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Retreading tires provides the absolute lowest cost per mile of any tire management strategy. When coupled with other enhanced preventive maintenance measures, a retreaded tire can easily go half a million miles or more, all things being equal. If you still need convincing, consider the vastly reduced environmental consequences of using retreaded tires.

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According to the Tire Retread Information Bureau, it takes approximately 22 gallons of oil to manufacture one new truck tire, but only about seven gallons to produce a tread for a retreading application. If you can extend the life of the casing out to two, three or even four retread cycles, you're saving about 50 gallons of oil per wheel position over the life of the truck.

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And if that's not enough to convince you, consider that each time a tire is retreaded, there's more warranty applied to the tire. All the major retreaders and many retread shops offer some form of warranty, sometimes prorated, on the tread and the casing down to varying tread depths. That lowers the cost of potential failures, provided the tire is properly maintained. Ah, you're saying; properly maintained That's the rub. Who has the time and resources to chase after retreaded tires?


Inflation pressure maintenance is critical, but so it is with new tires, too. If you don't keep the pressure up, the tire — any tire, retread or new — will die a premature and possibly ugly death. Retread plants grind off tread rubber so the new tread will fit properly around the casing. All the rubber removed in that process is lost miles-per-thirty-second to the fleet.

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Time for a bit of simple math. Now compare the cost of two retreads versus two new tires, even at a trailer position, and you'll see how you're saving money twice each time a tire is retreaded. We assume here that you're treating your tires well, repairing them properly, and not abusing the casing. If you beat the thing up, it could be only a B- or a C-grade casing. Here again, if you're maintenance program isn't up to par, you're throwing money away in casing value. The number 1 killer of tire casings is heat, and that's directly attributable to underinflation.

Each revolution of the tire causes the steel wire in the casing to flex. A tire will go around about times per mile, times ,plus miles a year for a couple of years. Try flexing a paperclip like that and see how long it lasts. Improper repairs and rusted belts are the next most likely killers of casing value. Each is manageable. Eliminating them will preserve casing value.

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Tire repairs aren't a problem for retreaders, even section repairs, provided they are done to accepted industry standards, but improper repairs will render the casing non-retreadable. Some of these questions include:. Stevens with TRIB agreed, noting that the relationship between a fleet and a retreader is important. Like any other tire, retreads are not maintenance-free.

To reap the full value of a tire, fleets should ensure that tire is regularly inspected and operating at peak performance.

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Fleets that practice proper tire care and maintenance help to ensure their casings can be retreaded multiple times, maximizing their tire investment. Although inflation is an important factor in any tire maintenance program, it is especially important for retreads.

Continental offers a digital tire monitoring platform to view tire pressure and temperature information of the entire fleet. Related: Latest Innovations in Retread Tires. See all comments. Effective immediately, model-year Allison-transmission-equipped Hinos include a five-year unlimited mile transmission warranty. Medium-duty truck builders will soon have a groundbreaking transmission to add to their data books, and heavy-truck makers will have more steering assist options thanks to recently demonstrated technologies from German supplier ZF.

Just like the evolution of VMRS codes helped make vehicle repair more efficient, so too will the next wave of evolution — artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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By managing a tire throughout its lifecycle — from selection to removal — fleet managers can make a big impact on the bottom line, all while making mobility more efficient for their fleet. A traditional tool maker has decided to modernize its products and expand into new vocations and markets. And it has its eye firmly fixed on the transportation industry.

Jasper Holdings, Inc. Two fleets are changing the way they manage their operations and lowering their expenses by embracing technology. Photo courtesy of Goodyear Retreading is the process in which new tread rubber is bonded to a refurbished tire body, or a casing. Name Please enter your name. Email Address Please enter a valid email address. Please validate that you are human. View All. Fleet FAQ? Tom Coffey Vice President. Fuel Management View All.