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Start a new career with your favorite MLB team or go back through almost years of baseball history and run any team from the past! He threw a game-winning touchdown in the final two minutes of the final game of the regular season to keep the team in playoff contention. He led the league in yardage, attempts, completions and touchdowns. When his chance in the NFL came this season, he was ready. Warner stepped in for injured Trent Green in the exhibition season and led the Rams to a six-game winning streak to start the regular season and eventually a mark on the way to the Super Bowl.

The Rams did not lose a game at home. That's how a guy who was stocking supermarket shelves five years ago became part of the American myth. What makes Warner larger than life is that he is a hero to the American people. Talking about how Warner got there is enough to make his coach, emotional Dick Vermeil, choke back tears. He's never played more than one bad quarter. I've never been around anything like that. No one has the throwing talents this guy has. The year-old, who is a devout Christian, possesses a gift that both he and Vermeil believe only God could have bestowed on someone extremely special.

There's no bigger platform than to be the starting quarterback in the Super Bowl and to be able to share what I'm all about off the field. It's helped ground me. It's helped keep me focused. If God is the rock anchoring Warner on one side, his wife, Brenda, holds him fast on the other. They met while line dancing in a country and western joint while he was a student at NIU in I wanted to pursue football, and she was getting divorced, had two kids, so we were heading in different directions.

But I wasn't going to let anyone talk me out of it. They began a five-year romance and she stood by him while he unsuccessfully tried out for the Green Bay Packers in When he was cut, he took a job at the grocery store. He couldn't even score a tryout with the Canadian Football League.

But Brenda, a former Marine, stood by him.

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He was so nuts about her that he put off a tryout with the Chicago Bears in so they could get married. But during their honeymoon in Jamaica, a rodent bit him on his throwing elbow, and when it swelled enormously, the Bears took a pass. Finally, the Rams came calling and the rest is this season's history. Warner repaid Brenda for her love and patience by adopting her children: seven-year-old daughter Jessie and blind son Zachary. Now 10, Zachary was dropped on his head when he was two months old in a bathtub by his father and suffered severe brain damage.

They also have a son from their union: one-year-old Kade. Warner's stories of family and religious devotion tell of his strength of spirit. The numbers in the Rams' football guide tell of his physical prowess. Rangy and athletic at 6 foot 2 and pounds, Warner has an art for throwing a football. He threw 41 touchdown passes this regular season. Seek out the villain Gloucester. Exeunt some of the Servants.

The heath. To be worst, The lowest and most dejected thing of fortune, Stands still in esperance, lives not in fear: The lamentable change is from the best; The worst returns to laughter. Welcome, then, Thou unsubstantial air that I embrace! The wretch that thou hast blown unto the worst Owes nothing to thy blasts.

But who comes here? Gentleman Something he left imperfect in the state, which since his coming forth is thought of; which imports to the kingdom so much fear and danger, that his personal return was most required and necessary.

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KENT Who hath he left behind him general? KENT Did your letters pierce the queen to any demonstration of grief? Gentleman Ay, sir; she took them, read them in my presence; And now and then an ample tear trill'd down Her delicate cheek: it seem'd she was a queen Over her passion; who, most rebel-like, Sought to be king o'er her. KENT O, then it moved her. Gentleman Not to a rage: patience and sorrow strove Who should express her goodliest.

You have seen Sunshine and rain at once: her smiles and tears Were like a better way: those happy smilets, That play'd on her ripe lip, seem'd not to know What guests were in her eyes; which parted thence, As pearls from diamonds dropp'd. In brief, Sorrow would be a rarity most beloved, If all could so become it. KENT Made she no verbal question?

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Gentleman 'Faith, once or twice she heaved the name of 'father' Pantingly forth, as if it press'd her heart: Cried 'Sisters! Shame of ladies! What, i' the storm? Let pity not be believed! You spoke not with her since? Gentleman No. KENT Was this before the king return'd? Gentleman No, since. KENT Well, sir, the poor distressed Lear's i' the town; Who sometime, in his better tune, remembers What we are come about, and by no means Will yield to see his daughter.

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Gentleman Why, good sir? KENT A sovereign shame so elbows him: his own unkindness, That stripp'd her from his benediction, turn'd her To foreign casualties, gave her dear rights To his dog-hearted daughters, these things sting His mind so venomously, that burning shame Detains him from Cordelia. Gentleman Alack, poor gentleman! Gentleman 'Tis so, they are afoot. KENT Well, sir, I'll bring you to our master Lear, And leave you to attend him: some dear cause Will in concealment wrap me up awhile; When I am known aright, you shall not grieve Lending me this acquaintance.

I pray you, go Along with me. A century send forth; Search every acre in the high-grown field, And bring him to our eye. Exit an Officer. It was great ignorance, Gloucester's eyes being out, To let him live: where he arrives he moves All hearts against us: Edmund, I think, is gone, In pity of his misery, to dispatch His nighted life: moreover, to descry The strength o' the enemy. Might not you Transport her purposes by word? Belike, Something--I know not what: I'll love thee much, Let me unseal the letter.

I know you are of her bosom.

If you do find him, pray you, give him this; And when your mistress hears thus much from you, I pray, desire her call her wisdom to her. So, fare you well. If you do chance to hear of that blind traitor, Preferment falls on him that cuts him off. I should show What party I do follow. Hark, do you hear the sea?

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How fearful And dizzy 'tis, to cast one's eyes so low! The crows and choughs that wing the midway air Show scarce so gross as beetles: half way down Hangs one that gathers samphire, dreadful trade! Methinks he seems no bigger than his head: The fishermen, that walk upon the beach, Appear like mice; and yond tall anchoring bark, Diminish'd to her cock; her cock, a buoy Almost too small for sight: the murmuring surge, That on the unnumber'd idle pebbles chafes, Cannot be heard so high.

I'll look no more; Lest my brain turn, and the deficient sight Topple down headlong. Here, friend, 's another purse; in it a jewel Well worth a poor man's taking: fairies and gods Prosper it with thee! Go thou farther off; Bid me farewell, and let me hear thee going. This world I do renounce, and, in your sights, Shake patiently my great affliction off: If I could bear it longer, and not fall To quarrel with your great opposeless wills, My snuff and loathed part of nature should Burn itself out.

If Edgar live, O, bless him! Now, fellow, fare thee well. He falls forward. The British camp, near Dover. EDMUND Know of the duke if his last purpose hold, Or whether since he is advised by aught To change the course: he's full of alteration And self-reproving: bring his constant pleasure.