleged campaign finance misdeeds from the Vincent Gray mayoral campaign? Machen charged a number of Gray staffers, but never seemed to find any evidence linking the mayor himself.

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Gray lost the primary election, in large part because many people believed Machen, but nothing has happened since. By submitting a comment, you agree to abide by our comment policy. Click to view a larger map. Get daily updates via email Sign Up. He also has the ability to find humour in subjects not necessarily considered funny.

Although Endless Joke is, on the surface, aimed at readers who are or are aspiring to be writers, authors, or editors, much of this book would be of interest to those who are interested in the life of a writer, or those fascinated in the minutiae of the publishing world and how it is changing, or even those who are generally interested in literature and language. It is reminiscent of Hunter S.


Endless Joke the title is a reference that David Antrobus explains in the introduction to the book. The essays cover a wide range of subjects, yet seem to make a coherent whole.

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Endless Joke is a very enjoyable, thoughtful, well-written and entertaining read. It is also great value in terms of insights and tips for writers.

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I enjoyed reading Endless Joke very much and recommend it unreservedly to anyone interested in writing and writers. R J Dent is a poet, novelist, translator, essayist, short story writer, researcher, blogger and creative writing tutor. Details of his books can be found at: www. But it all depends on what you want to be filled with. Lord Rosebery, being a modern skeptic, probably prefers the spiritual tremors. I, being an orthodox Christian, prefer the jam. But both are efficient when they have been effected; and inefficient until they are effected.

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A man who thinks much about success must be the drowsiest sentimentalist; for he must be always looking back. If he only likes victory he must always come late for the battle. For the man of action there is nothing but idealism. This definite ideal is a far more urgent and practical matter in our existing English trouble than any immediate plans or proposals.

For the present chaos is due to a sort of general oblivion of all that men were originally aiming at.

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No man demands what he desires; each man demands what he fancies he can get. Soon people forget what the man really wanted first; and after a successful and vigorous political life, he forgets it himself. The whole is an extravagant riot of second bests, a pandemonium of pis-aller. Now this sort of pliability does not merely prevent any heroic consistency, it also prevents any really practical compromise. One can only find the middle distance between two points if the two points will stand still.

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  4. We may make an arrangement between two litigants who cannot both get what they want; but not if they will not even tell us what they want. The keeper of a restaurant would much prefer that each customer should give his order smartly, though it were for stewed ibis or boiled elephant, rather than that each customer should sit holding his head in his hands, plunged in arithmetical calculations about how much food there can be on the premises.

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    Most of us have suffered from a certain sort of ladies who, by their perverse unselfishness, give more trouble than the selfish; who almost clamor for the unpopular dish and scramble for the worst seat. Most of us have known parties or expeditions full of this seething fuss of self-effacement. From much meaner motives than those of such admirable women, our practical politicians keep things in the same confusion through the same doubt about their real demands.

    There is nothing that so much prevents a settlement as a tangle of small surrenders.

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    We are bewildered on every side by politicians who are in favor of secular education, but think it hopeless to work for it; who desire total prohibition, but are certain they should not demand it; who regret compulsory education, but resignedly continue it; or who want peasant proprietorship and therefore vote for something else.

    It is this dazed and floundering opportunism that gets in the way of everything. If our statesmen were visionaries something practical might be done. If we ask for something in the abstract we might get something in the concrete. As it is, it is not only impossible to get what one wants, but it is impossible to get any part of it, because nobody can mark it out plainly like a map.