Aint Going Down (Til the Sun Comes Up)

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American Honky—tonk Bar Association. Standing Outside The Fire. The River. Cowboy Bill.

Friends In Low Places long Version. A Friend To Me. She's Every Woman. That Ol' Wind. Victim Of The Game. The Fever. Against The Grain.

Why Ain't I Running. Unanswered Prayers. Wild Horses. We Shall Be Free. Belleau Wood. Thicker Than Blood. Baby Jesus Is Born. Fit For A King. Do What You Gotta Do. Let It Snow. Every Now And Then.

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Everything That I Never Had. The Beaches Of Cheyenne. Everytime That It Rains. You Move Me.

Garth Brooks:Ain't Goin' Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up) Lyrics

That Summer. The Change. The Old Stuff. Winter Wonderland. Wild As The Wind.

Ain't Going Down ('til The Sun Comes Up), por Garth Brooks (LETRA) -

The Night Will Only Know. What She's Doing Now. Two weeks later, the song was on the radio. Bart Herbison: Teenagers go to a show, get a bite to eat. They head out for some late night dancing. She gets back at 4 a. The girl does not get home in time.

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But sneaks out again at 6 p. BH: I just stayed out all night and pretended like something bad happened — like their car broke down. We didn't have cellphones back then. So, how did this song happen, Kent? KB: Well, it's really interesting. A lot of times when Garth comes in, he has an idea on how he wants something to be on a record. He came in and there was no pressure. He said, "I want to write the first single off the new record, and I want them to be shotgun lyrics.

KB: Oh yeah. I mean, I kind of figured he was thinking Chuck Berry or something like that.

Ain't going down Line Dance

And so he just kind of threw out this idea, telling the whole story. And we had Kim Williams with us.

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Any time we got together, Kim was always the risque one. We always blamed it on him.

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We just started laughing, writing, and Kim filled up a notebook full of lines. Then we finally went through, cleaned them up and got it the way we wanted. Because we had to go outside and work. KB: At my house.

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