Second Star to the Right

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The Peter Pan statue commissioned by Author J. Barrie that stands today in Kensington Gardens. For me Captain Hook will always be the great Cyril Ritchard.

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Christopher Walken simply seemed to be "Walken" through his performance altogether, devoid of fun, impishness and yes, lovable-ness. Most of Hook's potential wonderful moments all came off as throwaways. Okay, his tap number was charming to watch. Beyond that his performance in Peter Pan left me saying, "Get the hook!

Broadway dynamo Kelli O' Hara was totally wasted as Mrs. Perhaps that was a calculated move by the producers this time around, considering the fact that McDonald's solo garnered more attention and stole the evening away from the lackluster and totally miscast Carrie Underwood.

His Smee was delightful and hunky, revealing quite a bit of bicep and, like many, I also marveled at Borle's guns. A sexy Smee works for me! As Wendy, Broadway actress Taylor Louderman was superbly cast.

Peter Pan

She conveyed a lovely presence and won me over with her big solo, "It's Only Pretend. Yes, The Lost Boys looked more like The Lost Men but I will say this: They all conjured up that essence of rakish little tots brilliantly and they danced their asses off!

Second Star to the Right: Peter Pan in the Popular Imagination - PDF Free Download

In fact the ensemble as a whole should be commended and applauded for shining brighter than Tinker Bell in all of the production numbers. Those aerial shots combing over foggy London town set with twinkle lights in the distance made me feel as if I were riding Peter Pans Flight in Disney Land; having Tinker Bell as a CGI that the audience could actually see on screen was a nice touch, though not a totally new innovation, as the precocious pixie was depicted this way in the Mia Farrow version.

When Mary Martin and company go soaring skyward in the telecast it still gives me goose bumps. This time around they should have changed the lyrics from "I'm Flying" to "I'm Dangling. Most bothersome about this production was that it became monotonous. Many of my friends with kids said their little ones lost interest halfway through. A glutton for punishment, I went back and watched the show twice more before writing this piece.

The Second Star to the Right

Then I went back and watched Martin's version and no contest, the latter still shines like a new penny and holds you captivated in its magical spell. It maintains a key ingredient the new incarnation was sorely lacking: whimsy. There was nothing whimsical about Peter Pan Live! At the helm I blame flawed direction by Rob Ashford.

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Let's call foul on the casting of the principals too. When will this trend of stunt casting end? When will directors be hired who understand this genre? Why not let a good show sell itself and draw the audience in? Why not cast an established Broadway star? The possibilities are endless and would be far more entertaining.

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In the end, Peter Pan Live! Every time a child tuned out from its viewing a renewed hope in live TV musicals fell down dead, and no amount of clapping could save Peter Pan Live! Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.

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Second Star To The Right

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Stumbled upon this gem last weekend when my sister was in town to see my 5 week old son.

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