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The finale, a rousing rondo, started off well. But toward the end, Mr. Aimard playing from memory took a wrong turn during a flight of passagework and dropped out for a moment. Things can happen in any performance. But he did not seem fully at ease in this piece.

"désenchanté" English translation

One reason may have been that Mr. Aimard also had the new Murail piece to perform after intermission, a challenging concerto in one continuous movement of nearly 30 minutes, which he played dazzlingly.

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Murail is a leading figure in spectral music. This school, which emerged in Paris in the s, involves computer analysis of the components and properties of sound, which composers try to represent in their pieces.

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The listener can ignore the theory, though. The piece comes across as an elemental, shimmering mass of layered sounds, nuanced colors and stacked-up harmonies.


There are dramatic episodes: one section is all primordial grunts and gnashing outbursts, and another contrasts lacy piano filigree with darting, spiky figures in the orchestra. Still, the mix of the restlessness and stasis is ingenious.

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  • Le temps du nécessaire désenchantement.

The brilliantly colorful performance was riveting. The performance was almost the opposite of a major statement by a Beethoven maestro. As prophecy-oriented religions shaped the concept of a single omnipotent God, one removed from the world and yet potentially knowable through prayer and reflection, human beings became increasingly free.

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Gauchet's paradoxical argument is that the development of human political and psychological autonomy must be understood against the backdrop of this double movement in religious consciousness--the growth of divine power and its increasing distance from human activity. In a fitting tribute to this passionate and brilliantly argued book, Charles Taylor offers an equally provocative foreword. Offering interpretations of key concepts proposed by Gauchet, Taylor also explores an important question: Does religion have a place in the future of Western society?

The book does not close the door on religion but rather invites us to explore its socially constructive powers, which continue to shape Western politics and conceptions of the state. Home The Disenchantment of the World.

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Add to Cart. More about this book. It is that a liberal order may find a friend in religion because God's otherness is what makes us free: free to believe and free not to believe.