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The starlet became a temporary muse for the author and he rewrote Rosemary Hoyt, one of the central characters in Tender is the Night , who had been a male in earlier drafts to closely mirror her.

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The trip exacerbated the couple's marital difficulties, and they left Hollywood after two months. His only screenplay credit is for Three Comrades. He also spent time during this period working on his fifth and final novel, The Love of the Last Tycoon , published posthumously as The Last Tycoon , based on film executive Irving Thalberg. In , MGM terminated the contract, and Fitzgerald became a freelance screenwriter. From until his death in , Fitzgerald mocked himself as a Hollywood hack through the character of Pat Hobby in a sequence of 17 short stories, later collected as " The Pat Hobby Stories ", which garnered many positive reviews.

Fitzgerald, an alcoholic since college, became notorious during the s for his extraordinarily heavy drinking which would undermine his health by the late s. According to Zelda's biographer, Nancy Milford , Fitzgerald claimed that he had contracted tuberculosis , but Milford dismisses it as a pretext to cover his drinking problems; however, Fitzgerald scholar Matthew J. Bruccoli contends that Fitzgerald did in fact have recurring tuberculosis, and according to Milford, Fitzgerald biographer Arthur Mizener said that Fitzgerald suffered a mild attack of tuberculosis in , and in he had "what proved to be a tubercular hemorrhage".

Some have said that the writer's hemorrhage was caused by bleeding from esophageal varices. Fitzgerald suffered two heart attacks in the late s. After the first, in Schwab's Drug Store , he was ordered by his doctor to avoid strenuous exertion. As the two were leaving the Pantages Theater , Fitzgerald experienced a dizzy spell and had trouble walking; upset, he said to Graham, "They think I am drunk, don't they? The following day, as Fitzgerald ate a candy bar and made notes in his newly arrived Princeton Alumni Weekly , [43] Graham saw him jump from his armchair, grab the mantelpiece, gasp, and fall to the floor.

She ran to the manager of the building, Harry Culver , founder of Culver City. Upon entering the apartment to assist Fitzgerald, he stated, "I'm afraid he's dead. Clarence H. Nelson , Fitzgerald's physician, signed the death certificate.

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Among the attendees at a visitation held at a funeral home was Dorothy Parker , who reportedly cried and murmured "the poor son-of-a-bitch", a line from Jay Gatsby 's funeral in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. At the time of his death, the Roman Catholic Church denied the family's request that Fitzgerald, a non-practicing Catholic, be buried in the family plot in the Catholic Saint Mary's Cemetery in Rockville, Maryland. Fitzgerald was instead buried at Rockville Union Cemetery. Only one photograph of the original gravesite is known to exist.

It was taken in by Fitzgerald scholar Richard Anderson and was first published as part of an essay by fellow-scholar Bryant Mangum, "An Affair of Youth: in search of flappers, belles, and the first grave of the Fitzgeralds", in Broad Street Magazine in Fitzgerald died before he could complete The Last Tycoon. In the book was reissued under the original title The Love of The Last Tycoon , which is now agreed to have been Fitzgerald's preferred title.

In , an editor of The Strand Magazine discovered and published for the first time an 8,word manuscript, dated July , of a Fitzgerald short-story titled "Temperature". It tells of his personal relationships as his health declines with various doctors, personal assistants, and a Hollywood actress who is his lover.

Fitzgerald's work has inspired writers ever since he was first published. Eliot to write, in a letter to Fitzgerald, "It seems to me to be the first step that American fiction has taken since Henry James But if there is, this is it. Salinger expressed admiration of Fitzgerald's work, and his biographer Ian Hamilton wrote that Salinger even saw himself for some time as "Fitzgerald's successor".

He might have interpreted them and even guided them, as in their middle years they saw a different and nobler freedom threatened with destruction. Into the 21st century, millions of copies of The Great Gatsby and his other works have been sold, and Gatsby , a constant best-seller, is required reading in many high school and college classes.

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Fitzgerald is the namesake of the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Cambridge University Press has published the complete works of F. Scott Fitzgerald in authoritative annotated editions.

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The Cambridge Edition runs to fifteen volumes. Fitzgerald's works have been adapted into films many times. One of the earliest Fitzgerald short stories was adapted into a silent film The Off-Shore Pirate.

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Tender Is the Night was the subject of the eponymous film , and made into a television miniseries in The Beautiful and Damned was filmed in and The Great Gatsby has been the basis for numerous films of the same name, spanning nearly 90 years: , , , , and adaptations. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald , ed. Jackson R. Bryer and Cathy W. Banks ; Correspondence of F. Scott Fitzgerald , ed. Matthew Bruccoli and Margaret Duggan , and F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Life in Letters , ed. Matthew Bruccoli A collection of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald's scrapbooks of photographs and reviews was compiled by Bruccoli and F.

The musical shows their lives from when they first met, through Fitzgerald's career, their lives together the good and bad , to both of their deaths. The musical made its world premiere at the Lenape Regional Performing Arts Center in a production that ran from July 20, through July 31, The Japanese Takarazuka Revue has also created a musical adaptation of Fitzgerald's life. Titled The Last Party: S. Fitzgerald's Last Day , it was produced in and Fitzgerald was portrayed by the actor Malcolm Gets in the film Mrs.

Parker and the Vicious Circle. A film based on Fitzgerald and Zelda's relationship called The Beautiful and the Damned was announced for a release by director John Curran. The last years of Fitzgerald and his affair with Sheilah Graham , the Hollywood gossip columnist, was the theme of the movie Beloved Infidel based on Graham's memoir by the same name. Graham played by Deborah Kerr , with whom he had a years-long affair, while his wife, Zelda, was institutionalized. Scott Fitzgerald , that records her experience as secretary to Fitzgerald for the last 20 months of his life.

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Guy Pearce and Vanessa Kirby portray the couple in 's Genius. Stewart O'Nan 's novel West of Sunset presents a detailed fictional account of Fitzgerald's final years as a Hollywood scriptwriter and his relationship with gossip columnist Sheilah Graham. Amazon Prime 's television series Z: The Beginning of Everything recounts Fitzgerald's relationship with Zelda, as well as his writing career. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 25 June American novelist and screenwriter.

For other people with these names, see Scott Fitzgerald disambiguation and Francis Fitzgerald disambiguation. For F.

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The New Yorker. Retrieved October 1, Scott Fitzgerald in the Marketplace". Scott Fitzgerald". Retrieved February 6, Skyhorse Publishing. Books and Writers kirjasto. Finland: Kuusankoski Public Library. Archived from the original on January 26, Retrieved January 5, Scott Fitzgerald Centenary".

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Retrieved April 25, Scott Fitzgerald: Childhood". Scott New York: Random House. June 15, Retrieved June 4, The Daily Princetonian. October 15, IKE an American Hero. December 21, Princeton Alumni Weekly. November 5, Retrieved December 17, Scott Fitzgerald 2nd rev. September 15, History Theatre. Archived from the original PDF on January 16, Retrieved June 19, Scott Fitzgerald Chronology Web Page". Archived from the original on June 14, Retrieved October 3, Recast as This Side of Paradise it was accepted for publication in Zelda and Scott resumed their engagement, and the couple were married in New York a week after publication in Their only child, Frances Scott Fitzgerald, was born a year later.

This Side of Paradise became an immediate hit. With literary success came wealth, and with wealth came the Fitzgeralds' new penchant for high living. Scott became known as a playboy and drank heavily, supporting himself largely through short stories published in popular magazines and papers like The Saturday Evening Post and Esquire. In Fitzgerald published his second novel, The Beautiful and the Damned.

It was this novel's satire of the Jazz Age that secured his position as a member of the Lost Generation. However, Zelda and Scott lived beyond their means, embracing the decadent lifestyle of the New York celebrity, and Fitzgerald had to take out frequent loans from his literary agent and editor to avoid financial troubles. In France he wrote the now classic then underrated novel The Great Gatsby.

In the s Fitzgerald fell into severe alcoholism and suffered from writer's block, and Zelda's mental health deteriorated in she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The couple moved between Delaware and France, and Zelda was hospitalised in Switzerland and Baltimore. In Zelda published her semi-autobiographical novel Save me the Waltz. Scott was furious that she had drawn heavily on their life together, but would go on to do the same himself in his novel Tender is the Night , the story of an American psychiatrist married to a schizophrenic.

The novel was a commercial disaster. Fitzgerald's alcoholism, depression, and financial problems worsened, and after Zelda was placed in a North Carolina hospital in , Scott left his wife behind and moved to Hollywood to try his hand as a screenwriter. In he began work on his final novel, The Love of the Last Tycoon , but died of a heart attack the following year without completing the work.

He was forty-four, and considered himself a failure at the time of his death. It is only posthumously that he has been acknowledged as one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century.

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