DIH- Did It Herself- Quick Oil Change

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One of the cheapest and most effective ways to absorb the oil is to spread simple, inexpensive clay kitty litter across the surface of the oil spill. Over the course of a day, the kitty litter will absorb the excessive oil. Now simply get your push broom and sweep up the litter and dispose of it. You will still see a discoloration or stain on your concrete once the oil is soaked up, but at now you can address the stain itself without having to worry about spreading the oil everywhere.

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Sawdust can also be used in place of kitty litter. Once absorbed, the next step is removing the oil stains from your driveway or floor. Many of these are essentially kitty litter with deodorants added but they sell for 10x the price. Create a hot, soapy mixture.

Oil Change Cost

Now take a brush and dip the brush into the water and soap mixture. You might want to let it sit for an hour or so to give the dish soap and water adequate time to break down the stain. Finally its time to rinse the stain and soap away using warm water. It also works great as a parts cleaner and general degreaser. My wife even uses it in the laundry to get out grease stains from my work clothes. Alternatively, a good old large piece of cardboard underneath your vehicle will absorb most minor spills before they hit the concrete.

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  • For best results, you may want to use some type of garage parking aid even a hanging tennis ball to make sure the car is in the right spot for the cardboard to do its job. Unless you are cleaning up gallons of oil, disposing the oil soaked kitty litter in your regular trash is normally acceptable for typical small spills. Don't feel guilty, but also don't get hosed on the up-sell!

    Changing Your Own Oil Could Actually Be A Waste Of Time And Money

    If you do still want to change your own oil, however, don't be discouraged. It actually looks pretty easy. A quick Google or YouTube search provides more than enough information. I thought this Edmunds article was a good place to start. Get the latest Oil WTI price here.

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    Save Yourself the Trip and Money with a DIY Oil Change | ABC Auto Insurance Blog

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    Step 1 – Choose Your Oil

    Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. Might be profitable after 20 years. If you never change the oil, the unit is going to eventually call it a day. Several issues can contribute to a dead engine, including clogs.

    The worst part? This could be an indication of a leak… or a far more serious problem. Open Today! Look for this link on your favorites: Save. Cincinnati, Ohio Sales: Service: Why McCluskey Chevrolet? Call Sales. Call Service.