Battle of the Scotophobin Cannibals

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  • I am not currently driving a taxi in Las Vegas nor have I ever been cited for long riding a taxi customer in Vegas or anywhere. Yes there is a probability that we make the customer feel less important when we drive them thru heavy inner city traffic. Cite statistics that clearly demonstrate most accidents happen in town settings, near home, work, and shopping places. Point out that Big Government or Big Brother actively seeks opportunistic logic to grow government even bigger. Query customers visiting Vegas for gaming and ask- do they prefer a fast, spiffy ride on the freeway with no pot holes, dips in the road and fast stops to make red lights and less accidents or save a few dollars getting to a Casino where they are going to gamble the money away anyway.

    I wrote this several months ago and now I am a Vegas taxi driver, and I would like to add a new direction to the argument. First of all; I have learned that the TA or Taxi Authority is a pseudo -government agency, the officers are licensed in the state of Nevada to arrest and ticket taxi drivers but they are not paid by any government tax dollars. TA salaries are funded by the tickets and fines issued to errant taxi drivers. Why should any government agency get involved in the legal wrangling of two law abiding adult citizens? The taxi driver is offering an adult free man or woman a ride for a sum of money.

    We assume that the riders are intelligent and capable human beings. The civil courts were created for the problems of long riding, if there is a problem. Can the TA be sued in Federal Civil Court for claiming long riding when there are statistics proving that more accidents happen in heavy city traffic vs.

    Many of the drivers I have queried tell me they offer the customer the option of a long and tedious drive thru heavy city traffic, and it is proven by statistics that inner city driving has more accidents; or a fast and slightly safer drive on well paved Federal roads; many passengers opt of the long ride even when they are told it will cost a few dollars more.

    So why bother with the traffic safety distraction of a pull over on the side of a road, which is also dangerous and embarrasses drivers unnecessarily? The fact that taxi companies keep averages to weed out less productive drivers is the root cause of long riding. Drivers are under pressure to produce higher numbers or face punishment by the cab company employers and that is why they turn to long riding. If all the drivers used the highway then it would not be called long -riding; instead it would be the normal route and price; if that was the case then the concept of long-riding might very well be connected with driving the passenger thru town in heavy traffic and looking for the route that increases time and mileage.

    Benjamin Burnley - WikiVisually

    Creativity has no limits! Hello, I'm a new Vegas taxi driver, and I am looking for statistics on the number of traffic accidents in Las Vegas city traffic in town traffic and also the number of accidents on the Interstate system in and around Clark County. I'm sure you are aware of the Taxi Authorities campaign against "Long-riding"; which appears to be aimed at using the Interstate as a path of transporting passengers.

    I'm concerned that the TA's motive is financial and not safety; because I have read statistics elsewhere that heavy city traffic is more dangerous than the highways. The cost of using the highway albeit slightly higher is offset by other factors; the informed passenger knows city traffic with multiple intersections is more dangerous and takes longer in some cases.

    I suspect, but as yet cannot validate that the Long-riding campaign is flawed; and I need your help in finding the traffic statistics. After and "If" you have said stats then I will need help in addressing other aspects of this story. Two days and no response on the inquiry: Freedom of Information Act requests can go that way by nervous unscrupulous government agencies.

    In the meantime I found time to consider another aspect of the long ride. It is usually the I Interstate route and that is the part that offers a city scenic view of the Strip and Vegas in general. The Casinos have highly decorative advertising to entice the tourists. In all probability the drive on 15 is a part of the vacation etched in the minds of millions as a fond memory. The night time ride is my personal favorite. I really do worry about TA stopping drivers on the tunnel stretch and interrogating tourists.

    Some tourists have a fear of the police and are intimidated by the stop. Free enterprise was stymied by union power that is at best admired by government paid workers that find unionization accommodating. The taxi industry in most states has evolved past the era of monopoly as a tool to aid government phobia to new industry. In the early years of invention, the automobile and two way radios was viewed by government as a Para-police opportunity and then cab drivers sometimes carried a badge and gun. Today we all have two way communication and crime flourishes well enough without the taxi because nowadays most people can own a car.

    So why don't we monitor every industry. How about cloud spyware in airplanes to find which company is flying you the long way and charging you more money? The Taxi industry has become a modern version of the serfdom's; a caste system, and the drivers are being treated as the lower caste.

    Competition will bring down prices but obviously there isn't any real competition in Vegas. So where are we? The government came to Vegas to take on the mob and five decades later the government has replaced the mob with communism and corruption. Government control of business is provable a violation of the American way of life…. Ground transportation for people may go the way of the rickshaw drivers in India, and taxi drivers will resemble the untouchables of the lower caste system.

    Only when the untouchables can find a means to organize in protest will change ever occur. Unfortunately the bogus unions that claim to represent the drivers will not do that which will defeat their socialist dream. Thousands of union workers they will support but thousands of small business owners that are free men will be ignored. Once again the hypocrisy of the left says and does nothing for the people. The publication constitutes little more than a rambling on my part. If it was done adequately the history of the taxi industry would be complete; the issues would include expert testimony and I would have proofed and edited the writing.

    Other than spell-check none of it was done. Feel free to disseminate, add to it, and use it for whatever purposes you want. Just include my contributions. I am not a good non-fiction writer and prefer writing science fiction. Read my books on Amazon. I believe in God but making men slaves and it is slavery is so wrong.

    I usually take my dry cleaning to Pepes Washateria, but today I was in Vegas and had to find a quick cleaner nearby. The next day I arrived to pick up the clothes and got a small shock. Louigi had charged me one dollar more than my regular cleaner.

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    • They arrived and Louigi was immediately issued a fine and was ordered to attend a dry-cleaning safety training class. It was approximately four in the morning and I had just loaded at New York. So I pulled past the white line and stopped in front of the imaginary sidewalk. Immediately I noticed TA in my rearview mirror. Paranoia struck me and I feared he was about to write me up. It was almost as quickly replaced by anger, because I know the sidewalks along the strip is the one place where cab driver must Posture with an Aggressive Nature. When the light changes to let cars out from hotels it is quite common to see tourists still walking in the sidewalk.

      Where defensive driving is taught to respect the human in the road, in Las Vegas we are taught to demand vehicle right of way. Sometimes it seems like the Strip is in a world of its own when it comes to driving laws. Forty dollars equals a ten dollar tip versus the city street ride for twenty-five dollars and a five dollar tip. There is some form of dichotomy of culture in the city route and the interstate; and Vegas is the place to treat every visitor like King and Queen.

      The single Muslim sounding name paid over four hundred dollars for a room that should not cost more than sixty dollars a night. Price gouging in hurricanes and other natural disasters is one thing but the daily act of commerce is what makes pawn shops, grocery stores, hotels, banks, and car dealerships, etc. Taxicab drivers that offer a faster, smoother ride is like a hotel that offers a cleaner room, and the TA needs to realize that long riding is nothing more than a civil action between two adults- the driver and the passenger.

      When you walk thru a restaurant door and wait to be seated the staff is eyeing your party up. They are trying to decide which seat to put you in and which waiter or waitress to serve you. You food order is complimented and suggested based on a strict standard of measurement that is intended to maximize satisfaction. Taxi drivers are also using some fundamental analysis when deciding which streets to travel. Not all passengers are the same; sometimes they are all squished into uncomfortable seating, and some passengers have obvious disabilities.

      The Cannibal Escape (Strange Stories)

      Many business travelers could care less if the taxi ride costs ten dollars more; they prefer the comfort of the interstate and the speed attainable whether it gets them to the hotel quicker or not is reminiscent of their daily ride back home. A smooth ride is a comfortable and familiar ride.

      Speed has a psychokinetic effect on the mind and for many American travelers the creation of the interstate highway system was immediately used to satisfy their thirst for speed, and have opted to use the highway on a regular basis.