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Airbnb jumped into tours in with Experiences, adding activities like dumpling making in Shanghai and salsa classes in Havana to its standard stock of rental residences, available rooms and the occasional treehouse. Three years later, she adds, you can book activities in almost every country on the globe. Boone is head of Adventures, which she says is designed to expand Experiences from hours-long diversions to multi-day excursions with all the logistics — minus your flight — included.

A few stretch longer than a week and cost thousands of dollars, but most are a handful of days and a few hundred bucks — adventure travel with a relatively light commitment. Adventures is a bid to make that a reality, but launching longer, more active trips poses new issues and concerns — both for the travel-booking website and the hosts it relies on. To establish safety guidelines and quality control procedures, Airbnb turned to the Adventure Travel Trade Association , a membership organization that represents adventure tour providers, tourism boards, hotels and travel agents.

The ATTA advised the company on the risk factors for specific activities and techniques for making sure guides are qualified to deliver an exceptional outting and keep their guests safe. If a traveler is going to track lions in Kenya or go rafting in the Yukon , they need to feel confident in the guides steering them through rapids or leading them through the bush.

It has to be done sensitively and safely. Boone says Airbnb has created a vetting procedure for Adventures that includes assessing the experience of the host and the safety criteria for each trip.

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Stowell says a handful of ATTA members were part of the launch, and many of the people listed on the platform have their own travel companies, operating on the ground in their chosen destinations. If adventure travel presents new challenges for Airbnb, it also offers new opportunities. Stowell believes Airbnb will introduce adventure travel to a community of Airbnb users and younger travelers.

I view it as an opportunity to widen the market. The trip posting details a hike on Angel Island, an on-board cooking class and learning to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, but the couple stresses that the itinerary is flexible, subject to the whims of the weather and their guests. Where do we want to go next?

Let us now have a look at 40 such popular and amazing stories for kids:

Still, he worries that the Airbnb website forces travel providers into a box, the trip that he and Cummings have dreamed up and designed lost among a sea of other tours with equally enticing photos and titles. The series also contains many metafictional stories-within-stories from varying perspectives, most of which are recounted by Kvothe, having been heard from other characters in his past.

The first two novels in the trilogy, The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man's Fear , were released in and respectively; Patrick Rothfuss has said that the third book in the main sequence will be the end of this particular arc in the story. The series is framed as the transcription of the three-day-long oral autobiography of Kvothe, a renowned musician, scholar, and adventurer now living anonymously as a rural innkeeper, with each day depicted in a separate book. The autobiography is book-ended and interspersed with interludes describing the interaction between Kvothe and Chronicler, the scribe recording the account in the present day of the fictional world of the series.

The portion of the world where the events take place other than The Fae and unknown regions is called the Four Corners of Civilization in the books, and the whole world has been officially named "Temerant" by Patrick Rothfuss in his blog. The current system of magics present in Temerant is a direct proof of such speculated history; alchemy, sympathetic magic , Sygaldry a form of runic magic combined with Medieval engineering , and 'Naming' a type of magic that allows the user to command the classical elements and objects are present and practiced by arcanists.

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness - Wikipedia

The Commonwealth and Aturan Empire, both the largest union of lands in the Temerant, has many Tehlin followers the Temerant's equivalent to Catholicism with the Iron Law of the judicial system being based on the morals and ethics espoused by the doctrines of Tehlinism.

The heresy against the Tehlin and use of magic against people is punishable by either the Tehlinism's judicial and military branches or the respective judicial and police system of the land: it is widely known that anyone who uses magic to willingly harm people are convicted and executed.

There are no known forms of slavery although the disparity between the classes of citizens is observable and often times dictates the attitude of people towards each other. The present day Temerant is in a state of civil war between unknown factions, with one faction being led by a person known as the "Penitent King". The lands involved in the civil war are impoverished and voluntary conscription is seen as an attractive line of work due to the pay of the King - colloquially known as the "King's Coin".

The present day Kvothe lives in Newarre, a land situated within the borders of Vintas, although the story follows his adventures across Temerant set years before the present day. Tarbean is the capital of the Commonwealth, and informally divided into two sections: Waterside and Hillside. Waterside is a slum and home of beggars, thieves, and whores, while Hillside is home of solicitors, politicians, and courtesans. Kvothe spends three years living on the streets in Tarbean after his family and performing troupe are killed, and before he attends the University.

Pronounced tar-bee-en. Situated across the Omethi river from the town of Imre, the University is the center of higher learning. The people of the University are well respected and even feared due to their magic capabilities. Master Elodin hints that the University is at least a couple of centuries old with the subject of Naming having much more importance in its inception years. Le Guin's Earthsea series , each specializing in a different field. One of the masters also holds the title of Chancellor, which confers additional administrative authority.

Graduates of the University are known as "arcanists". The University runs a modified quarterly-based semester system with a ranking system to determine the student's progression in their studies - the three ranks being E'lir , Re'lar , and El'the. Each student starts with the rank of E'lir and after attaining the rank of El'the they can graduate from the University or stay there and contribute as a University Arcanist. At the last week of each quarter, a student has to undergo an assessment conducted by all the Nine Masters of the University to determine their progress whether to be promoted or not and tuition.

Students can be expelled usually involuntarily; by high tuition fees or administrative actions , can drop out, or stay at the University depending on their personal circumstances and the rank they want to achieve. Unknown to virtually all of the students studying in the University, the University itself is situated atop of The Underthing - a massive subterranean complex with interlocking rooms and tunnels that's speculated to be the remains of the previously constructed version of the University, as well as possibly being the only remains of a now extinct town that the University is currently situated in.

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Vintas is an ancient and wealthy kingdom southeast of the University. Its people are known to be naturally suspicious of anything remotely magical. One such city, Severen, is divided by a large cliff, the Sheer, the higher section of which is inhabited by nobles and ruled by the Maer. Nobles of Severen often send rings as part of summons, which is seen as a courtly game: one sends an iron ring to a lesser, a silver ring to a peer, and a golden ring to a superior, and nobles often make the game of displaying the rings they have received to show their influence.

A harsh, barren, rocky, and windy land inhabited by the Adem people, famous for their exported workforce called the "Adem mercenaries". It has many schools which teach different styles of fighting but ultimately based on a fundamental philosophy known as the Lethani; similar to Eastern martial arts and their supporting philosophy, but ultimately emphasizes pragmatism.

The people of Ademre communicate emotion using gestural language with almost no facial expression other than laughter and tears. They believe that showing emotion is a natural thing, and thus barbaric, while controlling emotion, and displaying it through a constructed sign-language is civilized as they view the concept of civilization being superior to barbaric customs. The Adem people also practices Ketan , an internal martial art system similar to Tai Chi while also integrating sword-fighting as the practitioner progresses.

Teaching the Ketan to someone who's not Adem is strictly forbidden. Their architecture exhibits pragmatism, with the buildings being built by utilizing dry stone with the purpose of blending with the landscape. The society of Adem is matriarchal and governed by a modified Federal political system as schools governs their respective area within Ademre , however the stability of their societal system is largely based on their understanding of the Lethani philosophy and conflicts are settled according to the administration of the philosophy by the respective school leader.

It is hinted throughout Kvothe's stay at the Ademre that the culture of Adem emphasizes femininity and that the children are cultivated at a young age to become 'war children' as they undergo an almost militaristic training provided by the Adem schools using their respective martial arts curriculum based on the Ketan and their own variations of the Lethani philosophy. However, the Adem people does not view the cultivation of war children as a bad thing partly due to their Lethani philosophy , instead it is a pragmatic decision by them as their main form of income to support their society comes from their exported Adem mercenaries that sends money to their schools as part of their repayment.

A parallel reality inhabited by faeries and other species. In the Fae, the sun neither rises nor sets; but one can walk from lighter areas to darker areas, from morning to evening to night and back toward morning, or vice versa.

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The story's moon oscillates between the world of the Fae and the world of mortals; therefore, Fae can enter and exit the latter world easily during Full Moons, whereas mortals can become trapped in the Fae on moonless nights. It is hinted throughout the novel that the Fae environment is built using magics, hence the Fae creatures being naturally imbued with the capability to use magics. Nothing much is known besides the society of the Fae except for the fact that they seem to have a basic court system as Felurian is regarded highly by Bast.

It is also hinted that when a mortal being exits the Fae, their memories of their stay in the Fae realm are wiped out so as to preserve the mystery of the Fae realm. The present day activities occur at the Waystone Inn, situated in Newarre, which is owned by Kvothe. Here Kvothe retells his life story to the Chronicler and Bast.

Kvothe : Kvothe, pronounced nearly the same as quothe with the "kv" sounding as in the Yiddish kvetch and the e being silent, [1] is the protagonist of The Kingkiller Chronicle. At the young age of twelve, he is orphaned and forced to survive alone in the streets of Tarbean as a beggar. His most prominent physical features are his red hair and green eyes. Kvothe is a prodigy in the arts and arcane magic with an extraordinary memory - his prodigious feats earning him admission at the University and helping him become an infamous student during his stay.

Later on, he receives informal training from an Adem mercenary and teacher, developing his martial arts education and skill. He is a very talented lute player, becoming a well-known performer at the pubs in Imre. For some a majority of the story he is a student at the University, studying and working in the Fishery the Artificers workshop making and selling tools and various items, which is his main source of income for the majority of his time at the University. At the later part of the story, he becomes an arcanist, a renowned musician, a quasi-noble, and a novice adventurer.

His extraordinary adventuring feats leads him to becomes a mythical figure throughout the people of Temerant - the stories of his adventures being exaggerated although very few people seem to know him and the truths behind the stories. Devan is a well-known author, including one of the first books Kvothe ever read while studying at the University, and is considered to be the foremost biographer of his time. Bast : Kvothe's assistant and pupil; a Fae disguised as a young man. Bast's hope is that by recounting his life and adventures, Kvothe will return to his former heroism.

Denna : Described as dark haired with pale complexion, she is a young woman, at least a year older than Kvothe, who is romantically interested in Kvothe, but seemingly rejects long-term attachment with him. Denna changes her name frequently whenever she relocates. Denna is beautiful, graceful, intelligent, a talented musician, and a singer as shown when she performed with Kvothe during one of his performances in the Eolian.

Early on, most of her patrons are of nobility and it is by this line of work, as a cunning courtesan as she has successfully avoided sleeping with any of her patrons that becomes her main source of sustenance. Later on, she has secured the support of a mysterious wealthy patron, to whom she and Kvothe refer as "Master Ash". Kvothe is informed by the Ctheah, an omniscient being, that Master Ash hurts Denna although he is careful to hit Denna in spots that can be hidden by clothing.

Kvothe speculates that Denna stays with Master Ash because Master Ash provides Denna with knowledge that she's looking for and if Denna had other ways of getting such knowledge, she would've left already. She has many other names she goes by like Dinay, Dianah, Dinnah, and many more as she changes names whenever she relocates due to her fear of long-term attachment and caution in general.

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Ambrose Jakis : Kvothe's rival at the University, and the firstborn son of a powerful and wealthy baron. Throughout the story, Ambrose and Kvothe often commit sabotage and subterfuge against each other. While their rivalry earlier on is mostly displayed by playing pranks on each other, it later escalates to physical violence between the two of them with each other trying to outwit the other by being clever about their tactics.

Master Kilvin : Master Artificer, one of Kvothe's most influential mentors. Kilvin spends much of his time inventing and fabricating devices, and has made numerous attempts to produce an "ever burning lamp". Kilvin is Cealdish, with thick shoulders and a bristling black beard. Artificing is the equivalent of Temerant's engineering as most of the time the products created in The Artificery are made for practical purposes. Master Elodin : Master Namer, an eccentric but brilliant professor, considered insane by most of the students.

Later initiates Kvothe into the arcane art of 'Naming'. Naming is the arcane art of allowing control and eventual mastery over the classical elements and any physical object, including people, by uttering their 'true' names. There's no conventional or standardized way to learn Naming - in fact, the arcane art itself is a mystery and its students can only grasp the Name of the object they want to master by spending time to contemplate about its nature - a practice similar to Buddhist meditation.

It is subtly hinted throughout the later part of The Name Of The Wind and the middle part of the The Wise Man's Fear that Kvothe is a prodigy at Naming - being able to call the Name of the Wind subconsciously and within the span of around 6 months, having complete mastery over it.

Master Arwyl : Master Physicker, an older professor described as having a "grandfatherly" appearance. Arwyl presides over the instruction and day-to-day operations of the Medica. The practice of Medicine in Temerant is similar to Medieval medicine with a large emphasis on Herbalism. Master Hemme : Master Rhetorician, who resents Kvothe for embarrassing him, and tries to make Kvothe's life in the University as difficult as possible. Master Lorren : Master Archivist. Keeper of the University's vast and legendary Archives.

He notoriously bans Kvothe in his first semester for having a lit candle in the archives. Master Elxa Dal : Master Sympathist. Often referred to by simply "Dal" or "Master Dal". It is in his sympathy classes that Kvothe competitively duels with other University students. After Kvothe's trial in Imre, Elxa Dal advised Kvothe to leave the University until the backlash from the trial had died down, by telling him a story called "The Ignorant Edema".

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Described as having severe dark eyes, a lean face, and short black beard; to Kvothe, Dal looks the archetypal sinister magician in bad Aturan plays. Described as "clean-shaven and smooth-faced, with hands stained a half hundred different colors and seemed to be made all of knuckle and bone. Master Brandeur : Master Arithmetician. Brandeur does not feature prominently in the first two parts of the trilogy and is primarily known as a henchman for Master Hemme, thus often voting against Kvothe in any matter before the masters.

Simmon : Often called Sim. He is of noble birth and is a close friend of Kvothe. Simmon is skilled in alchemy and poetry. Wilem : Often called Wil. Cealdish, another close friend of Kvothe, and a librarian in the University Archives. He and Simmon are the first to befriend Kvothe at the University. Manet : A middle-aged student who has remained at the University for thirty years. He teaches Kvothe artificery in The Name of the Wind. Fela : A beautiful young woman at the University. Kvothe and Fela help each other on several occasions.

Fela was romantically interested in Kvothe although Kvothe didn't seem to notice her feelings for him. She later develops feelings for Simmon, and they enter into a relationship. Auri : A young woman and likely former student who lives in hiding in The Underthing. Auri is frightened by strangers, loud noises, and direct questions, but is befriended by Kvothe. Her name is bestowed by Kvothe himself, in a language he does not remember, meaning "sunny".