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The Nazis are miles from Paris, now closer. This non-fiction selection includes a selection of photographs of the Jackson family, as well as images of many other high-profile names discussed in this book. It's a hot, lazy day, perfect for a cookout, until you see those strange dark clouds.

Suddenly a violent storm sweeps across the lake and ends as abruptly and unexpectedly as it had begun. Then comes the mist The mist is alive, seething with unearthly sounds and movements. What unleashed this terror? Was it the Arrowhead Projectthe top secret government operation that everyone has noticed but no one quite understands? And what happens when the provisions have run out and you're forced to make your escape, edging blindly through the dim light?

Travel back to the Great World War and globe trot the world with a colorful band of characters affectionately known as the Explorers Guild. Rick Ross is responsible for the fabulous illustrations. This great adventure tome harkens back to the golden age of adventure writing in the similar vein of authors Jack London, Rudyard Kipling, Joseph Conrad and Robert Louis Stevenson. The action revolves around the Ogden siblings: brothers John and Arthur, and their sister, Frances. Each has a vastly different reason for searching for the lost city of Shambhala but all are of the upmost importance to the seeker, ranging from saving a life to saving the world.

The page novel is almost split evenly between text and graphic storytelling. Kevin Costner shares the reason for the length of the book. His phenomenal illustrations fire my imagination. As the book is full of comic book images, an assumption could be made that it is a book aimed at children. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Many times the action is not suitable for younger readers.

According to the authors, it took almost ten years to fully develop the storylines. The word choices, while lengthy, are reminiscent of the time period. With such delicious writing, it forces the reader to journey to the end. The four patients she chiefly describes have a variety of medical issues and positive and negative outcomes.

The reader becomes caught up in their stories, wondering who will live and who will die, and those questions are answered. Theresa says that many nurses rarely even get their lunch half-hour, at least on her floor, so they are working at times almost to physical impairment due to low blood sugar. The reader comes to have an even greater respect for these individuals who usually know more about the patient's condition than their doctor, and may help the doctor avoid a mistake in the patient's care.

An interesting read for the layperson, and nurses who read it will be nodding their heads that she has captured the essence of a nurse's day-to-day worklife. The author was previously an English teacher at Tufts University before becoming a nurse, and has written for the New York Times, as well as for professional nursing journals. Humans of New York: Stories is a photographic, storytelling blog that began on Facebook. When Brandon, the author, began this journey five years ago, he was simply taking pictures.

Now he interviews the subjects of his photographs and has somehow created a safe place on Facebook for people to share their secrets. This book is a compilation of those stories. In this book, the reader meets people of all ages, with all kinds of stories to tell. The reader will laugh out loud, turn the page, and tear up. While this book looks large, pages of stories!

On the surface Alexis has a great life: she is engaged to a wonderful man who not only loves her but is also a committed Christian. Chase is everything she has looked for in a man and he is also handsome, wealthy and a successful businessman. Alexis has a home she loves and a successful business as a motivational speaker. Everything seems perfect but she still struggles to be happy and to find the peace she seeks and to get over her grief.

During a Sunday service the pastor invites those in the congregation to write a Christmas prayer. Alexis decides that she will write a prayer as a way to get past her sadness and experience again joy and happiness. She prays for herself but also prays for others who have experienced hardship and loss. Just praying the prayer helps her to feel hopeful about the future. As Alexis struggles with grief and depression she also has to deal with a future mother-in-law who does not like her or want her to marry her son.

She also has problems with her sister who has made choices for her life that Alexis thinks are wrong and although she tries to help her sister they have don't have a good relationship. Dealing with personal difficulties and finding a way past them is the main theme of the book. There are ups and downs along the way and a few crises that the characters experience but in the end things are worked out and come to a good conclusion. The narration is often poetic and well written, and while morals and lessons can be learned from it, it refrains from being preachy. The story opens as Stephan Moran returns to consciousness in a hospital after being wounded during a Civil War battle, and briefly relates his experiences as a bugle boy for the Union, as well as flashing back to childhood memories in a New York slum and of fleeting sights of a man soon revealed to be Walt Whitman.

Told in the first person as a series of rembrances to a friend, Jay, the episodes jump around in time, though they are all clearly dated, giving the impression that the reader is privy to a diary or memoir. Over the course of the story, the narrator encounters other famous men: General Ulysses S. Throughout, Stephan Moran is a witness to history, and never an actor until near the very end, allowing the reader to be witness alongside him. True to a first-person narrative of rembrances, he embarks on tangents to elaborate on a point as fancy takes him.

Where this may be a literary sin for many authors, it works for this type of story. As back stories, they add detail and color where necessary, and do not at all make the story disjointed. The tone, grammar, and vocabulary are archaic enough to grant a sufficient sense of authenticity, yet not so authentic that it becomes difficult or tedious for twenty-first-century readers to grasp.

The storytelling voice shifts about midway into the novel. It is a gradual shift, so the reader may not notice the drop in nineteenth century tone. Inspirational fiction is evolving and developing new subgenres such as romantic suspense. Irene Hannon is a master of this type of inspirational fiction. The story begins with an accidental death involving four college students that is hidden or covered up then jumps to the present where once the skeleton is uncovered the consequences of this act begin to unfold. Lisa and Mac start to work together to discover the truth about the death.

The plot begins slowly but picks up as events unfold. Danger and threats arise as one individual attempts to keep secrets hidden. Readers will quickly identify with the main characters and how their romance unfolds. There is real suspense and danger even a few twists and turns. This novel is a solid and familiar story with charming characters and a safe predictable outcome. Readers will eagerly be waiting for the next MacGregor mystery and romance. The Martian is a story about a lone human battling against overwhelming odds.

The Ares 3 manned mission to Mars has arrived on the Red Planet. On the sixth day, a vicious dust storm exponentially stronger than NASA anticipated hits the landing site, forcing the six man crew to abort their mission. During the evacuation process, Astronaut Mark Watney is struck with an antenna and knocked unconscious. Watney pinwheels away from his team and ends up buried in the blowing sand. The future is bleak for Mark when he awakes and realizes he has been abandoned.

He has no immediately viable way to contact NASA and he certainly does not have enough supplies to last until the next Ares mission is planned to visit Mars in four years. A devoted history buff of manned spaceflight and self-declared space nerd, Weir studied orbital mechanics and astronomy to give his novel authenticity. This attention to technical detail makes it all the more compelling for those who know enough about spaceflight to appreciate those details.

Simple but critical challenges abound. How does Mark breathe, eat, and drink when the mission supplies are exhausted? How does he pinpoint an air leak in the shelter? Is it even possible to get to an ascent vehicle destined for another mission which is thousands of kilometers away on Mars? The film rights were then bought and it is now a major motion picture starring Matt Damon and directed by Ridley Scott. What better way to celebrate this time of year than by reading about objects that are sometimes old, but always interesting and that helped make baseball what it is today?

Short but detailed stories accompany each object, stirring up emotions and creating a sense of nostalgia. Baseball goes pro at the beginning of part two, with a game ball from the Cincinnati Red Stockings, who were the first all-professional team. Babe Ruth and the four sections beyond are full of pieces from a quickly changing game.

The Murders That Haunt The Lizzie Borden House

From War and Integration, to Expansion to Free Agency, to Strikes and Steroids, this book covers many important memories of the game through Some books grab you as soon as you start reading. This was one of those. I was crying at the end of the first chapter, although I don't usually like books that make you cry I was hooked. The story was upbeat and enjoyable I know it is a surprise after the crying. Lynn has been a widow for about 2 years and is still struggling with grief. She and her husband had built their home, the family plumbing business and their children's homes all on the same property and although she loves her home, she is lonely and struggles with grief.

The book begins with Lynn's son suggesting she sell her big house and build a smaller one beside his. Lynn's house is on a lake and they are close enough for the grandchildren to walk to her house but not so close that they can see into each other's yards. Lynn loves her home and has no desire to leave it. She realizes she needs to make some changes but isn't really sure how.

Because of some physical symptoms she visits her doctor who mentions to her the idea of shared housing. Lynn begins to investigate and decides this is something that will work for her. She prepares her home and prays that God will send her the boarders she needs. In unusual ways she meets Angela who is going through a divorce and Judith who's family home has become a historical museum after the death of her father. Both women are looking for a new start and a new home. They transition into this way of living fairly easily but there are some bumps along the road they have to work out as they each adjust and find what is best for all of them.

Each woman experiences healing and restoration as their friendship grows and new opportunities open up for them. This book was enjoyable and inspiring. If you like books about families or small communities this is one to add to your reading list. I'm hoping it will become a series.

If you want an exciting read or audiobook that involves the military, sabotage, espionage, medical emergencies, and a tiny bit of romance all wrapped into one, this book is for you. I listened to the audiobook version which is outstandingly delivered by Ray Porter. Montana is in peril. Adrift and in flames, the boat and entire crew could be lost.

The only team close enough to get to them in time is led by Marine doctor and bio-terror expert Joe Rush. One of the biggest problems is a deadly virus that is killing crew members in addition to burns suffered by many in an on-ship accident. A Chinese submarine arrives, but is it there as a humanitarian mission or to take control of the damaged American submarine? Only an ice-breaker can save those on the ship, but there is a traitor onboard the American ice-breaker, and the finger points to several individuals, including a member of Congress.

Will the survivors and rescuers become casualties of a world that will not permit a deadly virus to be brought back to the mainland? A nail-biting climax near the end answers that question, but there are still more plot twists to finally wrap up the book. This tv series chooses to show the story of the affair in two distinct perspectives each episode. I loved how the two sections varied each episode because it made both characters unreliable.

Everyone remembers life differently and this show lets readers experience it during a curcial point in their lives. Mixed in with their forbidden love story is a murder mystery and for several episodes you dont even know who died or how. This tv show was captivating and I recommend this show to everyone who loves a good who-done-it mystery. I am anxiously awaiting Season Two. I loved this book. I am a fan of series involving families that balance the romance with humor. Second Chance Summer certainly fits that description.

Lily had a traumatic event disrupt her life and she ran away from Cedar Ridge to recover. Aidan waited for her return and made it clear that he was not going to let her run a second time. Stop by VCPL and check out this title! They were known simply as "The Lost Boys. Fifteen years later, a humanitarian effort would bring 3, lost boys and girls to America. This film shows Carrie struggle with keeping her distance as the boys acclimate with American society and struggle with the demons in their past. This film is honest and heart-wrenching. Stop by and place a hold on this DVD today!

Maya Farlow learned the hard way to depend only on herself, so when she fell too deeply for the bad-boy charms of Del Mitchell, she did the only thing she could—she ran. Stunned, Del left Fool's Gold to make his name and fortune in extreme sports. Now ten years later, Maya's been hired to promote her hometown's new slogan, The Destination for Romance. The celebrity spokesman is none other than Del, the man she dumped but never forgot.

Although Del's not the type to hold a grudge, he's determined to avoid falling a second time for the woman who broke his heart. He's a daredevil, not an idiot. Trouble is, in all his adventures, he never found a rush as exhilarating as Maya's kiss. Maybe risking his heart will prove to be the biggest thrill of all…. The characters are relatable and fun.

You would think 18 books in that it might be a bit stale but I am just as mesmerized by this story as I was the original. I was surprised how fast Del seemed to forgive her and move on. I love Mayor Marsha and all of her schemes. Place a hold on our copy today or better yet start with the first in the series, Chasing Perfect Fool's Gold, 1.

The first glimpse of the family is in at their breakfast table. To view the scene, one would assume everything is as it should be. Cereal bowls, physics homework awaiting rewrites, lazy yawns, all of these one would expect to find on an early morning before school. But this May morning, someone is late for breakfast. The last thing a family would imagine is that the latecomer will never arrive. Life will never be the same for the Lee family. James, the father, is of Chinese heritage, born in California.

Marilyn, the mother, is a blue-eyed, blonde-haired woman from Virginia. The three children, Nath, Lydia, and Hannah, all have their own distinct personalities and secrets. The crushing amount of innuendo overwhelms two seemingly perfect families, sometimes resulting in hilarity, but mainly forcing the people involved to re-evaluate their life choices. The main subjects of gossip are the King and Pancik families.

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She and husband, Trevor, a pilot, are proud parents of Brick. The other twin yearns for Brick and is plotting how to let him know that Allegra is cheating on him. Meanwhile, Grace is chasing her ultimate dream: getting her garden featured in the Sunday edition of the Boston Globe. A longtime resident, Elin Hilderbrand uses her personal knowledge of Nantucket to flavor the book.

For example, when Madeline rents a house to serve as a writing studio, the location is simply referred to as town because Nantucket is an island, a county and a town. This is the only place in America with the same name for all three. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is the expansionist dream of Sonny Dev Patel , and it's making more claims on his time than he has available, considering his imminent marriage to the love of his life, Sunaina Tina Desai.

Sonny has his eye on a promising property now that his first venture, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Elderly and Beautiful, has only a single remaining vacancy - posing a rooming predicament for fresh arrivals Guy Richard Gere and Lavinia Tamsin Greig. Evelyn and Douglas Judi Dench and Bill Nighy have now joined the Jaipur workforce, and are wondering where their regular dates for Chilla pancakes will lead, while Norman and Carol Ronald Pickup and Diana Hardcastle are negotiating the tricky waters of an exclusive relationship, as Madge Celia Imrie juggles two eligible and very wealthy suitors.

Perhaps the only one who may know the answers is newly installed co-manager of the hotel, Muriel Maggie Smith , the keeper of everyone's secrets. As the demands of a traditional Indian wedding threaten to engulf them all, an unexpected way forward presents itself. As a fan of the first film, I enjoyed the sequel just as much as the original. The characters are still charming and fun. I think their advanced age gives them the freedom to get away with a few raunchy jokes without it being awkward or ruining the moment.

Maggie Smith is an absolute treat to watch. For a moment, I almost cried but luckily I held it together until the end. But Miss Clifton has met an untimely end—and Ursula is convinced it was not due to natural causes. Archaeologist and adventurer Slater Roxton thinks Mrs. Kern is off her head to meddle in such dangerous business. Nevertheless, he seems sensible enough to Ursula, though she does find herself unnerved by his self-possession and unreadable green-gold eyes…. If this mysterious widowed beauty insists on stirring the pot, Slater intends to remain close by as they venture into the dark side of polite society.

A pig, a fox, and a box Fenske, Jonathan. Rafi and Rosi : pirates! Delacre, Lulu, author, illustrator. The saggy baggy elephant Redbank, Tennant. The shy little kitten Depken, Kristen L. That's my book! There was an old mermaid who swallowed a shark! Colandro, Lucille. There's a pest in the garden! Time for school, Little Dinosaur Herman, Gail, Tooth fairy's night Ransom, Candice F. We are growing! Keller, Laurie, author, illustrator.

We need more nuts! Fenske, Jonathan, author, illustrator. What is chasing Duck? Thomas, Jan, author, illustrator. What will Fat Cat sit on? Thomas, Jan, Work, dogs, work! Food52 mighty salads : editors of Food52 ; photography by James Ransom. Mason jar salads and more : Julia Mirabella. Mixt salads : Andrew Swallow with Ann Volkwein. Salad as a meal : Patricia Wells ; photography by Jeff Kauck. Larson ; photographs by Brie Cohen. Year-round indoor salad gardening : Peter Burke. Salads : Mindy Fox ; photography by Ellen Silverman. Harrold ; illustrated by Emily Gravett.

Search Search the catalog, website, and events Library Catalog. Borrow Learn Attend More. New Arrivals. Search Booklists Advanced Search. User booklists having related items to "Ransom. OCoLC fst". Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children :. Tomboy : by Liz Prince. Blankets : by Craig Thompson. Maus : Art Spiegelman. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

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Bluff : a novel Kardos, Michael. The boyfriend from hell Corman, Avery. Icons of film : the 20th century. Killing Britney Olin, Sean. Glimpse Maberry, Jonathan, author. The lucky ones Reisz, Tiffany, author. The stranger Coben, Harlan, The lying game Ware, Ruth, author. Rebecca Du Maurier, Daphne, Safer Doolittle, Sean, Movies of the seventies.

The lesser dead Buehlman, Christopher. Chomp Hiaasen, Carl. Jennifer's body DVD. Jennifer's body Spears, Rick. The killer next door Marwood, Alex. Manhattan mayhem. Mystery Writers of America presents Manhattan mayhem. Android Karenina Winters, Ben H. World of trouble Winters, Ben H. The last policeman Winters, Ben H. Countdown city Winters, Ben H. Without a doubt Clark, Marcia. True crime : an American anthology. The Alfred Hitchcock story Mogg, Ken. Dark delicacies. Monk helps himself Conrad, Hy. Heart-shaped box Hill, Joe.

Horns Hill, Joe. Escape Jessop, Carolyn, Summer of ' Raucher, Herman. Cher : if you believe Bego, Mark. Savage son Mitchell, Corey. The Indian in the cupboard. Timmy failure Stephan Pastis. The hobbit by J. Across the universe Beth Revis. A monster calls by Patrick Ness. Hourglass Myra McEntire. Eona : Alison Goodman. What happened to goodbye Sarah Dessen. Ashes Ilsa J. The historian : Elizabeth Kostova. The night sister : Jennifer McMahon. Hollow City : by Ransom Riggs. Library of souls : by Ransom Riggs. Touch the dark Karen Chance.

Release me J. Fire me up : Katie MacAlister. Interview with the vampire Anne Rice. Expecting someone taller Tom Holt. Tibetan peach pie Tom Robbins. Dante Valentine Lilith Saintcrow. Storm front Jim Butcher. Pet sematary King, Stephen, Need Charbonneau, Joelle, author. Best friends Cuyler, Margery, author. Block party Hooks, Gwendolyn, author. The cookie fiasco Santat, Dan, author. The doghouse Thomas, Jan, Get a hit, Mo! Go, go, cars! Liberts, Jennifer, I am brave Capozzi, Suzy, author. Born out of wedlock, Rhonwyn is raised as a boy by her Welsh father's warriors.

Not until her impending marriage to an English prince does she learn to be a lady under the tutelage of her aunt, a prioress, and the other nuns at the abbey. Edward de Beaulieu is both captivated and dismayed by his bride. Rhonwyn is beautiful, but she is also freespirited. Captured by the infidels, she becomes the captive of the Emir of Cinnebar, who teaches her about passion. She eventually escapes the harem and returns to England -- where the battle for her heart and her freedom pit her against enemies she doesn't even know exist.

An absorbing medieval tale, this romance will have readers turning the pages until they discover the identity of Rhonwyn's true love and how she rescues herself from the predicaments that threaten to destroy her. Originally reviewed for Historical Novels Review , November Honore Greenwood, by his own admission a genius, fled France for America after slaying a man who raped the woman he loved. At ninety-nine, Honore looks back on his life and shares his adventures with the likes of Kit Carson, Charles and William Bent, and other frontiersmen who tamed the American West during the s.

He travels the Santa Fe Trail, becomes caught up in war with Mexico, fights the Apache while befriending the Comanche, and falls in love with Gabriela, who must wed another. This is a wonderful tale of the American frontier and the men who forged the trails so settlers could follow. Honore's blunt honesty grates at first, but as his character grows and matures, he becomes quite a likeable fellow. When he cheers and weeps, so does the reader. This mingling of adventure, romance, and confrontation brings to life a time of difficulty and danger, and does so in a realistic way that transports the reader back in time to stand with Honore as he lives what others only dream of.

The characters he meets along the way, whether Mexican, American, Comanche, Apache, or of some other culture, are shades of gray with good and bad traits that make them living beings. I look forward to reading more of Honore's adventures in the sequel. Gifted with a thirst for knowledge and the ability to reason, Joan soon learns these traits are of little use to a young girl of the ninth century. Even so, her father begrudingly allows a visiting religious scholar to tutor Joan with her brother.

Before her teacher leaves, he promises to find a way for her to continue her studies. When the day arrives, her parents convince the messenger he wants John, her brother. Her mother's betrayal and the beatings her father inflicts drive Joan to run away. Reunited with John, they make their way to Dorstadt where the bishop permits Joan to study at the schola. Neither her teacher nor the boys approve of this departure from tradition.

She endures unending teasing and abuse, but finds solace in Gerold, a soldier who welcomes her into his family and home. When Norsemen attack the town, Joan survives the slaughter and plundering. She finds her brother's body and assumes his identity. As John Anglicus, she enters a monastery and becomes a healer.

Eventually, she makes her way to Rome, where her skill as a physician soon brings her to the pope's attention. The moment she enters the Patriarchium she follows a path that will eventually lead to her election as Pope John. Many ancient texts recount Pope Joan's story, and Cross intricately weaves a stunning and harrowing tale of life in the s from those accounts. She vividly portrays the places and times, and her characters come alive to communicate the story of the world's first and only woman pope, a person the Catholic Church didn't attempt to eradicate from the historical record until the seventeenth century.

Equally informative is the author's note that answers the question "Was there a Pope Joan? He must stay behind to tend the cows and care for his mother and younger siblings. So does his cousin Ewan, a year older than Duncan, but neither lad intends to stay behind forever. As they line up on the field of battle, neither imagines the horrors and tragedies to come. The outcome of the Rising of had a profound impact on Scottish Highlanders and their way of life. This is a vivid and brutal, but realistic, retelling of the rising, the tragedy of Culloden, and its aftermath.

In spite of two minor errors—the length of time it takes to traverse the Highlands and the MacDonalds of Keppoch arriving at Glenfinnan before the Camerons—this is an excellent and captiviating introduction to a period in history few people know about but should. In the midst of a storm, a carriage careens along a mud-choked road. Twelve-year-old Victor witnesses the brutal slaying of his parents by soldiers, who sell him to a ship owner. Life at sea is different, but Victor quickly learns the ropes. Danger threatens once again, and in trying to escape, he tumbles from a mast to the deck.

No longer able to walk, the captain orders him thrown overboard. Victor washes ashore in England where a kind old shepherd nurses him back to health. Unable to support another mouth, the shepherd sells Victor to two men who transport him to London atop a corpse inside a coffin. Victor never forgets this harrowing experience, but it is the first of many lessons he must learn, for these men are body snatchers. The friends he makes as a street urchin and the doctor who treats him after a severe beating provide Victor with hope. His greatest trial comes when his friends mysteriously disappear, and he must overcome his fears to rescue them.

He introduces the reader to the reality of living in the streets during a time when medical experimentation required bodies no matter what the cost. Resurrection Men demonstrates the cruelties of life and how children learn to cope, to adapt.

It is not a tale for the faint of heart, but those who venture into its darkness will be richly rewarded for daring to do so. With her car stuck in the mud on the outskirts of Fertile, Missouri, April Asbury slogs through pouring rain, scoots under a barbed-wire fence, and flees an angry bull to reach the safety of a small farmhouse. But this charming town has secrets. With the unending rain, the river threatens to flood.

As the water rises, so do prejudices against those who live near the river. Once again, Ms. Garlock captivates readers with a tale involving this quaint town and the people who live there. Her three-dimensional characters, with all their strengths, frailties, laughter, and warped thinking, make this depression-era town a living place that readers will want to visit and remember for years to come. This compelling and realistic depiction of war is based on a true story. Paulsen's writing is crisp and fast-paced, and this soldier's story will haunt readers long after they finish reading the novel.

Highly recommended. Written for Young Adults, but adults will also enjoy this gritty story of the Civil War that deals with post traumatic stress disorder. He won the fifty-acre Texas ranch in a card game but never dreamed that his desire to start a new life would get him a spread built of broken dreams. Nor does he reckon on Rose, whom mother and sister abandon after they bury her father. Blamed for the accidental death of her brother when she was eight, Rose has never belonged, never known love. The showdown with the rustlers fails to live up to the danger initially depicted and happens too swiftly.

Depression came to East Texas long before the Stock Market crashed, but Luke Robertson supports his ailing mother and younger sister after his father dies. When oil is discovered, he takes a job in the oil fields. Before his mother dies, he promises to take care of Marty. But that is before March 18, Devastated, Luke leaves Texas forever. Ten years later something compels Luke to return to the cemetery where his sister is buried. There he meets Russ, the caretaker. To Russ, the words on the headstones are just names.

In anger, Luke tells his long-buried story so Russ will know who each of the children were and how their loss impacted him and the entire town. Russ, however, has his own secrets, one of which ties directly into the deaths of Marty and her friends. There Is a Wideness is a powerful and inspirational retelling of the devastation wrought in His book, which vividly transports the reader back to a Texas oil town of the thirties, dares the reader to put it down.

December Money is scarce, the children are sick, and memories are raw. Christmas approaches, but so does the anniversary of the death of Mrs. The children often spend their time with the Worthams, who have also taken in a waif whose mother abandoned her for a singing career. When Mr. Kelly superbly recreates life during the Great Depression. She includes several holiday recipes for readers to enjoy. What gave me pause was my uncertainty of the audience for this book, but the magic of Christmas makes this a tale to treasure.

Visit T. This fourth installment in the series is by far the best one yet. The dynamics between Sharyn and Nick heat up while those involving Winter promise that he will be a villain to despise when he and Sharyn finally have their showdown in a future installment. Unraveling the twists and turns of Darva's death will prevent readers from closing the book. Those who haven't read the previous books need not worry. Until Our Last Embrace contains enough information to allow anyone to enjoy this delectable mystery, and the sinister teaser at the end promises that readers will return for the next case Sharyn Howard tackles.

Regan MacLaren loves her husband, but an argument on their wedding night results in his departure, and the next day she finds herself a widow. Her brother-in-law claims Iain Campbell shot Roddy in the back, and Walter convinces Regan they must right this wrong. Regan has second thoughts and sets off to stop Walter. The Scottish Highlands in are a dangerous place for a woman riding alone during a storm. When her horse spooks, she hits her head and is dragged far from home. On regaining consciousness, she finds herself under the care of Iain Campbell and his mother. As she struggles to remember, she falls in love with Iain.

History, however, plays a minor role, and as a result, the story could easily take place in another time without endangering the storyline. Cindy Vallar. Blood Kin by Henry Chappell.

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Three years have passed since her father's death in , and the Oregon farm is in desperate need of repairs. Unable to do the work herself, she hires Jefferson Hicks, the former sheriff and town drunk. Jeff "died" soon after shooting a young boy, and he's just biding his time until death claims him. The he meets Allie, and his desire to live blossoms.

Although the past imprisons both Jeff and Allie, their love offers them a chance to heal, but others have no intention of letting that happen. Although set in the American West, there is little history in this story. That said, though, it is a good depiction of a small town where everyone knows everyone else's business, and where the slightest scandal results in ostracism and ridicule.

It also shows the psychological torment caused when innocent people make mistakes. An enduring read for historical or westsern romance fans in search of healing love and who don't mind if the history is more social than historical in nature. That jeopardizes not only her job, but those of the other female librarians, since no one made their temporary hiring at the Library of Congress permanent. Determined to learn the truth, she seeks help from a handsome, yet arrogant, congressman. After a failed attempt to prove congressional corruption, Luke Callahan needs another crusade to pursue and the quiet, sharp-witted librarian intrigues him enough to help her.

But the deeper they delve, the more dangerous the truth becomes — not only for themselves, but also the nation. This inspirational romance opens in late , when relations between the United States, Spain, and Cuba are tenuous. Camden tackles alcoholism and abuse with realism, while demonstrating how having faith, stepping outside of comfort zones, and trusting in others can overcome adversity to realize dreams.

Undeterred, Grand continues to investigate until crossing paths with the head of the National Detective Police, who suspects that Grand may be one of the conspirators. The only way for him to prove his innocence is to go to London and track down the Englishman. The same evening the president is slain, James Batchelor meets a prostitute whose body he later stumbles upon in a nearby alley. Tired of writing society-page stories, Batchelor sees the murder as his ticket to fame. Instead, his editor at the Telegraph fires him. This first book in a new Victorian mystery series vividly recreates the sense of loss and shock that permeated Washington after the assassination, while providing a vibrant glimpse into the seamier side of 19th-century London.

On a wintry day in and with great trepidation, they board a train for Texas. Nate Stanton never expected his father to arrange a marriage by proxy for him, but his Christian upbringing and conscience prevent him from putting the trio back on the train. Lucy, Nate, and his father are strong-willed people who prefer to maintain control to fix problems, rather than putting their trust in God. The obstacles and situations that arise emphasize this central theme. Several spoonfuls of an elaborate mystery add ample spice to make this a heartwarming Western romance.

The Breach recounts the events before, during, and after the Alamo from the viewpoint of the Mexicans. The recounting of how Mr. In February , Major General Isaac Brock must defend Upper Canada against American attack, but he lacks sufficient numbers to succeed in this endeavor. If the Indians rise up against the Americans, he might have a chance. A young man, recently returned from a fur trading expedition, knows Tecumseh and has lived with the Shawnee.

Jonathan Westlake never thought to join the British army, but in attempting to save a young woman from her abusive stepfather, Jonathan almost kills the man. Brock agrees to protect Jonathan from prosecution if he undertakes a secret mission. His thoughts remain with Mary during his journey, but constant obstacles — captured as a spy after crossing the border, a brutal American sergeant, and a mysterious mercenary intent on killing Jonathan — delay his mission and his plans to return to Mary.

When he goes to her rescue and to confront the murderer, the trio has disappeared. Rather than pursue them as he wishes, Jonathan must continue his secret mission or General Brock will face defeat. Told from several points of view and from both Canadian and American perspectives, readers experience the Battle of Tippecanoe through the taking of Fort Detroit during the early days of the War of This is a gripping tale of brutality, treachery, loyalty, and friendship.

Overall, however, Taylor spins a well-rounded and riveting tale of war, love of country, and friendship, a tale where the reader comes to understand some issues that caused the war and how those involved felt. Originally reviewed for Word Weaving. As Christmas approaches, recently-widowed Aletta Prescott loses her job and home.

With one child and another on the way, possible employment for an upcoming auction seems heaven sent, but the position has been filled. Although the carpenter's job remains vacant, Carton's mistress is reluctant to hire a woman with such skills. Jake Winston's wound has healed, but not his eyesight -- a requirement for a Confederate sharpshooter.

Rather than return to active duty, he's sent to Carnton to assist "a bunch of petticoats. Aletta wonders why a man with no visible wounds isn't fighting. Hiding his affliction, he's amused when pride initially keeps her from asking for his help. After the walls between them crumble, unexpected news leaves one feeling guilty and the other yearning for the impossible. Set in Tennessee, this novella introduces a new series at a historic plantation. Alexander intertwines love, war's cruelties, disabilities, and perseverance in a way that captivates readers. Her well-developed characters and attention to historical detail sweep readers back to the American Civil War.

Often novels of this period concern the battles and soldiers who fought them. Whiles this narrative touches on these, Alexander focuses on those left behind and the adversities they endured. Christmas at Carnton is a tale of emotional highs and lows that allow readers to experience the joy, sorrow, and hopes of women in a southern town surrounded by war, as well as witnessing the daily struggles of men who must come to grip with life-altering wounds..

Her curiosity piqued, she follows Nicholas to the Spirit Club but then loses him. From this vantage point, they watch her die from poisoning. In doing so, the Brisbanes soon find themselves the target of the murderer and others who search for the letters. International intrigue, arson, locked mausoleums, and secret identities abound in this spellbinding historical mystery, the fifth in the series.

The intricate plot unravels with twists and turns that challenge us but keep us guessing until the end. Don't bother picking up this book unless you can devote the time to read it in one sitting. Stafford snares you with the first harrowing chase and doesn't release you until you close the back cover.

The life experiences of the author and her husband make A Deadly Exchange seem real. Both have sailed around the Bahamas numerous times, and Commander Stafford was a pilot broken by the Viet Cong after his plane was shot down during the war. As you read this book you will find yourself aboard the Spencers' sailboat instead of being safe in your own home. Your heart will beat rapidly from fear and terror as Alex and Matt confront the head of the cartel and his men, none of whom have any redeeming qualities.

Captain James Trevillion, an ex-dragoon, loves her in silence, protecting but never stifling her. He never expects footpads to kidnap her on London's reputable Bond Street in , but despite his crippled leg, he rescues her. Perhaps because of her blindness, she sees past his lameness and wants to explore their relationship further.

But when a second kidnapping attempt nearly succeeds, he blames his injury and resigns as her bodyguard. What nefarious plans does the kidnapper have for the sister of the most powerful duke in England? Trevillion hunts for the true mastermind, who lurks in the shadows, manipulating others to do his bidding, because he loves Phoebe even though they can't be together.

Hoyt weaves an intricate tale that demonstrates how those of us with sight can still be blind. While the mystery fades in the middle and, at times, seems a bit forced, the skillfully-drawn protagonists come to life and allow readers to experience their heartwarming story as love blossoms.

One person stands in her way — Brigit, the daughter of the former king. She, too, has her own designs to rule, which is why she marries a lesser lord whom she can manipulate to do her bidding. In the argument that ensues, Brigit slays her husband and then flees to Dubh-Linn where Harald, the father of her child, lives. With his help and that of other Vikings, she intends to regain the throne of Tara.

Uneasy alliances between enemies make for strange bedfellows, and no one truly trusts anyone else. Morrigan suggests a devious, but ingenious, plan to help her brother defeat the Vikings. Arinbjorn sees the impending battle as the perfect opportunity to kill Thorgrim.