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However, they are most threatened by wildlife trade. Sea turtles need to reach the surface to breathe, and therefore many drown once caught. Known as bycatch, this is a serious threat to hawksbill turtles. As fishing activity expands, this threat is more of a problem.


Despite their current protection under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora CITES and many national laws, there is still a disturbingly large amount of illegal trade in hawksbill shells and products. They are much sought after throughout the tropics for their beautiful brown and yellow carapace plates that are manufactured into tortoiseshell items for jewelry and ornaments. In recent decades, eastern Asia has provided an eager market for tortoiseshell. WWF works with communities to reduce turtle harvesting and local trade in the Coral Triangle.

In Malaysia, we help raise awareness about the threats hawksbills face and communicate the importance of protecting them. We also train and equip local rangers to protect turtles from poaching and patrol nesting beaches. The use of circle-shaped hooks instead of commonly used J-shaped hooks can significantly reduce the bycatch of turtles in longline fisheries. WWF aims to reduce turtle bycatch by working with fisheries to switch to more turtle-friendly fishing hooks "circle" hooks and advocates for the use of special turtle excluder devices in nets.

The Fisherman and the Turtle

We run an international competition, known as Smart Gear, to attract creative new ways to solve bycatch problems and advance the best of those ideas. Winning devices have been designed to minimize the bycatch of turtles on tuna longlines and help turtles avoid gillnets. We track turtle movements using satellite to help prevent future interactions between fisheries and turtles.

And we work with fishermen to save turtles caught in fishing gear. We encourage governments to strengthen legislation and provide funding for sea turtle protection.

When Stranded at Sea for 16 Months, You Can Survive on Turtle Blood, Apparently - The Atlantic

This often leads to ecotourism opportunities and offers alternative livelihoods. These satellite tags do not harm the turtles in any way and are designed to eventually fall off. The data will tell us where important feeding areas are, help us understand migration patterns, and anticipate where turtles may come in contact with fisheries and their gear.

Make a symbolic turtle adoption to help save some of the world's most endangered animals from extinction and support WWF's conservation efforts. World Wildlife Fund 24th Street, N. Washington, DC Search Search w. Business Policy Partnerships Science. WWF Toggle Nav v k. Hawksbill Turtle. Adopt a Sea Turtle. CR Status Critically Endangered. Can LED lights save sea turtles? Unfortunately there is someone who wants to stop him, which is why he needs help - not just from Usagi, but from some traveling companions that Usagi already knows. Usagi heads out to the grotto and finds four small turtles, and Kakera recites a spell that transforms the four ordinary turtles into the mutant ninja variety.

The Turtles are very disoriented by what has happened, especially since they can't understand anything that Kakera and Usagi are saying. Raphael attacks Kakera but is easily defeated. Usagi is confused by this, since he and Leonardo are friends, and suspects that his friend has been possessed by a demon. Leonardo, meanwhile, has no idea who Usagi is and suspects he's some kind of mutant enemy.

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The two are evenly matched, but their fight is interrupted by Kakera, who causes them all to suddenly understand each other's languages. He reveals that these are not the Turtles that Usagi is familiar with, but Turtles from a different reality. On the way to the shrine, Kakera shows the Turtles and Usagi the valuable object - a piece of rock.

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He explains that a giant catfish named Namazu lives under their land, and its slightest movement can cause earthquakes. It was pinned in place by the thunder god Kashima-no-Okami, using a massive rock called Kanameishi, but he later broke off a piece of the rock during an argument with the other gods.

As a result, the Kanameishi's power has diminished and Namazu is gaining strength. If they don't complete their quest, the entire land will be destroyed. Kakera also tells them that someone is trying to stop him: Jei, an evil sorcerer who believes himself a servant of the gods. Jei is following them at a distance with a large number of bandits, whom he believes are enough to defeat Usagi and the Turtles. He believes that the gods have sent him to destroy evil, and there won't be any more evil if the entire land is destroyed.

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One of the bandits tries to leave, and is brutally killed by Jei. Kakera, Usagi and the Turtles arrive at Kashima Shrine, but are immediately attacked by Jei's followers.