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Can you keep a secret? Well, get ready, gurl: because eligible royals from around the world are lining up to marry you When you win a chance to tour with the one and only superstar Demi Lovato, your ability to balance love, friends, and fans is put to the test!

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Will you make it to the final stage? But when his half-brother Cole Stone comes back to town, everything changes. Will you play it safe or chance crossing the line? A little lie leads to the romance of a lifetime - but also a massive murder investigation. How will you react when thrust into the media spotlight while untangling this mystery?

Do you have what it takes to be a Bella? You'll audition, sing in a riff-off, and navigate love with two Trebles.


At college, you, Janis and Damian have finally escaped Regina George… or have you? You wake up in the middle of the night to find your sexy, bad boy neighbor in your room, holding your bra! What would you do? Kentwood Academy is ripe for taking over.

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Continue your perfect streak of ruling schools by kissing 10 of Kentwood's hottest singles! Join the largest community of interactive storytellers in the world.

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Sign up today to create your story and share it with millions of readers on the Episode app! Download on Mobile. What is Episode? Your browser does not support the video tag. In this episode, test cook Elle Simone and host Julia reveal the secrets to maki….

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Season 19, Ep 9. Season 19, Ep 8. Equipment expert Adam…. Season 19, Ep 7. In this episode, Bridget and Julia uncover the secrets to the ultimate Braised B….

Season 19, Ep 6. Season 19, Ep 5. Season 19, Ep 4. Bridget and Julia reveal the secrets to making the perfect Gingerbread Layer Cak….

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Season 19, Ep 3. In this episode, Julia and Bridget unlock the secrets to the ultimate Roast Chic…. Season 19, Ep 2. Season 19, Ep 1. Season 18, Ep