How to Make a Living Doing What You Love

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Mastery comes with practice, and the last thing you want is to get paid for something you have no business doing. So that was , the year I wrote a lot, built a successful blog, and got a book contract.

5 Essential Ingredients to Doing What You Love For a Living

Which brings us back to those three things I mentioned. Not too long ago, I sat down with the team at Fizzle, a membership program that helps people build businesses online, and asked them a series of questions. What does it take to do your own thing, to pursue your dream, make a living doing what you love, and have the freedom you dream of?

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In that interview, which you can listen to on my podcast, we covered a few things that are worth paying attention to. But my takeaways were basically this: if you want to run your own business and work for yourself, you need three things:. You need legitimate demand for that passion. And you need to be good at it. Start with what otehrs want, and then build something you can get excited about that meets that need. Having a special skill is not enough to be able to charge for what you do or know. You have to package it in a way that is easy to access and understand.

The product is the the thing people want. The packaging is the way people interact with your offering. It may be a course or a book or a speech you deliver. It could be made out of wood or metal, or it could be an online community. It just happens to be packaged in tools like iPhones and Macbooks.

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Your thing needs to be visible. It needs to be in front of people. You can buy a bunch of advertising or get a bunch of celebrities to talk about it, but those are often expensive strategies. The best thing to do is to create a way to get your message out there to the people who already want it. Keep in mind: this is different from finding a market for your product. Now, you just need a way to broadcast that to the world.

Should You Do What You Love for a Living? What are the Pros and Cons?

I call that a platform credit belongs to Michael Hyatt who wrote the authoritative book on this. But it can be anything at all that connects your product to those who need it is a platform. Imagine yourself getting up early, jumping out of bed, excited about going to work. You get dressed quickly, full of enthusiasm about your day. The sun is shining and you take those first steps out of your bedroom. Now work out where you are going and what kind of job follows on from that feeling of anticipation.

Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Friday 21 June Eight ways to find the true passion in life that has eluded you If you feel lost or unfulfilled, these exercises could help you work out what you should be doing with your life Hunter S.

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  • These eight exercises could help you find your true passion in life. Ask yourself these three simple questions. Don't presume that your passion should be your job Hunter S. Work out what you hate doing List the jobs or tasks that you absolutely loathe. Find the things you are mediocre at Even if they don't possess exceptional skills at any one thing, most people have lots of specialisms that they are "okay" at. Forget the 'Eureka!

    Ask your friends for advice 6. Remember what you loved doing as a child Did you love to draw or write stories when you were young? Create something brand new According to Emberton, the secret to finding your passion is to create something new. Try visualisation Imagine yourself getting up early, jumping out of bed, excited about going to work. Follow telefinance. Would my husband be dead by then?

    This was possible only because, however, coming out of grad school eight years ago, I made a deeply unsexy career choice : To work full time for money, not passion. And on one level, this approach goes against everything our culture tells us we should do with our careers.

    By becoming valuable.

    What kind of monster would urge people to consider a petty little thing like financial security? Eight years ago, I was married and living with my in-laws. And are we really so sure that the best thing to do with passion is attempt to monetize it, anyway? Hell, just keeping the lights on is a tall enough order for a vast majority of people. Working for money gives you a welcome clarity of purpose.