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She lowered herself onto his resurrected projectile just as if she was doing an Olympic event and then started to swing her legs to and fro. It was a strange feeling as he was way deep inside of her and as she made the movements, the muscles inside her moist groove were contracting and creating sort of a sucking motion on his dick.

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With his head almost hanging over the table Marie came around and started to insert her tongue into his mouth and then she pulled herself gracefully above his face with her legs spread apart. She lowered herself onto his moist lips so that he could munch on her quivering quim and he ate her out with relish. All three were groaning and moaning and Eddie balls were feeling tight and intense. He thought he was going to cum any minute but Kelly and Marie jumped off of the table together and both grabbed his arms and lead him over to the parallel bars.

It was almost like a rehearsed routine. The poor guy was a little frustrated because his balls were aching like hell as he was anxious to shoot yet another big blob of cum. However, the girls wanted to make the whole thing last and to try as much as the equipment as possible.

Marie launched herself onto the parallel bars in such a way that her pink tacho was in a direct line with his dick. Kelly took over the role of coach and directed him from the side. It felt great and he took several swings, once again expecting to shoot his load but the girls had one more piece of equipment to try. They literally carried Eddie over the gym and dumped onto the trampoline.

Kelly climbed on top of him and lowered herself once more onto his dick. He sank it in her hot wet crack all the way up to his scrotum and then took a very deep breath awaiting her next move. Marie climbed onto the end of the apparatus and began to jump. Her beautiful big tits bounced every which way as she got higher and higher. The vibration was jolting Kelly up and down on his cock which resulted in it going in and out at variable speeds which made it very frustrating. The combination of watching her tits jiggling and plunging in and out of a well-lubricated vagina soon brought him to the boil.

When he called out he was cumming Marie increased her pace and Kelly leaned back tightening her cunt around his battered schlong. When he blew his load they still continued to mangle his manhood and poor Eddie was flinging arms around almost begging for mercy. Maybe we should hang around and make it a foursome. Sex Toys — Great Photos. Caffieri's Erotic Stories. Like this: Like Loading Sucking for a Raise? Blog at WordPress. After she took Matt to pre-school, Amy cleaned around the house, and treated herself with a lunch of pizza, bringing a pie home for diner.

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Amy wasn't a fan of working out. She was just naturally thin an. Caroline and the Lacrosse Team Caroline Richter was one of the most popular and athletic girls at the university of Syracuse. She was well known around the school for her wild party attitude, but she miraculously was still able to be an honors students, a dream contribution only a small percentage of college students could think of.

Caroline's advanced calculus class just finished and she headed to the lunch room to meet with her friends, who are named Isabelle, Olivia, Maya and Belle. I'm so ecstatic today is finally the first practice! Her friends who she made during the college year were also heavy recruits out of high school. While 4 out of the 5 ladies just had a piece of pizza, the pound Belle was having 3 piece. View Gallery. I should mention that Penelope ate all of the food that I had ordered. She was of course hypnotized, but it took her about 4 days of almost nonstop eating to consume that much food.

I made a similar order for today, and I actually made her not eat anything one day before the real party. She looked famished, but she was already bigger. That almost astronomical amount of food had gone directly to her already massive double belly. Her thighs seemed bigger too. Not to mention she was almost getting a triple chin.

Now on to the plan, I invited some other people that Penelope bullied. The two girls soon came in. One of the was a skinny nerdy girl and the other was a obese black girl. The nerdy girl, Samantha came on time. She walked in our place, looking li. I am fresh out of ideas. Maybe get in a little field work. You could do feeders and feedees.

There are feeders, mostly men, who proceed in, quite literally, well, feeding the feedees, mostly women. The whole process is highly sexualized. Everyone has romantica. Fasting Food Jamie smiled at the new part timer who brought her meal down to her office. As the trainee left Jamie checked out her figure. Jamie then slowly turned on her desk chair to face her meal. The wheels screamed in protest, plastic grinding against plastic especially as she leaned forward a little to better survey the food in front of her. Jamie paused at the creak then slowly continued her turn.

She knew she was on borrowed time with this chair, having passed its weight restrictions long ago. As Jamie opened the first Big Mac container she thought first of the slim part timer who had brought all of this food to her, then back even farther to when she was the young, tiny trainee. If you don't like, don't read. Hopefully this doesn't take long, there's that new sale going on at the mall today. She wore a small black denim jacket atop a tight fitting baby yellow tee to flaunt her full B-cup breasts.

With angelic facial features and brown eyes, her flowing brunette hair draped downwards, resting on her shoulders. Entering the room, Sara saw the receptionist through the window behind her desk. Gain to Empathy Gain to Empathy: Morgan was a personal trainer and she was very tough on her over-weight clients. She did get results, if you can call torturing yourself under her tutelage to be thin, "results".

Morgan had no empathy for her clients and that fact merely contributed to their loathing of her. The only reason she had any clients, was her record of "working them down" to their goal weight. Morgan's reign of terror finally came to an end. Her best client, though her heaviest, Carolyn had a blow up with Morgan. Carolyn screamed, "I am done! I cannot stand your condescending attitude, your insults and cajoling, I would rather stay fat than put up with your bitchy attitude! It was not long, that the word got around,.

A Scaled Wish This story has effects of figure swapping of the female variety, with a heavy price.

Enjoy and have a good day. Conversations in and out of character seemed cluttered as voices spoke, tones getting louder all in an effort to outdo one another. This was the common case at the Cherry Creek Mall. Through all the commotion and consumers, it was a single individual who caught the eye of lady luck. It was what followed her constantly that became an issue, though not in a bad way. Nevertheless, they will almost always agree to a commission, just so as long as it involves their one and only area of perfect expertise: weight gain. Wether you're looking to plump up your friends, coworkers, rivals or loved ones, the UGA is usually ready and willing to oblige.

Today, the target we'll be discussing was not the usual wife, rival or friend of the commissioner; it was, in fact, her very own daughter. April Adams was a seventeen year old with a mother who feared nothing more than her precious daughter's independence. In the eyes of Ms.

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Adams, there was no such thing as a boy who wan't dangerous. They'd given her nothing but heartbreak, abuse and one single daughter; only one of which she didn't regret. Therefore, from the moment April was old enough to put on her own lipstick, any kid with a Y chromosome was an active hazard to April's well-being. It didn't h. A few extra donuts in the break room here, an extra can of soda at lunch… Alison never expected it to have that much effect on her. Not quite petite, but not quite anything out of the ordinary, either. And it stayed like that, at least for the first month.

She still went for runs in the evenings, and took the stairs down after work no time in the mornings, elevators were the only choice! But as time wore on, she had less and less energy at the end of th. I got you a deal with Paramount, romantic comedy, gonna be big, real big. Also they are gonna be paying you A LOT. That's great. Then she hires a hunk of a personal trainer, falls in love with him, they get married.

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She had gotten the job there after graduating college. Karina weighed over pounds and she could be considered petite compared to the rest of her family. The Ruthley women were always mind bogglingly large. They were born overweight and often gained hundreds of pounds before puberty. Many them grew so large that actually losing weight somehow became unhealthy for them.

Her family used to work in various circuses until such forms of entertainment became socially unacceptable. They then found riches and fame working in plus-size brothels, modeling extra large clothing and other various careers and opportunities that took advantage of their large size. Currently, her family could be found on a number of reality shows and her mother was t. Brushing my brown hair out of my eyes, I flipped the sign on my shop's front door to "open".

Glancing back, I took in my store. My bakery wasn't very large, but it was mine. The front windows and glass door let in light, setting the room in a friendly glow. Near the back there was a counter that held the register and a glass display filled with the various confections I had to offer. A few tables and chairs were set around in case anyone wanted to stay and eat their food. Today was opening day, and I had made sure the store was as inviting as possible. Satisfied that everything was in line, I retreated behind the counter.

For as long as I could remember, I had always loved cooking. People had told me I was a good cook, so I pursued a career as best I could. I practiced time and time again, as ofte. A Child's Wish This story has effects of weight gain of the female variety. The streets of the boardwalk full of excitement as travelers from all around came to enjoy it and the local beach.

A cool, soothing coastal breeze lingered in the air as it fought back the tiresome heat coming from the full sun. Pushing the temperature only in the high eighties, the patrons were enjoying the ideal day, especially Jen. Jen had an extra bounce in her step today, especially her bust.

Her DD-cup breasts bounced and j. I was shocked to see Penelope in my new apartment after the Hell she had put through in High School. There she was in our new apartment. Her long blonde hair, her baby blue eyes, and who could forget her perfect figure. I wonder if she recognized me? The college randomly gave us both new roommates as our roommates in the fall both dropped out. She was unpacking her bags when I first walked in.

She looked quite shocked seeing me. Is that you? You look amazing! I could easily still see that she was still skinny. I felt her body and I do admit she felt a little softer, but she looked the same to me. Especially in her leggings and sweater. She smiled at me and soon asked question, "How much weight did you lose from high school? No thanks to her. I was very overweight during high school.

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Penelope con. Gainer school for girls It was 3 days after the cafeteria had started serving more fattening foods at the all-girls school. It was a boarding school so all of the girls were forced to eat the cafeteria food. Breakfast: Bacon, eggs, pancakes, waffles, french toast, sausages. Lunch: Hamburgers, hotdogs, french fries, ramen noodles, onion rings, mozzarella sticks. Dinner: Steak, and anything on the lunch menu. Drinks: Whole milk, soda. So they ate. Debbie: What? Debbie: Neither will mine. Samantha and Debbie were on the cheer team.

My New Gym Instructor - Sex Stories

Always in fit condition. At least they were before they started serving the food. Debbie: Let me help. Samantha: Why wont it zip up! Debbie: Maybe it shrunk. Samantha: Yeah that must be it. College Feeding Today was just like any other slow day at work. Brittany, 19, would hide on the 2nd floor, a spot where her boss would never think to search for any slacking employee.

She fiddled around on her phone for the time being. Yep, having a summer job on campus sure was boring. Her jet black hair flowed in the wind and rested on the back of her form fitting work shirt that embraced her beautiful 5'11 figure. Her asian eyes seemed dull, but after she would punch out they would brighten up again. She slowly stood up and walked around in a square pattern, peeking inside every trash can to make sure that they weren't too full. None of them usually were. Her round was almost complete, until she received a text from one of her 'friends', "God! When will this creep learn to -" Brittany felt a powerful, yet soft force that knocked her down quite quickly.

Twenty six minutes later than when my date was suppose to arrive. I leaned back against the wall, starting to feel the mall's hustle and bustle push in on me. I was hanging out near the mall central, waiting for my blind date that one of my friends had managed to convince me go on, saying something about how "It's a bad thing to not be in love during the holidays". If she didn't show up soon, I might have to face the fact that I'd been stood up by someone I hadn't even met.

But before I could dwell on it more, I heard heavy footsteps behind me and a bubbly voice say "Hello, are you Johnny? Before I describe the person I saw, it might be a better idea to tell you what I looked like, to better accentuate the differences. I was just a 21 year old guy with my whole future ahead of me. The Bench This story has effects of figure swapping of the female variety on a heavier scale. If you don't like don't read, thanks and have a good day.

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Below its serene image rested a bustling community of patrons admiring the goods at the annual art festival which graced the local town. It was arm to arm traffic as too many people filled the streets, any type of movement slow and lackluster. Limited space combined with obnoxious standing spectators had her regretting her choice today.

I was nervous. Tomorrow was my twenty fifth birthday and in my family it was kind of a big deal. If you were woman that is. Every female, as far as anyone could remember, seemed to blow up after reaching this age. I was determined to be the one to change it, to be the exception from the rule.