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The battles that took place at Lexington and Concord on April 19, , were the first military encounters between Great Britain and the 13 colonies of British North America. One reason for the battles was the secret order given to British Army forces to find and destroy military supplies held by the Massachusetts militia at Concord.

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Colonial Patriots received word of the impending theft and moved most of their supplies. The first shots of the battle rang through the air as the sun rose over Lexington. The Colonial militia was outnumbered by more than and fell back. In the meantime, the British forces moved on to Concord to search for supplies.

This time the British were outnumbered and defeated, then forced to retreat.

Watering methods that cause water to splash from the ground to the leaves can also spread fungal disease. In hot, dry areas, overhead watering is preferred for miniature roses because it keeps dust from clogging up the cells of the leaves.

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How often to water is an age-old question that can only be answered by each gardener. Sites, soil and conditions vary to such an extent that only on-site inspection can answer this question. A water meter can help the novice gardener to be more confident in their watering acumen.


Be sure to place the meter within the root zone for an accurate reading. SUN: Full sun is required for growing roses successfully. Roses that do not have full sun will be more prone to disease and may become leggy as their branches reach for light. This is often a death sentence for the rose. If compost is not available, then a general all-purpose organic fertilizer should be applied in early spring.

Very acidic soil or very alkaline soil will need to be improved with the addition of lots of organic matter. Again, compost is best for regulating the soil. In extreme cases compost should be both worked into the soil before planting and added each year as a mulch in a one- to two-inch layer on top of the bare ground around the rose. Be careful not to mulch right up to the base of the rose.

Always leave a two- to three-inch circle of clear space around the rose. There are no magic formulas or special cuts that have to be made. In fact, they never have to be pruned if you are happy with the way they look. We do suggest that dead canes be removed when noticed. If you want to hedge your miniature roses, late fall in warm winter areas or early spring in colder winter areas is a good time to do this.

It is not necessary to deadhead miniature roses, but spent flowers may be removed at anytime. Miniature roses tend to bloom in clusters more than one rosebud per stem and often we will remove the entire stem after the cluster is finished.

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  • We always prune to a bud that is facing outward. This allows more light into the center of the plant as it will cause new stems to grow away from each other. If you want to harvest rose hips, then late summer flowers should be left on the plant. Rise and Shine is our favorite miniature rose for developing rose hips. We notice aphids in the garden in early spring but a few weeks later the ladybugs come through and clean them up.

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    Growing roses among other flowering plants will provide a diverse haven and encourage beneficial insects to take up residence in your garden. Full sun, good air circulation and proper drainage will go a long way toward discouraging diseases. Deer, rabbits and even squirrels can also be devastating to roses in the unprotected garden. We find that miniature roses planted among other shrubs have fewer hits from these critters than those we have planted in an all miniature rose garden. To protect your roses from these large pests, you may want to install an automatic scarecrow.

    We have used these with great success for many years. These can be woven into fresh arrangements and allowed to dry or can be dried individually. Buds should be picked just as their color starts to show and handled gently. While we let our buds dry naturally, colors are best kept when the roses are dried in silica gel. Crystal bowls full of miniature buds make attractive table decorations or placecard holders. Dried petals and leaves add bulk and color to potpourris and sachets.

    All roses can be used for culinary purposes as long as they are organically grown and clean. Check out "Growing Roses Organically" for more information on raising your roses without chemicals. Stay up to date with Liberty news and events. You can unsubscribe at any time. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Liberty London's Privacy Policy.

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