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UK Hung Parliament: No party has enough seats for a majority

While it is a rarity in British politics, the last one happened not too long ago. The coalition lasted for a five-year term till The exit poll suggests the Tories could win seats, Labour will win seats, the Lib Dems at 14 and the Scottish national Party at However, the largest party does not have a privileged position.

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If all options fail there will be a second election and the country will start the whole process again. This is "a hung parliament. Britain has experienced just six hung parliaments since the beginning of the 20th century.

The most recent occurred in when David Cameron's Conservatives won the election but with not enough seats to form an absolute majority. Hung parliaments make passing legislation very difficult for the party in government. This is because, in theory, all other parties in the Commons can team up to defeat the government on laws it wants to pass.

Persuade another party or parties to support them with a so-called "confidence and supply" arrangement. Under this arrangement other parties would agree to support the government in any votes of confidence or budgetary votes, without which the government would fall. Try to create a formal coalition by officially joining up with one or more party in the House of Commons to form a government with an absolute majority.

We will have a hung Parliament in all probability: Swaminathan Aiyar

Go it alone. The winning party could decide to take a huge risk and try to run a government without an absolute majority. Parties that have tried this throughout British political history have not tended to last very long.

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Cameron went with the second option in He persuaded the Liberal Democrats, then led by Nick Clegg, to join the Conservatives in a formal coalition, and give the Tories the numbers they needed to form an absolute majority. Could Corbyn pull off one of most remarkable results in the history of British politics? If the election produces a hung parliament then May will likely have to go down the route of her predecessor Cameron and try to form a formal coalition government. In theory, this could involve trying to strike a deal with the Liberal Democrats, assuming Tim Farron's party wins enough seats, or perhaps even the SNP, although the Tories and the SNP disagree on just about everything, not least Brexit and the question of Scottish independence.

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It may even mean May having to stitch together the support of several smaller parties in order to govern, the possibility of which she has previously dubbed a "coalition of chaos". Conservative leaflet warns of a "coalition of chaos".

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Conservatives It's unlikely that May would try to go it alone as a minority government, given that many of her policies — the reintroduction of grammar schools, for example — face fierce opposition from MPs both from other parties and her own. If May were to fail to form a coalition and didn't want to go it alone, then the only remaining option would be to hold another general election that would take place a few months down the line. The Liberals poor showing was partly attributable to Wentworth voters disillusion with the way party rebels had dumped Turnbull, said Morrison.

'No one can assume': who will independents back if there is a hung parliament?

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